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Salt's COMPLETELY BALANCED Buff Enhancement Ideas

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by Vakarlan, Jun 2, 2019.


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  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I never thought about it being a bit overpowered for prison scenario lel :P

    Still, if it ever was implemented, I'm sure people would want it to take down tanks in scenario faster ^^

    The Buff Enhancement does assume that for every 1 player using the Tank Party Crasher Buff, it gives 1,000 true damage to all alive tanks when 1 does die. To clarify on how it works.
  2. Binsen

    Binsen MG Donor

    How about an enhancement for Ammo dispenser?

    Would be "Code RAMBO"

    This enhancement would double the amount needed for ammo dispenser and reduces the amount placed from 5 to 2, but it gives a global unlimited ammo to all players for 15 Seconds. After the 15 seconds pass, the ammo acts like a normal ammo dispenser.

    Message would be the following :

    PR: Binsen has Activated Code RAMBO! all players gain unlimited ammo for 15 seconds!
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  3. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I'ma just leave these buff enhancements here:

    |V| Acid Neutralizer | Corrosive Neutralizer
    After not taking acid damage for 8 (6 for VS) seconds, 30% of corrosion stacks gained will be recovered, at a rate of 5% corrosion recovery every second. Taking acid damage again delays recovery.

    Grenade Trap | Enhanced Traps
    Molotov Traps when detonated continuously deal increasing fire tick damage (up to 3% Max HP) to any infected on fire. Vomit Jar Traps when detonated are 50% more potent in their effects.
    <On tanks: Max fire tick damage is 0.1% Max HP, Vomit Jar Potency is only +20%>

    Freezing Grenade | Freezing Air
    Once a Freezing Bomb explodes, it leaves behind a pool of freezing air that can slow movement speed and can freeze any infected for 3 seconds once they're fully slowed. The pool lasts 10 seconds. In VS: Just slows movement speed to a max of -20%.
    <Only 1 Freezing Air can be active at the same time>

    |E| Healing Pipe Bombs | Rejuvenating Air
    Once a Healing Bomb explodes, it leaves behind a pool of rejuvenating air that can heal survivors who go inside for 1% missing HP each second. The pool lasts 10 seconds.
    <Only 1 Rejuvenating Air can be active at the same time>

    |V| Electric Frag Grenade | Electrifying Air
    Once an Electric Bomb explodes, it leaves behind a pool of electrified air that can deal small true damage to the infected and micro-stuns them for 1 second randomly. The pool lasts 10 seconds.
    <Only 1 Electrifying Air can be active at the same time>

    Field Medic | Trained Medic
    You now have a 5% chance to instead generate a First Aid Kit. You'll be able to heal yourself or any others using it.
    <✖ VS>
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2020
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  4. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    Halloween and winter event buffs/enhancements FOR THE buffs

    • Sugar Rush
      When activated, increase your swing speed by 20% and movement speed by 100%, all melee damage will ignore enemy defenses and immunities for 20 seconds. Does not affect ranged weapon damage and unable to gain fatigue during this period, however after 20 seconds, the effect causes damage to your muscles resulting in you unable to swing/shoot for 10 seconds.
      <Activate in !buy menu>
      <Cooldown: 4 minutes>
      <Immunity pierce negates attack bonuses>
      (Command: sm_Rush)

      Also grants Immunity to all cc effects and infected pins, temporarily delaying all damage, healing, and regeneration effects on them until Sugar rush ends. The delayed damage it is applied at the end of the duration. If the damage is 5x your total hit points, you will result in a perma-death.

