1. Halloween event has ended. 21st November last date to use candy.

Buff Enhancements (E) List (BaBS)

Oct 28, 2018
Buff Enhancements (E) List (BaBS)
  • Buff Enhancements (Event) List (BaBS V2.3)

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    Currently, there are 12 Buff Enhancements that you can obtain from events.

    List of Buff Enhancements (In the order that they are shown when you go to get them from the candy market in-game)

    1. Chainsaw Maniac
    • While using your chainsaw, you gain 10% move speed and common infected hitting you won't slow you down.

    2. Trusted Consumer
    • When at maximum chance, you can buy from the Bounty Menu with insufficient bounty if you have at least 50% of the required cost, putting you into negative bounty.
      <Cannot be used on items in the Miscellaneous category>

    3. Witch Guard
    • Witches will no longer ignore incapacitation in Expert difficulty.

    4. Slow Repellent
    • Once a stun, freeze or paralyze status effect ends you will be immune to slow effects from the infected for 10 seconds. Slow effects from Tanks will only be blocked in the first 5 seconds.

    5. Vigor
    • Increases the potency of all heal/regen effects by 3.

    6. Adren-Infused Pipe Bombs
    • Survivors in the explosion will gain 5 seconds of Adrenaline.

    7. Samurai Training
    • Reduces melee fatigue gain rate when using the Katana melee weapon by 50%.

    8. Armor Piercing Bullets <top>
    • Shots may reduce more Tank armor, Flesh armor or Barrier health. Bonus reduction is equal to the weapon's bonus damage per shot. All weapons except AWP/Scout have 1/3 chance to activate.

    9. Ranged Perfectionist
    • Assault Rifles and SMGs no longer suffer range damage dropoff.

    10. Focused Enrage
    • Instead of drawing all Tank aggro when active, you can choose one Tank to aggro instantly. The aggro lasts 10 seconds and Enraging Waves will instantly be put on cooldown upon use.

    11. Out With A Bang
    • Upon death, you will deal 1,500 explosive damage to all nearby infected. Each activation of this effect reduces damage by 250, down to 500 minimum.