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  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    If clan exclusive scenarios are to be a thing, then there should be a minimum of at least 4 players for a challenging but yet defeatable tank with a 90% approximate success rate (i'm just making up numbers here) with a maximum of 16 for a powerful scenario tank with a lower success rate of around 50 - 75% approximately (again, making up numbers here).

    The reason for the ideal player limits is a lot of clans have only a few really active members on mgftw at any one time and to gather a lot more than just a few players it requires planning between you all to try and be there when you can be free. Given that for every few clan members they will be separated by different time zones, it means that they can really only play at certain times of the day for every day of the week.
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  2. Finn's 115

    Finn's 115 Member

    My Idea: Scenario Versus like 5 v 5 (like MOBA or Dota 2) and new infected buff
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  3. Tali

    Tali MG Donor

    See I could dissect everything you said here into pieces but you will misunderstand everything and cause a problem out of nothing

    so please don't take it as your personal job to reply to every single opinion you see that doesn't match yours.
    I'm glad for you that you have your opinions. let me have mine
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  4. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    I dont know if it's possible to based a scenario on versus , and even coop is really more played compare to versus actually like timkit say
  5. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    a buff that keep us from getting eaten from that tank would be nice
  6. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    we are pushing 150 buffs in total
    can only equip 16 at a time seems at little less
    maybe an extra 3 more buff slots for mercy
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  7. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I've played a mod on another game where all players are pitted up against 1 boss. It's actually more fun playing against a player than it is playing against AI because every experience is more different. This is what my main idea is for the next version of Points Reloaded V1.8.

    When admins are around, i want it to be possible to make one of us players at random other than the admins play as the mutated tanks (you know, player controlled tanks).

    This could be fun for players who might have wished to play around as a special tank on the COOP servers, for those players who want to see the difference between a Shaman Tank in COOP and a Shaman Tank in Versus or for those players who want to really see what playing as the infected side on COOP is like.

    As a mutated tank, that player playing the tank could be given experience and cash for actions that they do, in a way similar to how the tanks in Versus can get theirs. Experience and cash earned can be affected by exp and cash boosters.

    For dealing multiple-damage to survivors
    +0.1% of player's current level experience requirement is experience earned (Minimum: 1000).
    +$100 cash

    For incapacitating a survivor
    +0.2% of player's current level experience requirement is experience earned (Minimum: 5000).
    +$500 cash

    For killing survivor
    +0.4% of player's current level experience requirement is experience earned (Minimum: 50000).
    +$5000 cash

    these are just examples of the actions that can be done by the tank.

    To be fair about it, you can change the amount of experience and cash earned for the suggestion. I'm not the best when it comes to estimating such things, so yeah.

    To make it fairer on the survivors
    they get +100% more tank rewards based on the tank fought, given they are fighting a much tougher and player controlled tank.

    Now if this were to be allowed to happen on mgftw:
    = You can only have a turn at the mutated tank once per week/month (All players deserve a fair chance to have a turn at the mutated tank, given such admin mini events only occur rarely per month). This timing can be changed. Admins are still allowed to become Mutated Tanks themselves, but also deserve to give other players the chance to have fun with it too.
    = For the player that is to become the Mutated Tank through random selection, that player is allowed to select from any tier 2, any tier 3 and any special tier tank (other than Destroyer and Joker Tanks) as they desire, let them choose their favourite tank if they really want to play as it. Some tanks are restricted and cannot be chosen on some to most maps due to their very powerful abilities that make then almost impossible to kill. This may possibly include modifying tank abilities to make that tank easier to kill in any location it may be deemed otherwise too hard to kill without it.
    = There can be up to a multiple number of Mutated Tanks in-play, the admins can also make it difficult to defeat these mutated tanks too.
    = If the player randomly selected to become a mutated tank goes into spectator mode or leaves the server at any point, that mutated tank who the player controlled, instantly dies, no rewards are given and a new player is randomly selected to become the next mutated tank, this will only apply in the event that this happens.
    = If the admins see for any reason that the mutated tank is not being a good sport (by doing the wrong thing on mgftw) they have permission to instantly kill the tank, give no rewards to all players and give a randomly selected new player the chance to become the next mutated tank, this will only apply in the event that this happens. If this also happens too often enough, then they are allowed to call the Mutated Tanks admin mini event off for another time.
    = You can only have mutated tanks happen if admins are around. If none are around, COOP will remain normal in terms of gameplay.
    = As usual, the admin mini event of Mutated Tanks will happen when it happens, just let it come as a surprise to everyone. It will only last for as long as the admins like to enable it or stay around on the server for.

    that's it for my main post. I should have mentioned hopefully everything in terms of what needs to be mentioned for this idea, I've thought long and hard about it but in case i've forgotten anything that should be added into this post feel free to post here as a reply.
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  8. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Junior Member

    Here are few of my quest ideas for PR 1.8 hope you guys will like it.
    Quest Owner : Jhon
    1. Quest Name : All life's matter
    Level Required : 230

    Task : Collect 5 sacks of pet food

    Story : Finally after months of hard work i am able to contact you. My name is John. Coming directly to the point i need some help not for me but for pet dog Harry. We are running out of dog foods as of now any help would be appreciable. Search around your way for it and put it in supply box that's all you have to do. Of course you will get sow rewards for it.