    • Frosty the snowman
      Deploy a snowman in a targeted location. Within 400 range of the snowball, all infected will be slowed for 20% attack speed/movement speed. Due to the extreme cold temperature they also loses 15% defensive while inside the aoe. Frosty last for the entire round.
      <Once per round>
      <Only 3 snowman can be deployed at once, doesn't stack on effects>
      (Command: sm_frosty)
      Absolute zero
      Tanks near frosty will also suffer penalty on their abilities, resulting in 33% slower cooldown rate as long as they are inside the aoe. Effect lingers for 3 seconds after leaving the aoe.
    • Spooky Pumpkin
      Summons a floating pumpkin by your side like a drone, this thing passively reduces the damage of all infected by 10% (200 range). 10% to inflict the fear status on an attacker for 5 seconds,
      <10 second cooldown>

      The conjuring
      Activates this ability to cause your floating pumpkin to explode, dealing 500 true damage to all zombies within 200 range. Inflicting the feat status to all affected targets for 10 seconds, last 3 seconds on tanks.
      <Activate in !buy menu>
      <Cooldown: 5 minutes>

      (Command: sm_spook)

    • Tom and Jerry
      You can now duel-wield SMGs, increasing total damage output/ROF by 200%. However consumes ammo at a 100% increased rate, reloads 30% slower and render you unable to shove.
      <Hold both mouse 1 and 2 for fire>
      Enhancement 1
      Stoned Jerry
      Gains 1% movement speed and reload speed per 2,000 damage dealt during a round to any infected, limit of 20%.
      Enhancement 2
      Sad Tom
      Gains 2% damage and 1% ammo save per 4,000 damage dealt during a round to any infected, limit of 10%.

    • Christmas Cane
      Transforms nightstick into a Candy Cane, the cane swings 150% faster but deals 50% less damage. 3% chance on melee hit to imbue infected with peppermint rush, causing them take suffer flat 50 addition damage from all melee hits for 10 seconds. Cooldown 1 minute.
      Yummy treat
      Hold the USE key to take a bite at your candy cane, after consuming you will not gain melee fatigue for 1 minute, cooldown 2 minutes. Consume up to 3x and your candy cane disappears, each consumption reduces your weapon range by 20%.

    • Freezing nova
      Unleashes 3 waves of cold waves dealing 400 true damage per 0.33 seconds in an 150 range. Each wave de-buffs infected, reducing their movement speed, attack speed and turn rate by 20%. De-buff last for 40 seconds, cannot be reapplied for 5 minutes.
      Bone Chill
      Increase total wave count to 4, enemies hit by the final wave are also frozen solid for 2 seconds. This freeze bypasses debilitate cooldowns.

    • Wonka Bars
      Turns your med-kits into these sweet chocolate treats. Instead of instantly healing your health to full upon usage (Or percentage wise for tenacity after 2nd and 3rd usage). It applies a large regeneration buff that recovers 25% of your total hit points per second after use, lasting for 10 seconds. Med kits now cost 10% more.
      <Heals for 15% of your total hit points per second if you are using Tenacity>
      Golden Ticket
      Also grains 90% damage resistance during the regeneration period, slowly decay over time. This can only occur once every 3 minutes.

    • Santa's Gifts
      Gains additional cash equal to the amount of damage dealt to tanks. Do not benefit from boosters. After a tank is killed, you gain 50% more bounty rewards if you dealt at least 20% of its total hit points.
      Season of giving
      Gains flat 2,000 cash per rev incapacitated survivor and 4,000 cash per defibrillated corpse.

      adding more later
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2020
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  5. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Here's my feedback:

    |E| Sugar Rush:
    - It'd make it so that switching away from your melee weapon will cause Sugar Rush's effect to decay faster. You also shouldn't be allowed to activate Hyperactive/|E| Berserk while Sugar Rush is active.

    |E| Overdrive:
    for the buff enhancement, I'd delay damage/healing applying to the survivor for 10 seconds, before they take the difference in damage. If the delayed damage should kill you as a result, buffs that should try to save you from death shouldn't be allowed to activate. Otherwise it sounds good.

    |E| Frosty the Snowman
    - Sounds good.

    |E| Absolute Zero
    - Sounds good.

    |E| Spooky Pumpkin
    - I'd make it so that you can't use any other drone buffs while this is active. Otherwise sounds good.

    |E| The conjuring
    - Sounds good.

    |E| Tom and Jerry
    - Sounds good.

    |E| Stoned Jerry
    - Sounds good.

    |E| Sad Tom
    - Sounds good.

    |E| Christmas Cane
    - Sounds good.

    |E| Yummy treat
    - a bit of an op effect with the melee fatigue there. I'd allow taking a bite out of the candy cane to give 20s no melee fatigue for a 90s cooldown after. everything else there is good.

