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Points Reloaded V1.8 discussion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HonorCode, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Yong Zhun

    Yong Zhun New Member

    Just edited and added some new opinion. :)
  2. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    Well i pass idea , i have mine too

    add a diplomacy for clan , like we can be ally , for the moment we can only declare war but it's useless since time we have it , if we can be ally by example ::

    count on scenario server for clan scenario :
    A lot of clan actually didnt have the people to start a scenario can help little clan when it stay 1-4 active to play scenario , the number of people in a clan is limited and some only want stay on his first clan , most active clan like Dominion , Kebab or timtam can problably start a scenario without help but that a not long list , i didnt want the same thing like clan wars dead when we have it , you see .

    count on versus :
    we can also inclued ally it to versus for honor points by extra point for most representative team with his ally ( but must also add earning point for losing check timkit idea )

    Limited and stats :
    we can limit at 3 ally by example , leader and his staff from a clan must thinking before adding a ally , Actually by example the clan ranking are without interest and unfair : we can winning point by reaching lvl220 or only by versus , i didnt blam versus but most of people play coop first .
    About clan scenario the major clan start a server must win a little more than their ally .

    They have plenty of posibility , i think it's a good idea for community , each leader must more communicate between us , it can be more interesting to fondate or manage a clan , that can also let more little clan participe to scenario , may be also can appear on clan ranking with his ally , i let other complete , debate his idea
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  3. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I never did give my feedback to this even though I did say that it was good. here goes.

    As far as the quest ideas do go, they look good, story is good, pictures of quest items are good. If there is one thing I would add to make your post better shaikh, a picture of that gascan quest item might help to explain things better, will that be a regular gascan or a scavenge gascan? whichever one it is, is up to you, I don't mind either.

    That's all I can say really about your post. Good job on coming up with the ideas for the quests and all, I know it might not have been easy to be creative about it. Still though, hopefully HonorCode and the majority of the mgftw community do like your idea and want it to be in the next mgftw update.

    So here's my 2nd post of feedback on your thing, mainly concerning the update.

    I could have probably said this in my previous post, but I didn't think about it at the time. Crafting wearables is a nice idea though. Same thing for those small abilities with wearables.

    Might want to go into more detail on the Sacrificing Buff, more like where that survivor will spawn after he/she is revived. Also might want to make it a COOP Only Buff as well.

    For that Don't leave me behind Buff, since you don't already know, low levels can benefit from an increase in movement speed whenever they are behind the other survivors and alone. the mid levels and high levels don't have such a buff like that though.

    That's all I can say for feedback about your post, nice stuff.

    Nice idea. However for that ally thing, they should only be restricted to 1 clan at a time so they can't be allies of multiple clans at once if you get my meaning. While it is nice to have allies and all, you can't go around helping every clan out at once :P.

    That's all I can say. Hopefully the mgftw community can see it as being a good idea too.

    So I had this idea about teamwork buffs. While there are some around that could be considered useful for teamwork, there just had to be more in here.

    This is how I would define a "Teamwork" Buff

    = You can share the effects with teammates or gain the effects when working alongside them.
    = The effects may have reduced duration/effectiveness.
    = If the buff effects only happen while alone or if you do the wrong thing, you will get penalized.

    Here are 10 buffs, 5 that are COOP Only and 5 that can be used in both COOP and VS.

    Offensive Buffs
    Assistive Witch Hunter Buff

    Grants you and any survivors within 250 units, a stack of Witch Hunter for each witch kill
    during the round. Each stack gives +10% additional damage and can stack up to 6 times.
    The damage lasts until the chapter ends.
    <No one can take damage from the witch for the bonus to apply, if anyone takes damage all survivors within 500 units of the attacked survivor lose a stack of Witch Hunter>
    <If you die, you lose all Witch Hunter stacks>
    <You or any other survivor within range that kills the witch will give the stack as long as you contributed damage to the witch>
    <Incompatible with Witch Hunter Buff>
    <Coop Only>

    Defensive Buffs
    Getting back up Together Buff

    For each incapacitated survivor other than yourself within 400 units, you can decrease
    the time to self-revive yourself by 0.5 seconds.
    <Maximum Reduction: down to 2.5 seconds>
    <If you self-revive alone (more than 1000 units away from any other survivor), time taken to self-revive is increased to 6.25 seconds>

