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PR v2.0 - Class Specialization, Weapon Configurator and more!

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by Mute, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    PR Version 2.0 is finally live on all servers! Featuring a ton of changes, most of which can be found in the changelog. This thread will be going into more detail over the major new additions and changes.

    Class Specialization

    An all new mechanic, Class Specialization, has been added in this update. While the level cap has not increased, classes feature their own separate experience and levels, starting at Level 0 all the way up to Level 5. Having a class active provides unique and powerful benefits to one aspect of Points Reloaded, both passive and active, with more unlocked the greater the class level. With 6 classes to choose from, players can opt to max them all out, should they wish.

    In order to start with classes, you must be at least Level 240, and have completed the quest 'Dormant Apocalypse' from Sara. From there, Sara will have a new quest available, which will begin the quest line to progress towards classes.

    Later down the quest line, you will have the option to choose 1 of 6 specialization quests. Completing one unlocks access to the respective role. Do note that you can only have one of these quests active at once, so you must either cancel or complete the quest before being able to pick another. It is your choice if you wish to only complete the role you prefer, or to complete them all. You will have the ability to look at each class's benefits before making your choice.

    Gaining class experience is performed in one of the following ways:

    - Class actions: Based on your class, actions directly give class exp.
    - Awards/Toasters: A portion is given as class exp, equal to 2% + (1% * class level) up to the LOWER of 9999 or 0.1% class exp requirement.
    - Quests/CEDA Notes: A portion is given as class exp, equal to 1%/10% for Quests/Notes up to the HIGHER of 9999 or 0.1% class exp requirement.

    Class actions are the main way to earn class experience, with the others provide a small, but helpful bonus. Do note that, Class action experience is reduced on lower difficulties slightly, and if you obtain them repeatedly from the same source. Same source reduction does not apply from tanks, however.

    Above 90% progress towards the next class level, only class actions will provide class experience. This is to encourage players to actually play by their class's playstyle. Players already at the level cap can now also use and pick up CEDA notes if they have a class active that is not at max level. In order to level up, you will need to provide Cash, FR-Pills and a few items.

    Do note that I have tried to come up with a balanced way to earn class experience, with the main goal being that EXP boosters would not be completely imbalanced, but would still be useful for players, while also not taking too long without them. If required, adjustments to class experience may be made. Once a class is chosen, you cannot change it for 3 days.

    Weapon Configurator

    The Weapon Configurator is a new item that enables players to customize their weapons slightly. It allows you to choose to shift a weapon in favour of damage VS rate of fire, or magazine size VS reload speed. These settings can be set on a per weapon basis, so for instance, you can set your AK to have a larger magazine size at the cost of the reload being slower.

    Each class of weapons, such as rifles, also have a unique property that can be enabled at will, providing another option. Finally, you can let the weapons have a random configuration, such that on each map, the weapon will be given random positive and negative attributes. In doing so, any Common or Special Infected kills gained with it will grant +100% more experience.

    You cannot change a weapon's attributes while a Tank is alive. You also cannot have both bonus damage and fire rate, it's one or the other, same with mag size and reload speed. In testing, the imbalance was too great if you increased both damage and fire rate, as every other option would be inferior. The Weapon Configurator is intended more to be towards personal preference instead of a noticable power spike. The maximum adjustment to each stat is +/- 25%.

    The Weapon Configurator also does not work with custom weapons, e.g. the Flamethrower or Double Barrel Shotgun, as these custom weapons use their own values and override the Configurator's ones.

    To unlock the Weapon Configurator, you must complete the questline from a new quest NPC, The Gunsmith. The quests are available from Level 225 with no other requirement necessary. Even if you may not be interested in the Weapon Configurator, the quests give a very high amount of experience, and unlock the path to a new scenario, mentioned below.

    Traveller Tokens

    An incentive to play on the Custom Server has been added. If you are above Level 150, and there are at least 3 players on the server, each map you complete will give you a Traveller Token. By using the item, you can redeem the Tokens for unique and rare items that were previously unobtainable, or only given once. You can also exchange 5 Cupid Tokens for 1 Traveller Token. Do note, you can only have 50 Traveller Tokens maximum at once, so be sure to spend them.

