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Are the buffs/enhancement suggested balanced?

  1. Yup!

  2. Maybe..? I think some could use some balancing.

  3. Nah, way too overpowered.

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  1. JustAnEntity

    JustAnEntity New Member

    Hey guys, I hereby present you... Buff/Enhancement Suggestions!

    Some could be made as to balance things our completely overpower it, whichever works.

    Third Degree Burnout (Intense Fire enhancement)
    Intense fire will now affect tanks, increases damage by 2.5%, tanks only take 0.5% more.
    <VS: Damage reduced by 1.5%, tanks will take 0.3% of their HP/s>
    <Fire damage from Flaming Sword buff only deals half tick damage>

    The Final Stand (Against the Odds enhancement)
    After the activation of Against the Odds, you'll be granted 50HP x the amount of survivors dead per second and gain an increase on damage by 5% x dead survivors.
    You will not be able to resuscitate survivors whilst under this effect.
    <Can't regain health while poisoned>
    <X VS>

    Cybernetic Armaments (Deadly Shove enhancement)
    Shoves now deals 100 minimum damage towards common infected, instantly gibbing them. Fatigue gain increased by 10%.

    One Final Trip.. (Dying Berserk enhancement)
    Increases the duration to 30 seconds, but will result in a permanent death. After the duration, your body will be destroyed. Fire-rate will be reduced to 20% while under this effect.

    Who said I was Dead? (Beyond the Grave enhancement)
    If you have a total of 125 bounty, you'll be able to become a ghost survivor and come back to life for 30 seconds. You'll be able to deal 200% more damage and pierce through tank immunity while under this effect.

    Spiritual Energy (Hidden Strength enhancement)
    Removes the penalty after using the Hidden Strength ability.

    Military Grade Suppressor (Buff suggestion)
    Your weapons will not trigger zombies upon firing and will gain an increase on accuracy by 50%, will also reduce your damage by 33%.

    Scavenger (Infirmary enhancement)
    Increases your equipment total by 1.
    <Does not affect Primary or Secondary weapons>
    <X VS>

    Witch Expert (Witch Hunter enhancement)
    Increases damage dealt toward witches by 50%, but take 20% more damage from them.
    Will also allow you to block 1 status effect from Witches.
    <X VS>

    Gene Therapy (Buff suggestion)
    With an adrenaline on hand, shoving the tank will cause them to lose their ability and reduces their defense by 25% for 10 seconds. The tank will regain a certain ability as the duration goes.

    <5 minutes cooldown, press Reload to see cooldown time>
    <If multiple uses on the same tank, it'll reduces the effectiveness of the gene therapy>
    <VS: Reduces the duration by 5, only usable once per round>

    That's I got from now, more suggestion will be added soon. Stay tuned!
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  2. Trương Bảo Thy

    Trương Bảo Thy New Member

    so many OP enhancement :smiley-happy084:
  3. JustAnEntity

    JustAnEntity New Member


    Anyways! I'm back with suggestions. It's more of a balanced buff/enhancement, but yeah, I'll see what you'll think about it.

    Axe Murderer (Butcher enhancement)
    Wielding an Axe will deal 3% more damage per hit, also reduces swing fatigue by 25%.

    Ace Shot! (Deadeye enhancement)
    Killing an infected with 75% health in one shot will grant you 15% bonus headshot damage for a short duration.
    Stacks up to 90%, each stack lasts 5 seconds, gaining a stack will refresh the stack timer.
    <X VS>

    Smelly Bait (Bird Whistle enhancement)
    Allows you to call a horde of infected along with the crows to attack. Infected hordes lasts for 10 seconds, will
    turn against you after the duration.
    <Max Horde DPS: 250, Max Damage: Tier 1: 1,250, Tier 2 or higher: 0.15% HP>

    Semtex Grenade (Frag Grenade enhancement)
    Allows you to throw a grenade that will stick to enemies, Pipe bomb timer reduced to 5.5 seconds.
    Explosion deal 750 damage in a 350 area radius.
    <Does not work with buffs that change grenade content>
    <X VS>