    Experience : 1200000

    Cash : 4000

    FR-Pills : 200

    Note : Pet food spawn chance 60-70% on each map.

    Quest Item : [​IMG]

    2. Quest Name : Winter is coming
    Level Required : 232

    Task : Collect 10 Gas cans

    Story : Thanks for your help the hope in humanity still remains. As you know winter is near and in order to survive it we need something to remain warm. Yes you guessed right we need those gas cans to remain warm and calm during this winter. This time I don't have FR-Pills hope you will understand.

    Experience : 2000000

    Cash : 7000

    Note : Gas can spawn chance 50-60% on each map.

    Quest Item:[​IMG]

    3. Quest Name : Trip to hope
    Level Required : 234

    Task : Collect 4 Repair tools

    Story : We are in big trouble now need urgent help. Our current safe house were attacked by hordes of infected and we can't live here any longer now. We have to move right now but our only hope our bus was damaged in that fight and we have to repair it. Get those repair tools as soon as possible please do it fast.

    Experience : 2500000

    Cash : 10000

    FR-Pills : 500

    Note : Repair Tool spawn chance 40-50% on each map
    Quest Item : [​IMG]

    4. Quest Name : Good time in bad days
    Level Required : 236

    Task : Prepare food for 5 survivors in kitchen

    Story : Hello there I guess you are still wondering around and killing those bastards like us. But here comes the another problem my wife wants to celebrate our marriage anniversary this year saying it may be our last one. So here is the deal prepare some food (Kebabs too) for 5 peoples in a kitchen in your way and put them in supply box we will collect it.


    Experience : 3000000

    Cash : 15000

    FR-Pills : 700
    Quest Locations :
    1. c2m2 (Dark Carnival 2nd Map)(2 locations)
    a. Just before that gnome shooting game to the right with sign board "Refreshments"
    b. At the end of play area just before entering the narrow pathway.

    2. c3m1 (Swamp Fever)
    a. Small house before to the left of house where supply box spawns.(Swamp Fever 1st Map)

    3. c4m1 (Hard Rain 1st map)
    a. Near the Safe room a restaurants with supplies.

    4. c5m1 (The Parish 1st map)
    a. House before the end Safe room.

    5. c8m1 & c8m3 (No Mercy)
    a. Near the Safe room stairs.(No Mercy 1st map)
    b. Restaurant before the fuel station. (No Mercy third map)

    6. c10m3 & c10m5 (Death Toll)
    a. House before the church. (Death Toll 3rd map)
    b. The house with supply box and all.(Death Toll 5th map)

    7. c11m1 and c11m2 (Dead Air)
    a. The house before the ladders to roof.(Dead Air 1st map)
    b. In the Safe room.(Dead Air 2nd map)

    8. c12m4 (Blood Harvest)
    a. In the radio room.(Blood Harvest 4th map)

    Note :
    1. Kitchen should be usable only once.
    2. Spawn chance for kitchen should be around 30-40% only.

    Will update as per feedback's i will receive.
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  9. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    about timkit's one tank idea

    on offense but why
    You can only have mutated tanks happen if admins are around.
  10. The level requirement is so high :(
  11. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Junior Member

    i did it on purpose i mean it will take sometime to complete one quest and u will be reach to next quest without completing first one. anyway thx for feedback i will make necessary changes.
    P.S changed level required for last 2 quests.
  12. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Because admins need to be around to be able to give us Mutated Tanks in the first place. Moderators on the other hand aren't able to give us Mutated Tanks because they don't have the level of administrator access an admin would have, plus if we wanted to have the players be able to play as a Mutated Tank without admins being around, HonorCode would have to develop some event around it to be able to give us the chance to do such a thing. I know it isn't impossible for him to be able to do it, but that is the only way possible for being able to play as a special tank in COOP.
  13. Finn's 115

    Finn's 115 Member

    The storyline sucks :(:(:(
  14. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Junior Member

    :/ any suggestions to improve?
  15. Finn's 115

    Finn's 115 Member

    yeah, i have A LOT IDEAS FOR THE QUEST
  16. Shaikh Nedab

    Shaikh Nedab Junior Member

    so do share them dont hide it like u did with ur gf.
  17. Finn's 115

    Finn's 115 Member

    i don't know how to do it like you post it :((((
    i suck
  18. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    skill and upgrade for our drone
    like fire rate damage and etc
  19. Yong Zhun

