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Top Secret invitation!

Discussion in 'Introductions & Member Gallery' started by InViCtiOus $ FearLess, Aug 30, 2020.

  1. Government Documentation, Classified


    From: Chris R., Chief
    Division 5


    1. (U) This is paragraph 1 and contains unclassified information. This portion will be marked with the designation "U" in parentheses.

    2. (S) This is paragraph 2 and contains secret information. This portion will be marked with the designation "S" in parentheses.

    3. (C) This is paragraph 3 and contains confidential information. This portion will be marked with the designation "C" in parentheses.

    Classified by: Chris R., Chief Division 5
    Department of Strategic Deployment of CEDA Operations.
    Reason: 1.3 (a) and (d)
    Declassify on: 08.27-20


    (U) The invitation is written in designation "S" where description of the operation is in designation "C" follow the instructions to apply for the mission. Failing to comply will result in termination.

    *Before we go any further, I'd like to introduce myself.*

    My name is Chris, 27 y/o, former soldier in the Norwegian infantry unit. Not to go "too" deep in my past, I am now a new member of MG. My gaming life has been on-and-off starting with CS 1.6, and over to CS:GO. I've taken my time to move over to L4D2, which is a pretty awesome game.

    I'd love to get to know everyone in the community of MG, perhaps even join an active Clan.

    The reason for this stupid presentation, and may I apologize if its a little "too much".
    Is to.. host a challenge where you fulfill the requirements and are then automatically eligible to the challenge when there is at least 5 participants.

    Read below for the *Requirements

    (S) The Invitation you've been given is the privilege to join a challenge. Where you can be rewarded with a free Premium Vending Machine. Yes, you heard it. It's totally free, you can be awarded with 2x Premium Vending Machine, worth a total of $20 USD.

    The reason why I came up with this, is because I want the community to have a little fun within the forums. I though it's maybe been a while since someone did this or never.. So I decided to do this.

    If you're still interested, then keep reading!


    (C) To be eligible for this challenge you have to fulfill the requirements.
    The requirements is as followed:

    1. Be a forum member on MG (of course).
    2. You have to follow me on my MG account
    3. Comment your nickname on this post IMPORANT:

    - MUST be your STEAM NAME that is connected to MG Forums
    (It will be used to copy/paste in MG Store as to be gifted to your nickname).


    *For this challenge to start it has to be (at least) 5 participants who fulfill the requirements. The winner will be drawn 7 days after this post has been published.

    **Participants who do not claim the reward within the 7 days after the winner has been drawn. Will loose their ability to claim the reward and it will be passed to another participant with a new poll being executed and recorded. Contact me on MG or Steam to confirm that you're available to receive your reward. No refund or changes can be done.

    The winner will be randomly picked by an automated tool which will be recorded and published on MG's Discord Channel.

    This shall be fun, good luck!

    Changes done*
    - Added an extra Premium VM ($ 20 USD)
    - Lowered the amount of participants
    - Added extra details to the requirements.

    BR., InViCtiOus

    Last edited: Sep 1, 2020
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  2. Example of an MG member that is eligible for the challenge*
    - MG account created✅
    - Followed InViCtiOus $ FearLess on MG Forums ✅

    Comment (Your own personal nickname):

    InViCtiOus $ FearLess
  3. Tom1993

    Tom1993 Head Administrator Staff Member

    Your "bro" TG saying hi :) We don't have a lot of people from Nordic countries here so it's nice to see a Norwegian (I'm from Finland myself, speaking Swedish and a little Norwegian as well)

    I am also 27 years old, what a coinsidence.

    I have enough premium vending machines at the moment so don't include me to this giveaway, rather wishing good luck for anyone else who may participate.
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  4. Hi TG! @Tom1993

    It's nice to see a neighbor here on MG. I haven't met quite many scandinavians her yet, but now I know just why

    I'm surprised that you speak that many nordic languages!

    I don't doubt you got loads of VM's, haha
    You get them also from Tickets at the end of each round (as far as I know).

    We shall see if anyone notice this post, and participate. If not then they probably have enough VMs haha

    Nice to meet you TG, I hope to evolve soon into level 200+, I'm tired of always be carried like a child thru each map:laugh2: