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Buff Enhancements (NC) List (BaBS)

Oct 4, 2018
Buff Enhancements (NC) List (BaBS)
  • Buff Enhancements (Normal Crafting) List (BaBS V2.2.4)

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    Currently, there are 21 Buff Enhancements that you can craft normally.

    List of Buff Enhancements (In the order that they are shown when you go to craft them in-game)

    1. Furious Ignition
    • Increases chance to activate to 3%. <Also works on Enhanced Anger Ignition>

    2. Strong Arm
    • Enables shoving chargers to stagger them.

    3. Fire Boost
    • Increases chance to activate to 3%.

    4. Pocket Magnum
    • You will spawn with a Magnum instead of a normal pistol.

    5. Vented Grenade Launcher
    • Reduces unusable duration to 5 seconds.

    6. Special Defibrillator
    • Defibs also activate the effects of Special First Aid.

    7. Six Slot Launcher
    • Magazine size increased to 6.

    8. Supplementary Pills <top>
    • Permanent health given is now extra instead of converted.

    9. Scholar
    • Exp gain is now 4 per higher level player.

    10. Zombie Shredder
    • Deal 50% bonus damage to all common infected.

    11. Phantom Rounds
    • Gain chance to regain a second bullet. Chance is equal to half ammo save chance.

    12. Tank Resister
    • 20% defense is now 20% damage resistance, making it always active.

    13. Doctor's Orders
    • Can now instead buy 1 first aid for half price.

    14. Safety Bomb
    • Base damage down to 12500 but doesn't affect allies.

    15. Guardian Recharger <top>
    • Guardian Moustachio recharges 4 minutes after activating.

    16. Boosted Morphine
    • Using Pills/Adrenaline will heal for 3HP/sec for 20 seconds. <Also works with Advanced Morphine Injector>

    17. Shared Excitement
    • Survivors nearby gain half (min. 1) of what you gain. <Also works on Over Excitement>

    18. Underbarrel Autoloader
    • Ammo piles don't give charges but recharge every 50 seconds.

    19. Lingering Shocks
    • After defib effects will stay around you for 15 seconds. <Won't be interrupted and doesn't require a defib>

    20. Selective Zap
    • Zapping Gun only activates against Uber SI or Tanks.

    21. Loaded Zap
    • Zapping Gun only activates when at 100% charge.