    |E| Freezing nova
    - Sounds good.

    |E| Bone Chill
    - Sounds good.

    |E| Wonka Bars
    - Think this effect should only be allowed to be applied 3 times per round. For tenacity, once per round is enough. It also cannot be activated if |E| Auto-Medical were to activate, healing you normally instead. I also assume that the buff disallows the first aid saving skill to activate and heal any other survivors, given the regen buff.

    |E| Golden Ticket
    - Sounds good.

    |E| Santa's Gifts
    Since I can see this being more of a seasonal buff, similar to the |E| Halloween Spirit Buff. I thought it'd be a bit better to rewrite the description but to also make this buff expire.

    When killing tanks, you can earn additional cash, equal to 10% of the damage dealt. Against Tier 1/2 tanks, you can earn up to +50% additional bounty if you did up to 10%/20% of the tank's maximum HP past minimum damage.

    |E| Season of giving
    - A bit op xD I'd reduce it to +$250 on each revive and +$1000 for defibbing 1 or more survivors. I'd also allow being able to gain additional FR-Pills equal to 0.5% of the damage dealt.

    I'll suggest some of my own event buff enhancement ideas later ^^
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2020
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  6. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    I ma leave the suggestion intact and just let Mute do the nerfing balance, worked out great so far, can't wait for your ideas tim.
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  7. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Ok... here's my own buff enhancement ideas, most of those I just thought of off the top of my head:

    1. |V| Over Excitement | Blood Regenerator
    Killing Common/Special/Uber Infected now gives up to +3/+30/+60 HP/THP back depending on your missing HP %. The more HP lost, the higher the HP regained.
    <Also works on Excitement>
    <✖ VS>

    2. |E| Deep Cuts | Slasher
    Allows you to now bypass melee resistances on tanks with all melee weapons instead of just the sharp ones.

    3. |E| Blunt Force Trauma | Headache Attacker
    Every 5/10 melee strikes on the same Special Infected/Tank will stun the target for 2 seconds, staggering already affected/stun immune ones instead. It also inflicts the target with Headaches, causing the infected to delay using their claws/abilities for 2/6 seconds.
    <Cooldown: 20s on SI, 45s on Tanks, Independent of each other>

    4. |E| Slow Resistance | Trap Resistance
    Allows you to have a 15% chance to avoid traps triggering whenever you step on 1. Also reduces the damage they deal by 25% and reduces their effects by 30%. After having been affected by a Hunter Tank's trap, you cannot become affected again for 10s.

    5. |E| Mechanical Teddy Bear | Zapping Bear
    When the buff is to activate, any infected that are near the resuscitated survivors take 500 true damage and become stunned for 2 seconds, bypassing debilitate cooldowns.

    6. Health Dispenser | Medical Cure
    Reduces HD duration by 4 seconds, but gives 2 Health Dispenser uses per map in COOP. It allows for the curing of any and all bad statuses. Curing a bad status also gives an additional +25 HP to the cured survivor.
    <Cannot cure Unique statuses>

    7. |E| Splashing Sharp Melee | Enhanced Water
    Enhances your Splashing Sharp Melee with more powerful water cells from the Shark Tank. You ignore 10% defense on fire based tanks and affected target now takes 10% additional damage, giving out an AOE attack. It deals 30 true damage to any infected within 150 units, also giving the same effects.

    8. |E| Reactive Inoculation | Immunitive Inoculation
    Every time you block one of the bad statuses that was to be inflicted on you, you now gain a stack of Immunitive Inoculation on that bad status and heal for 75 HP, giving a 3% chance to block the bad status once again. The block chance effect can stack up to 5 times.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2020
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  8. Parrots

    Parrots MG Donor

    I have a few cool ideas to share, hopefully they aren't too stupid or broken.

