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(POLL) Dormant key and difficulty mode

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by littlebrother, Feb 29, 2020.


Allow Dormant's Key Spawn in Easy difficulty

Poll closed Mar 16, 2020.
  1. Only make dormant key spawn in easy mode for first four solo dormant tank quest.

  2. Allow dormant key spawn in easy mode for all dormant tank quest.

  3. Refer to my answer in the thread below.

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  1. littlebrother

    littlebrother MG Donor


    1. Can consider lowering the dormant key to spawn in easy mode with one player?

    Reason being the server do at times get empty at different timezone and waiting for that second player takes a long time.

    However i was glad there were players who answered my call for dormant help (Binsen and many other regular players) earlier this morning. These players could have just ignore me and do their own quest/ game time but glad they helped me out.

    Would be great if me or any player doing dormant quest can do this dormant quest without the need to shoutout for another player or hamper their own game time just to change the difficulty mode and wait for me to win or die to dormant before moving with the map progression.

    2. Can increase the number of tries for dormant?

    Reason being there are quite a number of players now competing for the dormant quest.

    I am glad MG do have players who have cleared the first four dormant quests and gave their key chance slot to those who are trying to clear the first four dormants.

    But if we can increase the limit from 2 tries to maybe 3 or 4 tries; would help these quest players a long way. There is already a consensus among the higher level or veteran players that when doing dormant quest; we do not hamper others gameplay and time...

    As i am typing this, me and another player could have just proceed to do dormant in the early map progression but instead agreed with the rest of the players not to hamper their game time as this is the peak time for game play and its the weekend in Asia.

    3. Can change the key spawn reset to key trollers?

    Reason being, in maps like blood harvest, the saferoom is like 20 meters (just guessing) away from the dormant door. Players like me would like to replenish their health kit and ammo before doing dormant but because the lack of tries for dormant quest due to competition with other players i need to take the key first :)

    Maybe respawn the key if not used in like one minute maybe?
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  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Here's my thoughts

    1. Well this sounds fair enough. This will only make it so then the dormant key is the only quest item to spawn regardless of players/difficulty. Do note however, that with 2 player dormants you will need a 2nd player to join you since you can't do it solo. (Dormant Anguished Tank can't be solo'd anyway).

    2. To be honest, you should be able to beat the dormant tank on your 1st try in the arena. If you fail, anyone else that hasn't attempted any dormants yet do get to have a go, but only once more.

    As for dormants themselves the reason why you can't hamper the game time for the other players is because of 1 specific mgftw rule that has to be followed. You cannot hold up the campaign for any reason at all, regardless of whats going on. Always keep the campaign moving forward. In the case of Dead Center and Blood Harvest, better hope you have your bounty, buff set, boosters and everything else ready by the time you get there. In the case of Death Toll, you can take your time and then attempt the dormant tank at anytime during the finale (as long as a tank isn't around).

    If you're attempting dormant on a server with a decent amount of players, you shouldn't get anymore attempts (because of holding up the campaign with more attempts). If you were to do it on your own though or with just a few players than its fair enough to give you 1 more try.

    3. You can ask the other players to heal you, cover you and/or place an ammo pile near the dormant tank door if you need to prepare. I don't think there's any need for changing the key spawn reset.
  3. littlebrother

    littlebrother MG Donor

    Yeah.. the first four dormant quest should have its key be accessible in easy difficulty since it require only the quest player to solo kill the dormant.. would make the quest much easier to complete and not hamper anyone gameplay if you can do it in empty server.

    The fifth and sixth dormant can be status quo in normal difficulty since it is a two player dormant.

    idk about the number of tries for dormant key but i can understand player frustration if they don't get the chance to do their dormant quest since i am in the situation too. You have to wait for another map rotation or wait damn long for the next dormant map because server with half-filled or full number of players tends to slow down the map progression due to the number of tier tanks spawning by system or by players own tank beacon.
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  4. littlebrother

    littlebrother MG Donor

    ok.. I have added a poll just for dormant key spawn.
  5. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    Personally i first try the 6th dormant ... but im not against some help for other players or just go to asia coop and patience
    ( and with no kit like you like have now for help you ... now you know that possible )
  6. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    Just a headsup, in solo you won't be getting extra medkits from team.
  7. littlebrother

    littlebrother MG Donor

    From what i observed and own experience; players will need medkit dropped only for those higher health tanks like boiling, anguished and repugnant tank; provided they are playing in dormant maps that can get such assistance.

    A medkit dropped assistance for first, second and especially fourth dormant tanks are always welcome though.
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  8. benny

    benny New Member

    I agree with this concept. Per the stats, I'm literally the most active player on MG right now and I had to wait an entire week for just one single dormant attempt. It's not cool having to wait that long to do it... only to be faced with having to outrun your own teammates, then get trolled by the system. c12m1 is set up in such a way that you can pick up the key at the cabin, then have to fight a tank, and end up dropping it. My point is that dormants are way too frequently inaccessible.

