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What are The Survivor Buffs? (BaBS)

Dec 16, 2017
What are The Survivor Buffs? (BaBS)
  • What are The Survivor Buffs? (BaBS V1.7.1)

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    To know what buffs exactly are there in mgftw COOP, you first need to know that they are the survivor buffs.

    There are 7 categories in which the survivor buffs exist under as:

    • Offensive
    • Defensive
    • Ability
    • Equipment
    • Utility
    • Economy and Exp
    • Miscellaneous
    There are 4 categories in which the buff is categorized as under the main category it's in:
    • Unique (no letter symbols)
    • Event [E]
    • Quest [Q]
    • Only obtainable through Versus [V]
    It is important to know these categories as whatever buffs you use will have a major impact on your overall gameplay in mgftw. Remember that there are only 14 unlockable buff slots in total per buffset and up to 20 buffsets that you can have in mgftw COOP. You will have unlocked all the buff slots by the time you reach level 216 in mgftw, with the exception of the unique buff slot.

    A Unique Buff is a buff that can be unlocked through the normal means of buying it with the right cash, FR-pills and level requirements.

    An Event Buff is a buff that can only be unlocked through the means of buying it as either by itself or as a box with buffs in which your able to get 1 buff that you don't have chosen at random out of the box. To open the box containing the buffs it must be done from your inventory (hint: type in the command !inv in chat to get a shortcut to your inventory).

    A Quest Buff is a buff that can only be unlocked through the means of getting it as one of the rewards from completing a quest. The buff can be gotten from the quest supply box once you have completed the quest and the buff can be unlocked from your inventory.

    A Versus Only Buff is a buff that can only be unlocked through getting it from the honor market using honor points, as well as having the level requirements for it. To get honor points, you need to be playing the VS mode on VS servers on mgftw.

    To unlock the Unique Buff Slot, you must participate in any event where in a special buy menu you are able to spend event currency based on the type of event running on mgftw in order to get the Unique Buff Slot. Examples of where you can get this are the Valentine Event, Easter Event, Halloween Event and Christmas Event.