Buffs with Specific Uses (BaBS)

Dec 9, 2018
Buffs with Specific Uses (BaBS)
  • Buffs with Specific Uses (BaBS V2.4.10)

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    |Q| Artisan
    Every time you craft pills while you have the |Q| Artisan Buff equipped, the amount of pills you win from crafting will be multiplied by 3. Having this buff equipped will let you reach the required amount of FR-Pills 3 times faster for when you don't have enough to purchase a versus tank and or a buff.

    Big Check
    Before you go completing any quests that are finished, equip the Big Check Buff first. It increases the amount of quest rewards obtained from completing quests by +20%. It is considered to be very useful for leveling up and reaching your cash or FR-Pill goals faster.

    Moribund Farming
    If you are short on cash or need experience towards a level more quickly, you should consider equipping the Moribund Farming Buff. You'll gain +2% extra exp and cash for every percentage of HP missing below 50%. However if you're incapacitated you'll gain +25% extra exp and cash instead. it's a good buff for when you need to grind either exp/cash or both.

    If you want to gain experience more quickly from common and special infected, the Observer Buff can be equipped to help you out. Experience from common and special infected killed is multiplied by (your level / 20) with a maximum of x15 bonus. It is quite effective in VS where the multiplier for exp and cash gained is x5, making it a nice way to gain experience fast.

    As long as you are alive, you'll be able to gain experience per second with the Student Buff equipped. you'll gain 4 exp per second if there are higher level players in your team, or for every high level player if you have the Scholar Buff Enhancement for it. This buff's effectiveness is boosted further when you combine it with any exp and cash booster that is active, making it useful for less casual players on mgftw.
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