    I'd also like to mention that too many things about the system are designed to make it only do-able on busy, or even full servers. Quests, need advanced for that, need players for items to spawn, etc. etc. etc. This creates one huge problem. Everyone WANTS a full server or busy server, but NO ONE wants to be the first players to make this. The result: lots and lots of time with totally 100% empty servers... and spurts of 1 server being full that everyone waits in line for. That's a little silly.

    TLDR we need a better system for these things, including dormant keys.

    It's NOT my intent to be overly critical here. I love the work Mute has done and the time he's taken to make classes possible and time he's taken to make them fun. However, I just don't feel like the dormant concept is where it should be, sort of like the quest thing. Also, I'm not saying that everything should be possible on empty servers, because then people would just exploit and farm the system... I see this. There needs to be a middle ground though.

    Just my 2 cents. Thanks for reading.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2020
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  9. Kirisu ღ

    Kirisu ღ MG Donor

    Totally agreeing with Option 2, which is
    Allow dormant key spawn in easy mode for all dormant tank quest.
    This is in consideration of the players outside of Asia who can barely do the dormant quest due to the time zone and such. Option 1 might be a pain in the ass to code, as it needs to verify which player has the dormant quest (1st / 2nd one).

    Aside from the change, some reworks, if possible should be dealt with the "key-dropping" feature. As observed in Blood Harvest first map, where the key might be found in the cabin, which is miles away from the actual hideout.
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  10. benny

    benny New Member

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  11. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    EDIT: Mute has recently made some changes to the Dormant Key. Check out the changes here: https://mgftw.com/changelog/

    That's true if it was made so the dormant tank keys dropped solo. After all, you'll still need to farm bounty regardless of whether you do it with other players or not.

    To be honest, my thoughts on this forum thread have changed considerably, also given that I had a good idea for how to handle future dormant tank attempts with the Dormant Keys that spawn.

    There are spawn points for the keys on all dormant maps, however you cannot guarantee the player's survival once they do find said key and retrieve it. Other players being absolute trolls with the dormant key were already a problem before measures were used to prevent them from being able to hold the key forever. There's also the possibility of the key user themselves dying before they reach the dormant door through a karma charge/slap, and not becoming able to be saved, which is common with the Blood Harvest 1st map.

    Here's how I'd change key spawning to make things easier on all players doing dormant:
    1. The key will only spawn in 1 spot. That spot will be located near the door, and no where else.
    2. Once the key is picked up, the player who picked it up will have 30 seconds to prepare before they are forcibly thrown into the dormant tank fight, no matter what. If this automatic method fails, there's also the other method of manually going up to the tank door and opening it to proceed into the dormant tank area for the tank. Also if the automatic method fails, then enforce a 10 minute limit on finale maps and a 15 minute limit on non-finale maps to have the player get ready before they forcibly drop the key.
    3. Make the Dormant Keys spawnable on all difficulties, and fix the cases where they don't drop 100% of the time, no matter what. Even if the dormant player isn't the one currently on the map. As usual, this key will disappear on a game over like with other Quest Items. You must also still proceed normally into the dormant map in order to have it be spawnable. Map voting/!votefmc command usage won't make the key spawn if used to change to the dormant map.
    4. Give the player/2nd player doing the dormant tank 2 attempts to do their dormant encounter when there's 8 or less players in-game. Above this number, only 1 attempt will be allowed for reasons of wanting the campaign to always be kept, moving forward.

    To explain my points further on why I'd think they'll help:
    With the 1st point: Just makes it generally easier to find the key and helps to avoid getting killed on the Blood Harvest campaign if you want to focus on survival before getting it when ready.
    With the 2nd point: This will prevent trollers from ultimately being able to troll the tank door again. Even if the automatic method does fail, they won't be able to hold onto the key forever given the time limit. For all players otherwise, this will mean that you will need to be ready to fight the tank ^^
    With the 3rd point: Just makes it easier for the Dormant Key to spawn at all times.
    With the 4th point: For reasons of keeping the campaign moving forward, we cannot necessarily allow more than 1 attempt per dormant player when the number of players is above 8 players. This will not be something some players may like and we don't want to keep the players held up or unable to proceed with the campaign. It just won't be accepted, period.

    EDIT: Added this from Ib:

    lbToday at 9:47 AM
    Well one of my many misadventures doing dormant quest. 1. Used iced bullet but forgot to changebufflist. 2. Got punch out of map in a dormant map while still alive (death toll). 3. Dropped medkit for dormant fight setup but player left and hence key disappear. 4. Kept pressing buy medkit only to realise no more bounty. And brutal was at 5kish health. One punch kill from brutal and died. 5. 2 players ingame but map was still in easy mode because the other player was low level. 6. In blood harvest. Looking for key. Got knockout and died by charger at bridge or dropped off the edge and died because of boomer explosion. 7. Cant do dormant because players dont want to get rush penalty. Told to wait till finale start and then do my dormant. Tried to run back and do dormant but was overwhelm by SI and CI and died. 7. Too tired to even do dormant eventhough the key is there because of area mutators i.e. Witch spawn, uber SI, radiation. Wasted one large health medkit due to tenacity built.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2020
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  12. littlebrother

    littlebrother MG Donor

    Thanks admin and MG community for listening..

    The changes make it more worth your time now to play these quests.
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