    Benefical Cover Buff

    Allows you to select a teammate to cover. every your teammate gets attacked by any
    infected while you are within 250 units from them
    you will intercept the damage that your teammate would have taken and take 25% reduced
    damage from that attack. You can intercept attacks every 3 seconds. The teammate that
    you cover can give +25% bonus healing to you only whenever you get healed in any way
    from them.
    <You take 0.5% of your current HP as damage (Minimum: -5HP) if your coverred teammate is hit within 1000 units from you but not within 250 units>
    <Doesn't apply if your teammate takes a hit that deals lethal damage to them>
    <When you select a teammate to cover, you cannot cover their damage taken for 3 seconds>
    <Coop Only>

    Ability Buffs
    Speed Booster Buff

    You are able to take a special adrenaline shot with the following modified effects.
    - Teammates within 400 units are affected.
    - +15% increased movement speed for them and for you for 10 seconds.
    - Healing given is pulsated outwards for +10HP every second for 10 seconds.
    <If you take the adrenaline shot while poisoned, poison damage dealt is quadripled
    instead of doubled>
    <Cannot stack with another Speed Booster Buff active>

    Utility Buffs
    Enhanced Special First Aid Buff

    Instantly cures any bad status (poison, curse, paralyze, etc) of you and any nearby
    teammates upon using a first aid kit. After using a first aid kit, you will also block
    the next status effect that is inflicted on you.
    ENHANCED EFFECT: If any teammate you healed heals you back when your HP is reduced to 50% or below, they will block the next status effect that is inflicted onto them.
    <You and your healed teammates can only receive the benefits of blocking the next bad status effect once for every heal done to them or you>
    <Incompatible with Special First Aid Buff>
    <Coop Only>

    Economy and Exp Buffs
    Enhanced Survival Payment Buff

    Gives every survivor 1 bounty every 3 minutes after leaving the saferoom.
    <Cannot benefit from any bounty increasing rate Buffs>
    <Cannot stack with other Enhanced Survival Payment Buffs active>

    Death Will Buff
    Allows you to select 1 survivor, When you die, you have the option to
    give away ALL of your bounty to that survivor only. If the survivor that
    you choose also has this buff active, they can only choose you.
    <Effect only works once per round>
    <Once chosen, no other survivor with this buff can choose you or your chosen survivor>
    <Coop Only>

    Observed Survivor Buff
    You earn +1% additional experience and cash for each nearby survivor within 500 units
    that witnesses you doing any good actions.
    <Maximum: +15%>
    <If you are alone and are more than 1000 units away from the closest survivor, -10% decreased experience earned>
    <Doing any negative actions will multiply the amount of experience points and cash lost by 10x>

    Miscellaneous Buffs
    Cleansing Pills Dispenser Buff

    Consuming Pain Pills will remove most bad status effects and pulsate out an immunity wave that heals bad status effects and grants status effect immunity to any survivor within 500 units for 8 seconds.
    <75 second cooldown for immunity>
    <Press RELOAD with pills in hand to get cooldown time>
    <Incompatible with Cleansing Pills Buff>

    So what do you guys think about these teamwork buffs, would they be useful to you if you were able to use them for such teamwork purposes? Or was there oplet me know in your reply!

    EDIT: Edited some buffs.
    EDIT 2: Edited some buffs.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
  4. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Active Member

    Huge thanks for your feedback timkit i really appreciate it. well its a normal gas-can. i went ahead and added the picture of it as u suggested. i also have another quest idea will share it soon after some research.
  5. Finn's 115

    Finn's 115 Member

    Great Idea timkit, i gonna put my buff idea right now

    Offensive Buff
    Lethal Shoot

    Every 15 seconds one bullet deal a lethal shoot (15% increase Damage) and ignore all tanks armor
    <Coop Only>

    Ability Buff
    Enraging Beacon |E|

    The Survivor allow to place a beacon in specified location and active for 20 second, aggroging the tank (similiar to Enraging Waves)
    Cooldown: 4 minutes
    <Coop Only>

    Infected buff

    If the survivor manage to kill you , you cast small explosion {radius:125 units} dealing damage to survivor for 100HP + 15% each 20 levels
    Cooldown: 2 minutes

    What do you guys thing about These Damage Dealer buffs (and Damage Assist buff),would they be useful to you if you were able to use them for such Attacker purposes? OR was there a miscalculated let me know in reply
  6. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    So here's my feedback on these buffs.
    Lethal Shoot Buff: nice idea :). I can't really say much else.
    Enraging Beacon Buff: the 20 second active time for that buff feels way too much for the time (just my opinion on it). Cooldown is fine though. Either reduce the active time or give tanks the ability to destroy the enraging beacon device after say 2 hits. Just as a suggestion, make it incompatible with the Enraging Waves Buff and not work when 1 is already active from another survivor.
    Decimation: might want to clarify more on the buff description, 15% of what?.

