Explanation about Scenarios (MGS)

Feb 11, 2019
Explanation about Scenarios (MGS)
  • Explanation about Scenarios (MGS V2.1.3)

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    What is a Scenario?
    A Scenario is one type of the quest types seen within mgftw. It got implemented in Points Reloaded Version 1.7 when it was released LIVE on August 7th 2017. These Scenarios take place on the custom maps on the scenario server.

    How a Scenario works:
    • Activate the object that starts the scenario or starts the next phase of a scenario.
    • defeat any common/special infected and tanks that spawn if needed until the Special Tank is spawned or other conditions have to be fulfilled.
    • Defeat the Special Tank that spawns, other conditions may need to be fulfilled afterwards if there is more than 1 Special Tank in a scenario.
    • If the final Special Tank is defeated, the scenario is completed.

    Every Mission in the Scenario server has an associated quest alongside it that has to be manually accepted once you have reached the level requirement and other prerequisites:
    • These quests cannot be canceled at any time like with the Dormant Tank Quests.
    • Once the Scenario associated with the quest gets completed, the requirements to complete the quest get fulfilled, allowing you to report back the quest to the radio for the quest rewards.
    • Once you have finished any quest that is able to be repeated again in the Scenario server, you must wait until the quests automatically reset.

    If you have any daily quests that were manually accepted the first time around, they will be automatically accepted again for every day the quest is done.

    What is the game mode within scenario?
    The game mode within Scenario is Survival. This means that most buffs that work in COOP will also work in the Scenario server. The only exception to this is any buff that has <✖ Survival> in the buff description, meaning that the buff won't work in the Survival game mode.

    Explanation about the hideout map for the Scenario
    The hideout map used for the Scenario server is 1 of the 12 maps used for Damnations. At the moment, it can either be the Resorts or the Canals map that is used.

    Once you join the server you are able to do the following on the hideout map:

    • Get a scenario ready by typing in !sn and organizing any scenario that you are able to host.
    • Look at anything within !cp
    • and much more!

    If you need to let someone in to host, you can leave the server and give a slot for them, or host any scenario and then cancel it once the player in question has arrived. Please do not fake scenario hosts.

    Remember... do have fun and enjoy doing the scenarios :)
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