    1. lEl Cocktail Maker l Cocktail Sharer
    Whenever you drink a cocktail, the effect spreads to any ally within 400 units. Lowers the cooldown by 1 Minute.
    <Allies that walk out of the range lose the status effect after 3 seconds>
    <Does not stack with other Cocktail Sharers>

    2. Blast Padding l Blast Shield
    Pick an ally to receive a shield that protects against Instant Death or Dying Tank explosions
    instead stunning them for 13 seconds and reducing their HP to 1. Also gives them half the bonus effects of Blast Padding.
    <Once Per Round>
    <Shield destroys on use, can't pick users who have Blast Padding equipped>

    3. lEl Sacrifice l Paid Sacrifice
    Allows you to use Sacrafice when downed but costs 20 bounty and reduces the range by 100 units.

    4. Infected Swarm Protection l Infected Swarm Handler
    For every 10 Common Infected within 135 units, gain a 1% defense against special infected and a 2% reload speed boost.
    <Up to 10% Defense and 20% Reload>

    5. lEl Cupid's Arrow l Enhanced Arrow
    Allows you to use Pistols to activate Cupid's Arrow. Users also deal 50% less damage to their pet.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2020
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  9. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    These are some pretty good ideas here. The only thing that I'd change about Cocktail Sharer is:
    <Allies that walk out of the range lose the status effect after 5 seconds, can regain back when in range again>

    If the status effect should be allowed to be given back, the duration given should be equal to the time remaining for the player with the |E| Cocktail Maker Buff
  10. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    8. |E| Reactive Inoculation | Immunitive Inoculation = GG LOL
  11. Parrots

    Parrots MG Donor

    A few more ideas for fun.

    1. lEl Charger Pet l Charger Defibrillator
    Once per round, allows you to revive your charger pet upon death. Use 40% of your current HP to revive your fallen pet. When the pet is revived it will recover 400 HP, have reduced max HP and deal 50 less damage.
    <Maximum Charger HP when revived is lowered to 400>
    <X VS>

    2. lEl Slacker l Professional Slacker
    Increases bounty gain to 5 every 60 seconds. For every 30 SI kills every ally does, gain an extra bounty point. For every 80 SI kills, lowers your next purchase by 1 bounty.
    <Can lower purchases up to 3 bounty>
    <Kills done by you don't count towards SI kills>
    <X VS>

    3. Auto Pistol Modulator l Pistol Assassin
    When pistols have been out for more than 15 seconds, reloads have a 33% chance of being almost instant. Damage and Fire Rate get boosted by 5%.
    <Only works when recently in combat>
    <Boost effect goes away if you change held equipment>
    <X VS>

    4. lEl Ammo Dispenser l Bag of Ammo
    You now bring a bag of ammo alongside the Ammo Dispenser. You passively give 2% ammo to every ally within 600 units every 8 seconds.
    <X VS>

    5. Frag Grenade l Detonator
    Pipe Bombs can now be detonated at your will. When tossed you can activate by crouching. If it wasn't detonated in 10 seconds, you can pick it back up. (Sounds kinda similar to Grenade Trap)
    <Incompatible with Grenade Trap>

    6. lEl It wasn't that high l It really wasn't high
    Further decreases fall damage by another 10% and ragdoll an extra 100HP. Also reduces broken leg time by half.
    <X VS>
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2020
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  12. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    All of them look like pretty good ideas ^^

    Here's a few buff enhancement ideas that I thought of... Also thought of a better regen one for the |V| Over Excitement Buff.

    |V| Over Excitement | Doctor Regenerator
    for each % of HP below 50%, you'll increase the amount of HP regained by 2%. You'll also have a 10% chance to regain back double HP on any given infected kill.
    <Also works on Excitement Buff, ✖ VS>

    |E| Pressurized Water Gun | Pressurized Blaster
    Installs a Pressurized Blaster onto the pistol. Lowers movement speed by -5% but movement charges the pistol. 3%/s running or 1% crouching/walking. For each 4% charge, the next shot slows by +1% more and deals AOE damage within 150 units, also slowing them. At 100% charge, you'll also stagger the target. Each shot resets charge to 0.

    |E| Radiant Blast | Blinding Blast
    Blasts that deal damage but don't kill the infected will temporarily stagger and blind them for 3s/6s. This only applies once VS tanks but completely ignores immunities.