    That's all from me about your buffs finn.

    Alright here's 4 more ideas from 4 different players that I wanted to post here due to steam chats that I had with them today. 3 of these ideas are for mgftw VS and the last one is more mixed.

    here's the first idea from atila.

    First Idea: give rewards per round instead of every map instead. Also give an extra reward at the end of each campaign.

    ΔTîĻΔ: Ok, My personal opinion.... I think the most fair is per round. You know sometimes 'A' team wins a round and other 'B' team wins another. At the end of each campaign the winning team taking in consideration all the rounds can get an extra benefit (Buff, skill, etc) And ofc each team receive some points in each round...example. "A" win round 1 receive 5 points, "B" receives 2 points. is my idea.

    There would be only 2 ways to win each round. Either score more points than the other team for survivors or deal more infected team damage (damage from cars is counted too). A team can win both rounds if they satisfy the requirements.

    However the way that I see his idea, in order to get that extra benefit, the players will have to had play through the entire campaign from start to finish without ever having late joined. This is just 1 way that I see it (my opinion on it).

    Additionally, in relation to that idea atila said something interesting which i'm going to show here:

    ΔTîĻΔ: I understand, but weel if both teams receive points in all round, I think that versus will be more attractive, and players will play more to try to obtain those benefits. Evidently VS needs more changes to live again.

    Here's the second idea from Marshall [Ω] .

    Second Idea: Nerf the amount of tank spawns and limit it to a certain number of chapters per campaign.

    Marshall [Ω] : So basically max tank spawn is 2 in each chapters. 3 if there's auto tank. I'm thinking if they could make 1 series (example dark carnival) 5 chapters. Allow only 3 chapters to spawn tank. Example if we (inf) planned to spawn tank on the 1st chapter. So there's 2 chapters left that u can spawn tank. It's all about wise choice and planning. So that way VS does not always have tank spawn in every chapters.

    Marshall [Ω] : But if a series have less than 5 chapters. example 3 chapters. Allow 2 tank spawn for each chapters or 1. Up to you

    If any campaign has less than 5 chapters: don't reduce the limit of chapters, but you could reduce the limit of tanks for that chapter.

    Marshall [Ω] : well my point is. Tank spawns is kinda ridiculous. Infected as OP and survivors are more weak
    Marshall [Ω] : I'm trying to balance the power between infected and survivor
    Marshall [Ω] : that's why i started to think about the tank spawn nerf
    Marshall [Ω] : yup . got to think about survivor rushers too
    Marshall [Ω] : they could be problem a little bit

    Here's the third idea from Donald Duck [я.ω]

    Third Idea: Auto-balancing should be applied to more than just the 2nd round of a map on VS.

    Donald Duck [я.ω]: Sometimes I felt that
    Donald Duck [я.ω]: Even though the players on each team are balanced
    Donald Duck [я.ω]: But the level of player is unbalanced
    Donald Duck [я.ω]: it is possible for them to make autobalancing the team according to average level?
    me: i think it is possible.
    Donald Duck [я.ω]: I just feel that it is really well-balanced if they apply this

    For me, Auto-Balancing should be applied during the 1st round of VS and it should only ever be applied again if the teams are severely unbalanced over a period of time. There should also be the option to auto-balance teams if after auto-balance it wasn't the best balance the players wanted. This should replace the broken scramble command. (This is just my opinion of his idea)

    Here's the fourth idea from Col.Meen

    Fourth Idea: It's hard to name this one...

    That's it for the ideas from today.
  7. Finn's 115

    Finn's 115 Member

    All right i gonna fixed one buff and explain another one

    Enraging Beacon |E| (FIXED)
    The Survivor allow to place a beacon in specified location and active for 15 second, aggroging the tank (similiar to Enraging Waves) and will destroy by T1 tanks:3 hits, T2 tanks: 2 hits, T3 or higher : 1 hit
    Cooldown: 4 minutes
    <incompatible with Enraging Waves>
    <Coop Only>

    that plus 15% is more like math let me explain that
    100 x 15% = 15
    so that means each 20 level the damage increase by 15 HP
    soon if you like lvl 230
    the damage deal 100 HP plus (15 x 11 = 165 HP)
    so one explosion deal 265 HP
    I Can't explain any further because i hate math
  8. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I understand that math from the Decimation buff now, thanks finn. that looks good :)

