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What is your Internet Speed?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Stefeman, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Angel

    Angel MG Donor

  2. Jack

    Jack MG Donor

    At my moms:

    Ill do my dads on the weekend.
  3. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    faster than 99% of FR?! meaning that there is still someone out there with a faster connection that that :O!

    with that type of connection you could literally stream you whole computer of a cloud with no lag at all....GIVE ME!
  4. SoX

    SoX Game Server Moderator

    lool is just a fake :) 666 666 666


    Where I live I have a connection of ... :censored:
    And i pay per month 30€ (~39 USD) look :

  5. tank

    tank MG Donor

    yea virtual private network but from some company :), or u probably close center of city Helsinki ;)
  6. erik

    erik MG Donor

    He's a technological mastermind who was running fiber-optic cabling from that place into his home in the middle of the night.

  7. Scorpion

    Scorpion Banned

  8. tank

    tank MG Donor

    My place price
    I pay every month 69$ for "30/5 Mbps"
    its 2 more i could get it
    "50/10 Mbps" for 104$ or
    "70/12 Mbps" for 138$
    if want faster then 70 Mbps then is spec. prices go up 150 bucks.
  9. Zsoka

    Zsoka Senior Member


    And this is only late at night when everyone is sleeping...
  10. arg77

    arg77 MG Donor

    I LOVE MY PING :mogmeme::whymeme:

  11. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member


  12. JKG Krazie

    JKG Krazie MG Donor


  13. JavCube

    JavCube MG Donor

    New ISP (FTH)

    International Speed

    National Speed
  14. Tricky

    Tricky MG Donor

  15. TastyFish

    TastyFish Member

    I stay in two different locations. Here is the speed of one that I am at:

  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

  17. PurplePuppet

    PurplePuppet Guest

  18. Psychokitty

    Psychokitty Guest

  19. Tricky

    Tricky MG Donor


    I'm moving to Bournemouth!!
  20. ALIN

    ALIN Banned