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Buff Enhancements (CC) List (BaBS)

Oct 28, 2018
Buff Enhancements (CC) List (BaBS)
  • Buff Enhancements (Clan Crafting) List (BaBS V2.3)

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    Currently, there are 11 Buff Enhancements that you can craft via the clan workshop.

    List of Buff Enhancements (In the order that they are shown when you go to craft them in-game)

    1. General Dominator
    • Removes map limits. Max stacks 10 on normal maps.

    2. Finale Overlord
    • Max stacks increased to 20.

    3. Juggernaut
    • Duration 20 secs but resist CC, SI pins (unstoppable effect) and tank punch stuns when active. Cooldown 4 mins.

    4. Cleansing Aura
    • Immunity activate now clears and immunizes nearby allies.

    5. Explosive Automata
    • Turret gains 5% chance to shoot Grenade Launcher.

    6. Searing Flames
    • Flaming Sword now bypasses fire immunity (Coop Only).

    7. Disposable Knife
    • Can now buy Disposable Knife for 40 fixed bounty. Disposable Knife is used first, cannot benefit from other Knife effects.

    8. Medic Drone <top>
    • Drone shot has 3% chance to heal for 80HP.

    9. Scavenger Drone
    • Drone has 5% chance to give one base mag as ammo.

    10. Medic Assassin
    • Assassin Drone shot has chance to heal for 80HP. Chance is equal to 3% of damage dealt.

    11. Scavenger Assassin
    • Drone has 4% chance to give one base mag as ammo. Chance is equal to 5% of damage dealt.