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Discussion in 'Event Discussion' started by 1/2 Cut, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Scorpion

    Scorpion Banned

    Sorry but i can't see anyone forcing you to play for 2+ days, furthermore the !rep system is fine and always has been fine, it's the players that do (and continue to do) shitty and stupid stuff (alerting witches, blowing up cars/baggage carts that lead to the incap of other players)

    Teamwork - "The combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient" - quote form the Oxford English dictionary sum up, you clearly have a poor reputation of which i'm willing to bet my right arm that you have obtained by doing most if not all of the things i have mentioned of which was all of your own doing and yet you still complain.....please....please stop.

    Because it's pretty easy and extremely simple you don't want to acquire a poor rep so here's an idea....don't do stupid stuff.

    Please understand what i've wrote because if you don't,can't or won't well i'll be seeing you soon on my admin panel

    Thank You

  2. Tricky

    Tricky MG Donor

    Death, your one voice will not change anything that's accepted by the majority of players here at MG. Your opinions however are always welcomed and any ideas you put forward that are deemed good enough to consider WILL be considered. I've been there. This is a battle you are losing and everyone here can type and type all night and still you will be dissatisfied.

    I have seen changes on MG that I haven't liked, I have voiced my opinion and unfortunately for me, the thing I didn't like never changed and so I have to accept that and play on. I love being able to play in the MG servers, I love the community, I love how everyone is friendly and welcoming. Those points alone will keep me coming back and a little thing that will not be changed shall not deter me.

    For your own sake, join a server and enjoy the game. If you cant, play on another server or another game entirely. Games are FUN, not to be moaned at.

    Wishing you marvelous gaming,
  3. Death

    Death Junior Member

    OK. If you don't wanna change anything, this is your way of doing things.

    P.S.: Thanks, Tricky. Your speech really made me chill out.
  4. Ampelius

    Ampelius MG Donor

    I would like share my experience with u Death.

    FYI I was the obnoxious Team Demon before and then I worked my way to Ass-ass-in. I could only hunt for defibs around the maps and rush to revive people in hopes to salvage my rep. It was extremely hard but I did not gave up and soon I got the high rep buff and things got easier. Then the rep got resetted to normal 0.0000 and I start working up and up, and now I'm a Saint. So moral of my crappy story, as long there's a will there's a way. :)
  5. Ping

    Ping Guest

    Since when has the majority ever dictated anything? A small group in comparison to what they are up against can easily change things for better or for worse. Off the top of my head: anonymous but I won't get into that. It's funny because you consider his opinions to be of a lesser value than yours and others even if you didn't directly say it, you implied it. There are no losers or winners when constructive feedback (even if it isn't in the best of format) is being given. There is no battle, who gave you temp mod again? You shouldn't be insinuating however discrete you are trying (or not trying) to be.

    Giving up? Is that really the impression you want to give to people, that giving up is the answer. I know for sure whenever I see you around now, I will think - that guys someone who gives up after the smallest hurdle. First impressions last, and when you don't think about what you post it can go directly downhill. The first sentence you bash him and basically tell him to stop and 'you are losing' yet then you say everyone is friendly and welcoming well certainly not you.

    A system as big as this that has a direct impact on gameplay is not just a small little thing, it is actually one of the main reasons (it seems) that drives players away (if you can credit their words). You're right, games are supposed to be fun but when that fun value is taken away (rep system) then when is the right to complain, to 'moan'. If no one ever 'moaned' nothing would ever get done.

    I think I'll go back into the shadows for another 3 months.

    Merely stating what I see, no attacks just the sight from another man's perspective. Doesn't mean I'm not wrong of course, but also doesn't mean censorship (which has happened oh so many times in the past)!!rep

    That isn't even the half of it. :W
  6. erik

    erik Senior Member

    I don't want to get too off-topic from the point of this thread, but...

    Censorship, for the sake of clarification, isn't really applicable here. This is a gaming community & will be run as such. This isn't a constitutionally-driven vehicle (it's a gaming community, again,) and if a Forum Moderator or Root Admin needs to do their job to keep it a clean & fun community, we will (as we always have.)

    Negativity expeditions, personal smear campaigns, tar & feather so & so because they pissed you off (so let's take it to a thread!) or what-not... those kinda things are anti-MG and have no place here. If we move something to the trash or Close it out of necessity, it's because it's best for MG.

    Everyone loves a good debate or logical discussion / even heated one, for that matter.

    When it becomes pernicious or just full of rancor and ill-will, then we simply step in and do our jobs.

    Summary: zomg censorship zommfg
  7. Potato

    Potato Guest

    death, i can call u a troll YES i can, i was lvl 100 when they added rep system, and went from normal to bad and terrible, but aways restored to normal, if u are a real in game troll ofcourse ur rep is bad, ive seen alot players sayign stuff like, "i want lose my rep blabla start witch lol" and when they lose all theyre rep and get autokick, puff join the server to cry for a couple mins before get autokick again.
    the only bad from rep is autokick, that block players chance to try fix their rep, maybe kick em first time, then give em normal rep again, and if they lose all their rep again, ban him for 5 mins, and increase it everytime.
  8. Ping

    Ping Guest

    Censorship is applicable everywhere, and from my experience I'm sure it still goes on (and if you don't think it's applicable, maybe read the definition Erik quote to remove or suppress what is considered morally, politically, or otherwise objectionable. unquote) and if this reputation system, or anything else is 'objectionable' closed, removed, then it can be considered as censorship technically speaking anyway even though it should be part of the topic in question I'm sure this post would get removed if I rambled on anymore (removed? censored 'technically speaking' same thing, objectionable blah whatever). I still remember the day Erik I came to you with a problem and you said you would look into it. Removed me off Steam and when I tried to make contact with you zilch (but that was probably because you were a little admin and still had to respond to superiors which, censor (nice word that isn't it) all of who they disagree with not mentioning names).

    If your job is to keep a 'clean' 'fun' community, maybe you should rename admin as Cheka or the likes. That of which should be questioned, should have a right to be questioned and because of an opinion should not change the fact. When someone tries to give constructive feedback (which it seems some people are not capable of seeing in other peoples shoes) and they don't give it in the best way maybe because they are angry, or are a bad writer, doesn't change the fact it is constructive feedback (and 'negativity expeditions' 'smear campaigns' <== what? lol).

    The best for MG or the best for the community? First you say it is a gaming community and need to make it a fun community, but then you say what is in best interest for MG. Respectively real life government and citizens, no? I don't think we are all Stalinists (maybe some are) but to see reason with others is a key feature of what we should be doing, instead of all this false calling and opinion-based bias. Although I do find it funny when only a part of what I say gets replied on instead of the general topic (because I do this all the time even though I know how annoying is it). All of this may be off topic, but can be directly applied to MG even if you want to ignore it, or call it off topic because you cant be bothered to read it or strongly disagree with it. Everyone has a right (or should) to convey their opinions.

    The rep system not only gives the incentive to stay and play, the incentive to leave but the incentive to complain and when you have all 3 then something must be wrong (or will go wrong) (or nothing will happen until it's too late) (or it will cause damage over time) one of those things anyway.

    I am a man of truth Erik, not any of those fancy words you used (if you are implying that I am them which of course I am not implying that you are implying that I am.) :W I also just realised I use way too many brackets.

    Summary: rep system is still controversy and normally things are acted upon when repeated on. :thumbs_down:

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