    Yong Zhun New Member

    Some ideas of me for PR 1.8 as a newbie
    1.Add new daily quest for SI
    Kill (0/50) Special Infected
    15000 Experience
    500 Cash
    2.So on with witch too
    Kill (0/20) Witch
    15000 Experience

    1.Add quest restriction to upgrades/skills
    Upgrade Requirements:
    Cost: XXX
    Require Level: XXX
    Require Quest: Missing Sister 2

    2.Some ideas for upgrades/skills
    Linger On

    Reduce damage taken for doing crawling when incapacitated.

    Decrease 5% of damage taken for doing crawling when incapacitated.(increase 5% per level)
    Max level:6
    (this is not reducing damage taken from infected)(COOP only)

    You get more and more exp when you doing kill streak

    Effect:Add 1% of exp earning for every kill of CI. Maximun:20% (Only CI)
    Note:The effect will restore if you are not killing in 5 second.
    (This is like you will earn more 1% exp when you killing more CI
    Like +1% for 1 kill +2% for 2 kill and so on)

    1.Let player craft some wearable by collecting the item in map
    Craft a wearable toilet paper with 100 toilet paper
    2.Give wearable some ability
    Mr. Clock Mask
    Effect: You will never get damage when stand in the smoker's haze.

    Teddy Bear
    Effect: You will get extra 1% exp for killing Witch. (Witch is a girl, she might like teddy bear ??)

    Mini Jockey
    Effect: There is 5% of chance that jockey can't climb on you.

    1.Idea for buff

    Revive a definitely completely die player with sacrifice your max health ,attack damage and fire rate.
    You can revive a player that definitely completely die player (drown in water/kill by any tank that cause permanent die,fall to outside of the map etc) by turning your maximum health to 50HP for the whole round, reduce 50% attack damage for the whole round, and 50% of fire rate for 5 minute.The debuff will not clear even you die and get defib by other player.
    You can only use once per round. It will also disable all the additional health/fire rate/damage from any buff/skills/upgrade.

    Tactical Reload (Sniper)

    Increase your reloading speed of sniper.

    Manually reloading sniper before your magazine is empty will increase your reload speed by 35%. It will reduce the reload speed of your other guntype with 20%.
    Note: Not work with Tactical Reload.
    (Just a sniper version tactical reload nothing special)

    Don't leave me behind

    Increase your walk speed when you lost with your team.

    Gain 10% walking speed when your teammate just far away from you.
    Note: Your teammate must have atleast 1000 range from you to active this.
    (Doesn't mean you get this effect when you playing alone in server)
    Where are you guys

    Increase your defib speed when you are the only one.

    Gain 50% of defib speed when all your teammate die.
    This will also turn the bounty for buying defib to 40.
    (COOP only)

    Catch me if you can

    SI can't do special attack to you in certain time.

    You are immune to SI special attack for 5 Sec .
    You deal 80% less damage to SI when apply this.
    Your walk speed will decrease 20% for 30 sec after apply this.
    (for me special attack is like smoker tongue/bitch slap etc)

    Isn't my fault

    You will not get a deduction of reputation when the witch you start kill your teammate.

    Your reputation will not drop if the Witch your start kill your teammate.
    This buff will double drop your reputation when you are doing other that will drop your reputation.(friendly fire ,etc)
    Hope you guys will like it.
    Sorry for my bad English and pardon me if there is already have such feature in game. (I probably just dk cause Im just a newb XD)
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  20. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    The daily quests seem good, however I'm going to suggest an edit to the 2nd quest to have teammate kills count so it is easier to get the requirements. The first one can be done by yourself and shouldn't require too many maps for 50 special infected kills daily.

    I can see that it is a good idea to include having to complete certain quests as well as having the cash and exp requirements on certain buffs that are perhaps very useful to survivors. I'm going to let the admins decide on what buffs deserve that additional restriction though.

    The first example of an upgrade/skill is nice. However I would suggest not having this upgrade/skill stack with the Hope on Sight Buff because bleeding out for less than 10 HP/s while crawling just feels unbalanced in my opinion, especially when counting VS.

    Not a bad idea for the 2nd example of an upgrade/skill, yet I can see it being far less useful on COOP especially since the top player normally kills just over 100 CI per normal chapter other than finale where they would be able to kill slightly higher than this. For the upgrades im going to suggest reducing the CI required for every 1% increase.

    For the wearables, I really don't have anything to say about them, other than the fact that cheap goggles buff effect that it gives is basically the 2nd wearable's ability. just something you should know.

    For that buff, it should be a COOP only buff.
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