    COOP Special Infected Roles

    On Advanced and Expert difficulty, Special Infected now have a chance to spawn with various Infected Roles, changing their base stats and giving them new effects, as well as some from VS. Specials with Roles give 1.5x more base experience. Uber Infected do not have Roles, but may use some of their effects.


    45 new buff enhancements have been added, across various tiers of strength. The majority of them require a new crafting item, the Volatile Tank Blood, which is a guaranteed drop from any Tier 3 Tank. Additionally, 5 new clan benefits have been added, one of which is extremely expensive to craft, but provides a powerful effect.

    To compensate for heightened requirements, Tier 1 tanks are now significantly more likely to drop Uncommon crafting materials. The chances have also increased slightly from tanks above Tier 1. Some quests, including a few dailies, now also provide Craftable Bags as a reward to make obtaining crafting materials a bit easier. The chances for Liquid Nitrogen Containers and Corrosive Acid Samples have also increased slightly.

    A small convenience addition is the ability to see what each crafting item can be used in. By selecting the crafing item from your inventory, it will show you each recipe the item is used in, as well as how much of the item. You can then select the item to show the full recipe.


    If you are new to the concept of scenarios, you can read information and obtain the maps required in our community wiki.

    Two new daily scenarios have been added in this version, one of which requires a new map, Devil Mountain. If you have already subscribed to the Custom Workshop Collection, you already have the required map, otherwise you can click here to get the link.

    The requirements to unlock these scenarios are tied to both Class Specialization and the Weapon Configurator, as a result it can take some time to unlock them. The items required to host these scenarios are available to craft. These scenarios do not require a clan.

    A simple ready up mechanic, previously requested, has also been added while a scenario is being arranged. This simply allows players to toggle being ready with the !ready command, and the option for any player to check the squad status with the !readycheck command. This command will also show players who are idle, including the squad leader. If the squad leader attempts to begin the scenario with less than half of the squad ready, they will be warned, but still have the option to begin regardless.

    As with any new scenario, it may take some time to get a feel for the difficulty of the scenario, as such time will tell if they have been made too easy or too hard.


    A small VS update, 7 new Infected buffs have been added to the Honor Market store, one for each of the Infected classes. These buffs do not have a specific role assigned to them. Some of these new buffs have been given to certain infected roles in COOP, however. The player requirement for earning Honor Points has also been lowered to 6, but if the current player count is below 8, the amount of Honor Points earned is reduced by 1, but you will always get at least 1, assuming you meet other requirements.


    The changes can be found in the changelog entry, so I just want to go over them briefly. In short, I wasn't a fan of how much of a bonus Tenacity gave on it's own, and I also wasn't a fan of how the only way to apply challenge was to increase the damage Tanks do, so I lowered both to balance each other out, and to make playing without Tenacity more viable. Additionally, Tenacity can now benefit from more defense to offset some of the health lost.

    Some lesser used buffs have either been removed completely, or had their effects added as part of the Class Specialization abilities. Some other buffs have also received small rebalances or improvements. I also wasn't too keen on how First Aid Kits were largely useless in scenarios so I added a few mechanics that give them more use.

    While I understand some may not like these changes, I hope you can at least understand my reasoning for them.

    Some new upgrades have also been added, as well as adding new ranks to existing ones. A major change was increasing the healing potency of Pain Pills and Adrenaline, as well as the duration of Adrenaline. Pills only healing 100 made them largely useless in that regard, so the new upgrade ranks should help. The duration increase of Adrenaline applies to all sources, including from buffs.


    A lot of time and effort has gone into this update, but it is entirely possible a bug or unintended mechanic has slipped by me. If you find one, feel free to report it to me here or on our Discord server. Thanks for staying patient with me, I hope this update was worth the wait.
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  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    This update was indeed worth the wait, thanks for putting in a lot of hard work into the update Mute :)

    looking forward to playing with the class roles, especially support ^^

    if anyone wants the link to the role specifications from before the update, its here: https://pastebin.com/f63GitWj
  3. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    In light of recent feedback given to me, I have made a number of balance and progression changes, which can be found in the changelog.
  4. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    The Class Specialization details can now be read online, link is: https://mgftw.com/class-info/

    The link can also be found on the home page sidebar.
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