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Hardcore Custom COOP: Information and Downloads

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by marvel, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    If you have a link I can update the OP.
  2. Indeed but i set the addon visible to friends only, it's because some random peoples with these comments pissed me off. sry but seriously, anyway thanks tim for post the link into it :)
  3. No Problems at all. Klinky, you did the hard work for the custom campaigns so i'd thought id help get the link out there to the people in the forums :)
  4. Bad News: can't upload any Campaigns, it's because my tooth is hurting me so damn hard, sry about it guys :(
  5. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

    Hmm have to download one per map switch D:
  6. shikio2012

    shikio2012 MG Donor

    can i upload this to MEGA?
  7. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

    Oh yes please do.
  8. It has been a long time ago, i will download the campaigns now and try to upload the campaigns to my steam collection. One thing i have to ask to you guys, would you like to have new campaigns on the server?
  9. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    I personally don't think it needs more, as nice as it would be, the downloads are starting to get quite big. Combined with the fact that it's not getting that much playtime, mainly due to the issue that if one finale breaks, and no server moderator is online/available, the session is basically over and everyone leaves. Don't know if it would be possible to bring back the map voting which would probably help in that regard.

    One other issue is that with a low number of people, it's almost impossible to advance some maps. Granted it is called 'Hardcore', but I feel like that might be putting off people from staying, and people are more likely to join if they aren't alone.
  10. SL8TER

    SL8TER Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Would be good to get some maps swapped out just for a change...

  11. If you would want to get some maps swapped for new ones. you would be replacing those campaigns that have the broken finales (RIP right there) (just my suggestion). and bringing in campaigns that hopefully wouldn't cause problems except for the occasional server crash :P experienced by all custom campaigns. And not just that, working finales as well if possible.

    Again if you wanted this to happen, it would probably be loads of work to do that can take time for things to happen. I.e HonorCode being able to replace the custom campaigns if possible. I.e being able to access and play the custom campaign without any serious problems whatsoever. The people's opinions on the change (no offense). Anyways, one other thing is that atm not every Custom COOP map can be uploaded as a map collection due to the steam cloud space (Hope that the edit fixed it up for what atlas isn't able to do as a result of steam cloud space) (I forgot to include it in so I edited it in)
  12. But the problem is about steam cloud space, have not enough spaces to upload the rest of the maps. :smiley-signs085:
  13. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Hey folks, just went ahead and finally sorted out the last lot of custom campaigns that were missing escape timers and triggers, which makes it so every campaign currently on the custom server is completable! Do note, that not every campaign has a timer, as some of them are simply running finales, and others are a little bit more complex (e.g. Urban Flight), but they are all still completable, you just have to be a little patient.

    Additionally, the Health Dispenser and Grenade Trap buff has been disabled for two maps, Day Break 5 and Journey to Splash Mountain 1 as when used, they would crash clients on the server. Every other map, even in the same campaign as the two mentioned, is safe to use these buffs in.

    See you folks in game!
  14. Thanks for making Custom COOP great again Mute!

    This would be receiving praise from alot of players who indeed play on Custom COOP because....
    + Increased Replayability
    + Less players needing Custom COOP server restarts (unless otherwise)
    + Players will like the challenge on finales now...

    I'm sure alot more players and admins would agree with this. :D
  15. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome job Mute!! :)
  16. Kaji

    Kaji Junior Member

    Awesome man, really appreciate it. I'll try to get people to join in some time. I had people leave before because they were annoyed that many finales were stuck and never ended; no one was able to cycle to next map. Can't wait to play with more people there
  17. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Got a few reports that Dead Echo finale wasn't working, inspected it and turns out I accidentally typo'd somewhere in the code. This has now been fixed, apologies for the inconvenience! If you find any other issues, don't hesitate to let me know either here or in-game.
  18. SViper

    SViper Junior Member

    As always cool job. :)
    Would be awesome if someone skilled would fix Deathcraft 2 and I Hate Mountains maps for Points Reloaded server.
  19. Rascale

    Rascale Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    We never put Deathcraft and I Hate Mountains on the server again, Crash to Desktop or Server crash

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