    Cryo-engineered Nades (Freezing Grenade enhancement)
    Upon explosion, all infected in the area will be slowed by 25%, building up to 75%, once reached to it's limit, infected will suffer frost and will be stunned for 5 seconds (2.5 seconds on tanks).
    <VS: Slows only builds up to 45%, stuns only for 3.5 seconds (1.5 on tanks)>

    Burst Pistol Modulator (Auto Pistol Modulator enhancement)
    Allows you to burst fire pistols, pistol fire rate and reload increased by 7%
    <Press MIDDLE to switch between auto or burst>
    <X VS>

    For the World (Boxing Bag enhancement)
    You will take damage for every damage taken from players that are 50 levels below you, the damage taken from the low level players will be ignored and directed to you instead.
    <X VS>

    Heavy Specialist (Heavy Gunner enhancement)
    Heavy weapons (M60, mounted Machine guns) shots now have a chance to stagger common, special infected and tanks.
    <Chance: 5%>

    Anxiety (Trailing Haste enhancement)
    Falling behind survivor map progression will increase your movement speed and defense up to 25%.
    If only survivor alive, you will not be able to be slowed and your defense increases to 50%.
    <Must have at least 6 human players to be active>
    <X VS>

    Top Paid Mercenary (Big Check enhancement)
    Rewards increases by 5% for each quest turn ins.

    Chosen Role (Supporting Role enhancement)
    You can now pick your own role at every start of a map, roles consists of 3 types, Damage, Tank, Support.

    Deal (10% x Tier) less damage to Tanks but 25% more to other infected or 50% more to any near/pinning ally. Every 5th Medkit/Defib used on an ally will have 2 charges.
    Shoving an ally with your primary held gives them 20% ammo costing your own.
    When an AOE skill activated, all affected gain 5 seconds of Moustachio Bless.
    <2nd charge only given after normal use>
    <20 second wait for giving ammo to same ally>
    <X VS>

    Deal (5% x Tier) more damage to Tanks but 50% less to other infected or 25% less to any near/pinning ally.
    Every 5th shot will deal 100% more damage.
    Shoving an ally with your primary held takes 10% of their ammo.
    When an AOE skill activated, all affected gain 5 seconds of 25% damage gain.
    <Will not take ammo if ally has less than 35% ammo>
    <25 second wait for taking ammo from allies>
    <X VS>

    Take (10% x Tier) less damage from Tanks but 25% more from other infected or any near/pinning ally.
    Every 5th Tank hit will return 50% of the damage.
    Shoving an ally will provide them 15% defense for a short duration.
    When an AOE skill activated, all affected gain 5 seconds of 20% defense gain.
    <Shoving a downed teammate will provide them 50% defense>
    <30 seconds cooldown for defense providing>
    <X VS>

    Very "balanced" indeed, lemme know what you think!

    That's is it.. for now..
  4. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Alright so here's my 2 cents on the buff enhancements

    Intense Fire Buff
    Third Degree Burnout: The only way I can see this buff enhancement working is if the buff is to be incompatible with Flaming Sword Buff. Because using both buffs together makes flaming sword completely melt any tank affected in a matter of seconds (even with Deep Cuts Buff equipped).

    If that was in place... my thoughts for this buff enhancement would be:

    Against the Odds Buff
    One Man Army: Might wanna change the name of that buff enhancement, there's already a buff that exists with that name. Also since you won't be able to resurrect any dead survivors (nor be able to rescue anyone) I would nerf the HP regen to 10 HP every half second. As for damage, it's fine and I would buff it up to +100%.

    Deadly Shove Buff
    Cybernetic Armaments: Sounds good.

    Dying Berserk Buff
    One Final Trip..: Way too overpowered with the buff duration, all players can free fire on the tank for 30 seconds and potentially deal a large percentage of the tank's HP in that time, potentially killing it or bringing the tank down to desperation/guarded state if they can deal enough damage to it.

