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Balanced Buff Set (SNS-MGS)

Jan 1, 2018
Balanced Buff Set (SNS-MGS)
  • Balanced Buff Set - Spooky Night Scenario
    (SNS-MGS V1.0.2)

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    • (SURV) Knife
    • (SURV) Goggles
    • (SURV) |Q| Piercing Bullets
    • (SURV) Tank Slayer
    • (SURV) |E| Zapping Gun
    • (SURV) Guardian Moustachio
    • (SURV) |E| Fentanyl Injector
    • (SURV) Tenacity
    • (SURV) |E| Advanced Morphine Injector
    • (SURV) Avenger
    • (SURV) |E| Berserk
    • (SURV) Health Dispenser
    • (SURV) |V| Protective Bag
    • (SURV) |E| Cleansing Pills

    Weapons used in this buff set
    • Any Primary Weapon (Whichever your good with)
    • Any Secondary Weapon (Whichever your good with)

    Benefits of this buff set <top>
    • Knife: Gives you a knife that can be used to release yourself from Special Infected, usable after 1 second of being trapped using the ZOOM button.
    • Goggles: Goggles that protect you from bile, mud and blood.
    • Piercing Bullets: 1% additional damage per bullet on same target. Effect reset when changing target, weapon or reloading, 3% additional damage on Magnum,AWP,Scout.
    • Tank Slayer: 350HP bonus damage against tanks every 3 seconds with ranged guns.
    • Zapping Gun: Running around charges the pistol to full power. For each %, 10 Increased damage dealt. When the pistol is charged, the next shot also stuns for 2 seconds. Each successful shot resets charge to 0%. <Charged shot activates on special infected and tanks only> <The same target cannot be stunned within 10 seconds of another Zapping Pistol stun> <Gun recharge rate: 3% per second while running> <Coop Only>
    • Guardian Moustachio: Gives 5 seconds of Moustachio Bless if lethal damage is taken. <Works only once per round>
    • Fentanyl Injector: 3 HP/s regeneration after receiving damage from tanks until reaching full HP, while not poisoned, incapacitated or hanging.
    • Tenacity: 2000 + (200 per level above 201) increased maximum health, you instantly die when HP reaches 0. Health received from medikits is halved, down to 25%. 50% Increased aggro to tanks. <Coop Only>
    • Advanced Morphine Injector: Heals 1% Missing HP every 5 seconds while not incapacitated, hanging from a ledge or poisoned. <Incompatible with Morphine Injector Buff> <Coop Only>
    • Avenger: After an infected kills one of your teammates, 3x damage to the assassin and can't be killed by it for 10 seconds. The bonus damage scales off over 10 seconds. If another teammate dies to the current revenge target, the effect time is reset. <You can have more than one revenge target> <Coop Only>
    • Berserk: 15% increased damage and ignore enemy defenses and immunities for 25 seconds. Dying ends the Berserk effect by putting it on cooldown. <Available in !buy menu> <Cooldown: 5 minutes> <Piercing immunities sets all attack bonuses for that shot to zero> <Coop Only>
    • Health Dispenser: Allows to place a healing device on the ground, 15 + 0.5% Max HP regen every second, clears bad status effects and gives Moustachio Bless for 5 seconds. <Hold medikit and shove floor while crouching to activate> <Duration: 14 Seconds> <Versus: 8HP per second, 1 second of Moustachio Bless, does not clear bad status effects>
    • Protective Bag: Allows you to activate a device to cover you with a strong bag for 8 (2 on versus) seconds. You become immune to ALL sources of damage but cannot attack or move. All infected lose interest and will completely ignore you. <Cooldown: 5 minutes> <Must be on the ground to activate>
    • Cleansing Pills: Taking Pain Pills cures most bad status effects and gives immunity to them for 15 seconds. <45 second cooldown> <Press RELOAD with pills in hand for cooldown time> <Coop Only>

    Tips for effectively using this buff set <top>
    • Whenever you have a full Electric Gun charge, be sure to use your pistol to stun tanks if they are around or other Special Infected if they are causing your team trouble.
    • If there are many survivors that are badly hurt or have a bad status effect that needs to be taken care of quickly, be sure to use the Health Dispenser Buff on them all to give them healing and bad status effect curing effects as well as Moustachio Bless for a short amount of time.
    • If you don't have Guardian Moustachio Buff to protect you from any lethal hits that might kill you, use the Protective Bag Buff while you are on the ground to save yourself from death for another 8 seconds.
    • If you have been inflicted with many bad status effects, be sure to eat pain pills to give yourself the Cleansing Pills buff effect to get rid of them and make yourself immune to more for 15 seconds.