    Double Projectile | Potent Throwables
    When throwing throwables, you'll be able to throw 2 molotovs. Your pipe bomb and vomit jar buffs have 50% increased effectiveness and vomit jars will last 5 seconds longer.
    <✖ VS>

    |E| Brain Consumer | Dead Brainer
    When any special infected are killed in 1 headshot from full HP, you'll gain increased chances to drop the SI brain. Additionally if no one takes a brain from any SI you kill, you automatically retrieve them after 20 seconds pass.

    |E| Cocktail Maker | Cocktail Preserver
    If you die while you have any drink effects/Boosters active, the timer on them halts until you're defibbed or 60 seconds pass. If you become permanently dead however, the effects immediately expire.

    |E| Supporting Role | Support Master
    When any AOE skills activate, you'll also heal affected allies for 100 HP (halved in Survival) and give +1s Moustachio Bless time. Shoving any allies with your primary also gives 10% ammo to any nearby survivors in 250 units, costing a further 5% ammo.
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  13. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

  14. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I'm gonna throw out some more random buff enhancements, I do remember having thought previously about this during last week's work shifts, but must've forgotten about them :P

    Can't think of any buffs atm so I'll post here if I come up with something.

    EDIT: Decided to update this and change the Compressed Shell Buff Enhancement

    |E| Throwing Axe | Bleeding Cut

    Buff Enhancement for |E| Throwing Axe. Now allows you to bleed the infected target hit for 5 seconds, dealing 10% melee damage/sec. If the target is already bleeding, hitting them again refreshes the timer. Also grants a 5% chance to instantly kill the SI on hit.
    <Instant Kill CD: 10 seconds>

    Compressed Shell | Recompresser

    Buff Enhancement for Compressed Shell. Depending on how many shells you have closer to full clip size, you gain up to 20% faster fire rate for 4 seconds after reloading. The fire rate bonus decays overtime.

    Freezing Grenade Launcher | Ice Shrapnel
    Buff Enhancement for Freezing Grenade Launcher. Once the infected stops becoming frozen, it suffers from the frostbite status for 10 seconds (5 for tanks). The slow effects decay overtime.
    <Also works with Freezing Grenade>

    |E| Splashing Sharp Melee | Splashing Waves

    Buff Enhancement for |E| Splashing Sharp Melee. Upon killing any SI hit by the water. That SI also releases out a splashing wave, dealing double damage to nearby infected in 300 units.
    <Cannot chain this effect>

    |E| Slacker | Slacking off

    Buff Enhancement for |E| Slacker. When doing other actions to help the team, protecting, saving, healing, reviving, defibbing. It will also count as being in combat and gives +25% cooldown reduction for 3 seconds each time.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2021
  15. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    It's been 8 months since any new buff enhancements were came up with, here's 7 of them:

    |E| Pressurized Water Gun | Power Shot
    With a full clip, allows you to charge your gun by holding E for 3 seconds. After charging, firing on any SI/tank
    deals 1000 true damage, knocks back and slows by 30% (10% for Tanks). 45s Cooldown/Immunity.

    General Tank Handler | |E| Super Tank Handler
    Gives resistance against earthquake based abilities equal to 0.8% multiplied by your current level.
    <X VS, 20% max bonus>

    |E| Frost Suit | Regeneration Suit
    While Frost Barrier is active, passively regenerate 2% Missing HP and reduce current slows by 10% each 5 seconds.

    |E| Courage | Inner Strength
    Survivors you revive also gain +15% revive, heal and defib action speed. The bonuses decay overtime.

    |E| Non-Aggression Pact | Restoration Pact
    When used, Survivors will heal for 2% Max HP (Min: 30 HP) per second. They also become immune to CC/Statuses for 5 seconds after pact ends.

    |E| Ammo Dispenser | Ammunition Field
    Survivors inside 500 units gain 2% missing ammo each 5 seconds with a chance to gain double equal to missing ammo count %. Grenade Launchers/Pistols have 10% chance instead to gain +1 ammo.
    <If gain is less than 1, value is tallied until 1 is given>

    |E| Supporting Role | Healing Role
    Shoving any ally with primary also heals them for 5% Missing HP. When any AOE skill triggers, all affected also regain 2% Max HP (Min: 100 HP)