    With the idea in it's current state, I'd have to say it isn't a good idea.

    Beyond the Grave Buff
    Who said I was dead?: The bounty cost is fine... Though I would reduce the duration to 10 seconds with the cost of not being able to use any buffs. You deal normal damage but can pierce tank immunities. Also the 125 bounty cost buff effect can only be used once per round.

    Hidden Strength Buff
    Spiritual Energy: Sounds good.

    Military Grade Suppressor Buff: Sounds good.

    Infirmary Buff
    Scavenger: Sounds good... although I would also add <✖ VS> so it cannot be used on VS.

    Witch Hunter Buff
    Witch Expert: Sounds good.

    Gene Therapy Buff: I would make it so 1 active/passive ability at random is regenerated every 10 seconds. Everything else is fine.

    Butcher Buff
    Axe Murderer: Sounds good.

    Deadeye Buff
    Ace Shot!: Sounds good.

    Bird Whistle Buff
    Smelly Bait: Sounds good.

    Frag Grenade Buff
    Semtex Grenade: Make it only double the damage when Extra Powder Buff is equipped or make it incompatible with the Extra Powder Buff.

    Freezing Grenade Buff
    Cryo-engineered Nades: Should make the effect freeze instead of stunning.

    Auto Pistol Modulator Buff
    Burst Pistol Modulator: Sounds good.

    Boxing Bag Buff
    For the World: Should be nerfed so you share 20% of the damage that they take, while they take the other 80% instead as base damage.

    Heavy Gunner Buff
    Heavy Specialist: Sounds good, but would also add a 15 second stagger immunity for tanks.

    Trailing Haste Buff
    Anxiety: I would nerf it so... If you are behind survivor map progression and don't have any visible survivors in sight range, you gain an additional +5% movement speed on top of the current bonus, I would nerf the defense so it's up to +10% increase. Then while you are alone its a +20% defense increase.

    Big Check Buff
    Top Paid Mercenary: Sounds good.

    Supporting Role Buff
    Chosen Role: Sounds good.

    END of feedback.
  5. JustAnEntity

    JustAnEntity New Member

    Did some balancing with the mentioned buff/enhancements.

    Here's some more buff/enhancement ideas!

    Energized (Hyperactive enhancement)
    After the 5th pills use or adrenaline shots, the duration will be doubled.
    <Hyperactive cooldown increased to 30 seconds after 5th activation>
    <Press RELOAD with meds in hand to get cooldown time>

    Splitter Frag Grenade (Frag Grenade enhancement)
    Allows your pipe bomb to split out to 3 weaker pipe bombs after the first explosion.
    <Reduces Extra Powder damage by (first explosion 1000% -> split grenades 150%)

    Focus Aim (Steadfast Aim enhancement)
    No longer takes 15% extra damage from common infected, decreases your accuracy by 15%.
    <X VS>

    Bio-engineered First Aid (Special First Aid enhancement)
    On your first use of the medkit, you will block the bad status and will reduce status duration by
    (75% -> 50% -> 25%) for 15 seconds after the status block.
    <VS: Reduced the status reduction by (50% -> 25% -> 10%), lasts for 8 seconds only>

    Scientific Observation (Observer enhancement)
    Now will take samples each of the special infected you kill, study their genes, allowing you to be more knowing of the infected.
    Experience earned from killing common or special infected kills is multiplied by
    (Level / 10), capped at 1,000 experience on commons. Maximum is up to x20.

    Will be back with even more suggestion after my finals weeks!
  6. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    As for my thoughts with your latest buff enhancement ideas...

    It was hard to find anything that needed to be balanced too much.

    However... it would be worth asking about how it works with the Bio-engineered First Aid Buff Enhancement for the Special First Aid Buff? thanks
  7. JustAnEntity

    JustAnEntity New Member

    It's quite simple, really, with the enhancement, and Special First Aid equipped, the first use will allow you to block a status, and be able to reduce status duration after the first status block.

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