    One other suggestion I might say is increasing the range, I think increasing it to 250 sounds good. given current radius is equal to the end of 1 common infected literally infront of you at point blank range, if you want a hint on that, check the Infected Swarm Protection Buff and you'll know what I mean by the range of that buff effect. The Cooldown is fine.
  9. Finn's 115

    Finn's 115 Member

    Maybe that is a good idea and i'm gonna give a new crafting item and SMT transfromation item

    Tank mutation injection <Coop Only>
    recipe:10 T1 tank blood sample

    5 T2 tank blood sample
    3 T3 tank blood sample
    50 Infected blood sample
    3 Syringe

    Success Rate : 20% + the level of your crafty

    On used you will transform became A tank for 3 minutes
    T1 Tank transformation chance 65%
    T2 Tank transformation chance 25%
    T3 Tank transformation chance 15%

    Special Tier Tank transformation chance 5%

    the chances you lose your humanity is 85% (if you lose your humanity you allow to attack the survivor)
    and the chances you keep your humanity is 15% (if you keep your humanity you can't damage the survivor)

    what do you guys think about this item, encourage player to became SMT when the admins not around the server and to make the difference between T1 tank and T2 tank between Coop server and VS server???
    Or there was a miscalculated let me know in reply :) :D
  10. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Nice idea finn. though you might want to explain more on the effects of not being able to damage the survivor when you keep your humanity. for that lost humanity part I see your point that it means you can play as the infected tank.

    If anyone still wants to give feedback on my teamwork buffs, be sure to leave your reply in your post to mine.

    For some buffs in mgftw, I do feel that they are far under used by the majority of players and don't serve much purpose. Sure this is something that can happen to some buffs because those buffs are ones that were more useful back when you were a low level player, however im more talking about the buffs people don't bother talking about or equipping into their buff sets.

    What i'm going to suggest with these buffs is to improve them in some way so that we find it a better idea too consider using that buff for its buff effects.

    Regeneration outage Buff
    Disables any regeneration skills and buffs of infected after a successful headshot for 5 seconds.
    <Does not work with tanks>

    This is more of a buff meant for VS than for COOP really. Even though it does have its COOP uses, the special infected die fast enough in COOP anyway. It is also a buff I don't see anyone talk about or use in their buff sets.

    Agitated Rescue Buff
    Allows you to run through common infected when the rescue vehicle arrives.

    This is a far under used buff due to its only 1 buff effect. This buff effect itself is seen on the Hyperactive Buff which even though can only used after having taken pills / adrenaline shot for a limited amount of time is far more useful.

    Chainsaw Dumbass Buff
    Refills your chainsaw fuel by 5% of the maximum capacity on each common infected kill. Refills by 20% for each special infected kill.

    Normally I see a lot more players use melee weapons other than the chainsaw itself. While it is good with the Gory Killer Buff, just about no player has that buff yet. I have yet to test out that usefulness. Therefore this is a somewhat under used buff.

    M60 Dumbass Buff
    Restores 2 bullets per common infected killed and 8 per special infected killed to the m60 machine gun
    <Coop Only>

    Not very many players do use the M60, however with the flamethrower buff very few players have that buff. Therefore this is also a somewhat under used buff.

    Witch Peacemaker Buff
    You will not startle witches unless you shoot at them. If somebody startles the witch, it'll still hunt you down.

    Again, not very many players use this buff. I could see it being more useful in VS due to the number of strategically placed witches in each map. However it is an under used buff in COOP.

    Field Medic Buff
    Each 50 seconds you will randomly generate an adrenaline shot or pain pills to pass to survivors. You will not be able to consume these items yourself. Picking up adrenaline or pain pills will not drop the generated item and it will disappear instead. You also cannot manually drop pain pills or adrenaline.
    <Coop only>

    Most survivors will not need to worry too much about pills / adrenaline shots. However I hardly see someone with this buff handing out pills or adrenaline shots too. Therefore it seems to be an under used buff.

    Rich but Lonely Buff
    Increases your bounty earn rate by 500% if you are the only survivor left
    <increases defibrillator price by 40 bounty if the effect of the buff is active>

    This is definitely the most under used buff that I know of in the history of mgftw. Afaik you will probably end up dying more than saving survivors while alone, especially on the expert difficulty.

    That's it for all the buffs that I can think of that many survivors don't use. Again feel free to correct me if you know a lot more players use one of the buffs listed above.
  11. Oshirai

    Oshirai New Member

    Only moved my suggestion from discord to forum:

    Just a quick suggestions,
    How about adding 1 more vs server (or change 1 of the existing server) to standard non modded pr server but with reward still there

    Many newly player always got overwhelmed with high lvl that uses complete buff sets, so this idea is to make new player not feeling 'cheated' by high lvls by making the Versus back to standard.

    The rewards encouraged them to search for another pr servers like coop mode and modded vs mode to play more in PR server and learn more about the fun in MGFTW

    Why i give suggest like this?because the only custom group versus in asia is always full without ppl inviting and always new players seen there

    What they custom is only amount of players there 20 players

    Just my 2 cent
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2017
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  12. Vanz

    Vanz New Member

    Difficulty system by level sounds interesting, however if new players join or people who do not upgrade and stay at level 50. Do they end up penalizing the other players by reducing the exp gained tremendously? Due to a lower average as a lv1 would make the average fall by alot. This also makes it harder for new players to level up.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2017
  13. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    So it looks like no one has said it yet. Would be nice if we could have links to some mgftw guides for people to go get knowledge on or to get help from. This is useful for when they don't know, or are not clear with anything to do with mgftw, e.g buffs.

    In order to achieve this though, I am currently in the process of updating my guides, and removing the version numbers from the links. That way I don't have to worry about changing the number in the link, then having to do all the other links so that no pages have broken links.

    What would you guys think about this small idea? I say it's good and it should be introduced as guide notifications. Something separate to the PR guide, SM and HELP notifications.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2017
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  14. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    Yeah good idea tim to help new players
    i'm waiting a response from honorcode from mine and other idea , so we can go deeper in idea seem good

    i didnt see a lot of admin post here , you have no idea ?
  15. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    From Honorcode on discord for inform those didnt use it

    i want just you add some feature to clan , ally like my idea , but if you have some other hc , i want the possibility to create something different than just have ennemy most of time without true reason ( or personal from a leader not by his member )
  16. slushpuppy

    slushpuppy New Member

    Currently everyone just runs around with the same weapons, AWP/Sniper military /Ak47. I'd say we introduce weapon effect skill to increase the diversity of weapons in situations where using different types of weapon is more advantageous

    Weapon upgrade in !skills:

    10 levels upgrade from 0.25% to 33% chance of effect occurring

    M16 - "Sabot rounds" - Bullets go through infected bodies to hurt other infected behind(AOE)
    AK47 - "Heavy rounds" - Bullets can slow down enemy for 5 seconds
    Desert - "3 round slap" - Bullets can stun enemies for 3 seconds
    SG552 - "Squad marksman" - Bullets can 1 hit SI in aimed mode

    AWP - "Headshot!" - Successfully headshotting an SI gives next bullet 150% more dmg
    Military - "Tracer round" - If you successfully land 5 hits in a row, next bullet will cause AOE incendiary damage
    Hunting - "Hunting Reward" - Killing an SI with headshot gives u 30%(stacks with hunting reward) increased chance of more bounty


    I can think of suggestions for other weapons if the community wants to implement this
  17. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    The New Clan Systems. While they are great ideas to be included in this update... I do think you should add something else alongside it to do with clans, so I've got a few clan related ideas.

    Increase the Clan Level Cap
    It's not often you start to see some to a lot of clan members play on the mgftw servers. I think a level cap increase from 20 to 30 is in order. However with that in mind, the amount of influence it should take to level them up should be increased because for every new level cap, there comes longer experience requirements. Thus I do think influence requirements isn't a bad idea too.

    Increase the amount of maximum clan members one can have in a clan
    There are more new players that we are often seeing every single day on both the 2 ASIA COOP servers. Lets give them a chance to come into our clan when they are ready to be part of a great network of players who can work together towards achieving great things (i.e. goals). Either a maximum increase of up to +5 or up to +10 seems suitable.

    For the 2nd idea, here's what people say about it:
    Plantifant [Ω]: im ok
    yongzhun [λ]: Im down for that
    twitch.tv/AeonX [Ω]: i agree 900/10
    Gonzalo [Ω]: Im ok with that
    Kuda White [λ]: agree, increase
    Shaikh Kebab
    +646646646964664646667643 @New Year timkit [™۞]
    Fated One [β]: maybe
    Fated One [β]: only a few clans are full isn't it

    Make Clan Scenario, Clan Craftable items and Clan Tank abilities require a clan level requirement.
    I do think it is worth while to unlock the ability to do a Clan Scenario, craft a new Clan Craftable item or purchase a new Clan Tank ability when you get higher up into the clan levels. This is just like how it should work with new upgrades, skills, buffs and new quests for the players to take when they get higher up into the levels.

