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Anyone played 7 days to die yet?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JorisK, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    my bunker in 7dtd: (24 hours of playing)

    2x layers of stone (exterior of the bunker)
    x1 layers of iron wall + 3 reinforced iron doors (250 iron ignots)

    Level 1 (Upper floor of the underground bunker): 7x layers of scrap iron reinforced wooden frames all sides

    in case they break in to Level 1:

    Level 2:
    I have second level that is protected by reinforced scrap iron blocks x2 layers and 2 more reinforced iron doors to go with that + iron bars to serve as a sturdy window i can defend behind from with weapon of my choice

    in case that Level 2 also falls:

    Level 3:
    final inner bunker that has 3 layers of reinforced scrap iron frames + spikes and another layer of said material including 4 reinforced doors to go with it.

    As an extra: I also have tons of reinforced iron sidings on over tons of blocks which adds 160 armor to each of them. so for example, the first blocks are alone 460 pure dur armor, while reinforced concrete would be 160. The whole interior is spammed with these reinforced iron sidings, including all the scrap iron reinforced woodblocks

    im behind so many walls and so deep that it has to be a spawn of satan or something similar so it can go through that

    the bunker could take a nuke already and still withstand

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