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Explanation of this guide (BaBS)

Dec 16, 2017
Explanation of this guide (BaBS)
  • Explanation of this guide (BaBS V1.7)

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    The use of this guide governs that you have the basic knowledge of what the buffs are in mgftw and how you are able to equip the buffs to use them. This is a guide that goes into ALOT of detail regarding just about every buff in mgftw that has known to have existed, their positives and negatives (depending on how useful they are in a buffset or against the infected) and some tactics that you can use to make yourself a better user of that buff or a certain buffset. This guide covers ONLY the COOP buffs that are used in the COOP server (I will cover VS buffs later in a separate guide). None of the infected buffs are included in this guide.