    That's all for now. This would be a good update suggestion to have for the clans though! :)
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
  18. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    i agree all new thing for clan , mgftw must more count on this that can add some interest to game .
  19. Sяεтzø

    Sяεтzø New Member

    This is my idea :
    UPDATE : Re-stats properly so it won't look overpowered craft item.

    PR > Buff > Economy and Exp
    Smart Craftsman
    - Reduce the usage for crafting an item by half.
    <Does not effect by crafting FR-pills>
    <Does not effect craft material requirement is 1 unit (minimum is 2 or above)>

    Tank Looter Expert
    - Increase the chances getting more crafting material that has been dropped from tank and may randomly get additional craft material.
    <Drops from specific item such as torn ticket doesn't effected>

    Bounty Exchange
    - You willing to change some of the money you gained by killing SI into bounty however the market price increased too. Increase your bounty rate by 100%, and reduce amount money gained by 50%.
    <Bounty shop prices increase by 50%>
    <Incompatible with any bounty modifier>

    PR > Craft > Craft Booster
    Fireguard booster
    - Increase fire damage resistance by 50% within 10 minutes.

    Material :
    - Pure Water ( 4 )
    - Ice essence ( 2 )

    Acid-guard booster
    - Increase acidic damage resistance by 50% within 10 minutes.

    Material :
    - Pure Water ( 4 )
    - Acid essence ( 2 )

    Material :
    - Obtainable through out nearly all map.
    <Kitchen, river, bathroom, market, shop etc>

    Pure Water
    - Craft Material : Pure water
    Material requirement :
    Water (2)
    Purifier (1)

    - Drop by Tank :
    Water tank (Suggested by: Yong Zhun)

    Ice essence
    - Drop by Tank :
    Ice Tank ( < 80% )
    Freezing Tank ( = 100% )
    Frozen Drainer Tank ( = 100% )

    Acid essence
    - Drop by Tank :
    Spitter ( < 2% )
    Corrosive Tank ( = 100% )

    Tank Suggestion:

    Tetra Tank
    HP : 350,000 (T3)
    Speed: 1.25
    Hit Interval: 1
    Damage: 200
    Block : Unknown (refer to element swap)
    Weakness : Unknown (refer to element swap)

    Ability :
    (Core Passive) Element Swap
    (The tank glow will indicate the element change)
    Occasion swap weakness and resistance entire time.
    Every 3 minutes, The tank status randomly changed into one of these element list
    List Element Swap:
    1 > Drain Bullet Damage into HP
    Glow : Brown

    2 > Drain Melee Damage into HP
    Glow : White

    3 > Drain Fire Damage into HP, (Bile Tank to null the fire drain ability), +25% Bullet Resistance
    Glow : Red

    4 > Drain Bile Damage into HP (Bloody Tank ability), +25% Melee Resistance
    Glow : Purple

    Confusion Punch
    Confuse the survivor for 10 seconds
    (Cooldown: 60 sec)

    (Passive) Great Pummel
    Pummeling incapped survivor does instant death also causing nearby survivor getting a knockback.

    Summon a strong Common Infected to help the tank.
    (Cooldown : 60s)

    Blizzarga Throw
    Tank can add one of three element into the debris causing any survivor took damage from debris will get froze for 5 sec

    Firaga Throw
    Tank can add one of three element into the debris causing any survivor took damage from debris will get high explosion damage and fire damage.

    Thunderga Throw
    Tank can add one of three element into the debris causing any survivor took damage from debris will get stunned 5s and paralyzed 10s.

    (Rare) Triple Foul
    When Tank nearly have 10% of his maximum HP. Tank be able to drops meteorite that can cause very deadly damage and multiple debuff.
    < Effect : Poison, Blind, Paralyze >
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
  20. Who's Ya Daddy

    Who's Ya Daddy New Member

    I am happy with whatever MG admins are doing.
    to make the Vs servers work better bring back the old versions of PR from the year 2010, 2011 if you still have the databases.

    Additionally, you can put a few compulsory quests for each player that can only be completed on a vs server.
    Or add a new daily quest in Vs mode.

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