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Free 2x Premium Vending Machine

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by InViCtiOus $ FearLess, Sep 1, 2020.

  1. As the title is stated you now know a little more about whats coming.

    x - In this post you will get the forum path to where you can participate.

    xx - You will also be able to know more about this "giveaway" by following the path below.

    xxx - I will also answer a few FAQ in this post, if you still don't got your answer in FAQ then send me a PM.

    If this DO interest you, and wanna find out more then you can go ahead and proceed by following the link stated below.

    Q: What do i have to do to participate?
    A: Follow the link below and check out the requirements.

    Q: How will you determine who wins, will it be rigged?
    A: Absolutely not, this is all for fun! The way it shall be determined who wins is by:
    Using a random name picker. The name of the winner will then be controlled and see if all required steps has been correctly followed. If everything is good, it shall be posted on MG Discord, then the winner has to reach out to me within time. See Requirements in the link below.

    Q: Can I post here to be eligible?
    A: No, the challenge is restricted to the following post

    Q: What if its 4 participants and not the req. 5, will it count?
    A: The challenge will start when the minimum requirements has ben fulfilled.

    Q: Can I get my clan to participate?
    A: Of course, everyone who wishes to participate are able to do so!


    or head over to Introductions & Member Gallery > Top Secret invitation! post by InViCtiOus

    If any questions, PM me or comment below.

    - IFL