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Discussion in 'Event Discussion' started by 1/2 Cut, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. 1/2 Cut

    1/2 Cut MG Donor

    I'm a recent Donor to this group, but i can't (!buy) anymore which is why i became a donor and play on mgftw, something about (!rep)
    It ruins the reason to become a donor.
  2. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    there is more reasons to being a donor other than !buy, supporting the server and community comes to mind. if you cant use it then its your fault.

    I dont think there is any donor things that require good rep anyway,

    you get given you free throwable and melee weapon upon loading in and if you wish to change melee then you can use !melee

    p.s. you can disagree this but im right
  3. 1/2 Cut

    1/2 Cut MG Donor

    Cheers thanks for the help. umm i still can't (!buy) though.
  4. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    then get your rep up by reviving and defibbing...avoiding friendly fire also helps
  5. 1/2 Cut

    1/2 Cut MG Donor

    Perhaps an admin might be able to help out here.
  6. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    help out with what exactly? being a donor doesn't give you any !buy privileges..

    here if you dont believe me here is the list it gives you:

    • Custom Join Text. When you join, all players will see your custom join message with a black background pop up bottom-center screen. The text is customizable and looks really cool!
    • Start with a throwable. As a donor, you can spawn with a throwable. You no longer have to compete for a molotov, bile jar, or pipe bomb!
    • Spawn with a melee weapon. You can spawn with a melee weapon (like katana, axe, golf club, baseball bat, etc).
    • Colored Chat Text. You can enable/disable colored chat text in your control panel. Set an alternate colored text for chat!
    • Vote kick immunity. Never again be vote kicked from a server!
    • Stats insurance. Never lose levels again on our Points, Ranks & Skills servers because of a database crash, we will fully recover it!
    • Map vote ability. As a donor you are privileged to start a vote to change the campaign!
    • Character Select Menu (csm). As a donor you can select your character using !csm
  7. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    We are currently having internal talk whetever we should change how the reputation works, however this solely depents on honorcode and kitties.

    The current method/version is very fair for everyone.. You simply get bad reputation for inflicting damage to your team mates and you get good reputation for helping them and staying behind to get them up.. Rushing randomly or leading the team does not get your bad reputation points, as long as you don't damage the teamplay.

    Should the reputation system change, everyone's reputation would obviously be reseted to default once again where they would start building it up to either way.

    Values are from -5 to +5 in number count of x.xxxxx, Where 0 is default.

    your reputation is currently: -0.25744 so it should not be too hard for you occasionally do something good for the team. You can start by throwing molotovs to right direction, and avoiding the witch :)
  8. 1/2 Cut

    1/2 Cut MG Donor

    I don't really know how the reputation system is implemented, and was never made aware of it's importance in relation to the in game !buy menu.
    Having said that I'm not going to play indefinitely in the hope that the !buy menu will reappear and i will be able to enjoy my membership here.
    I like it here but with out that ingame mod I cant see much point to to subscribing.
    As for avoiding witches, once they're up, they're mine!!!
    Thanks Stefeman.
  9. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    Getting over value "0" should not be too hard for anyone who tries a little..

    As for the witches, if you startle one, be sure to slay it before it goes for anyone else, otherwise you lose reputation for sure.
  10. erik

    erik Senior Member

    The Reputation system is fine the way it is. Just keep picking people up and defibbing. I'm confident you'll get value out of your donor account in several other ways that don't involve the !buy system.
  11. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    The donor status is no way connected to the in game !buy system which is equal for everyone.
  12. 1/2 Cut

    1/2 Cut MG Donor

    Thanks Erik, Stefman and (to a much lesser extent :P) Penguin for your help.
    I just bought a booster from your store.
  13. Death

    Death Junior Member

    The MGFTW co-op reputation system was good until you implemented the prohibition to use the !buy menu when reputation gets low.
    Yeah, you could say that you did this feature on purpose - to make the game to be more like in real life. I.e. "In real life you wouldn't touch zombie witches and would not explode cars!".
    Yeah... sure. I would not.

    But, as I know, Left 4 Dead 2 and MGFTW servers were always a GAME, not a life. MGFTW servers were fun because all players could do whatever they like, and that was awesome. I remember the time when someone made 8 players fly away with grenade launcher one shot (made car explosion). From the bridge... That was really fun.
    Now if such thing happens, all I can hear from other co-players is "what da heck, I hope you'll die!".

    What is the situation now:
    Me and almost all members of my clan refused to play on MGFTW co-op servers because of this sh*tty anti-buy system.
    All fun is ended because all you can do is... go forward and shoot zombies. That's it.
    Oh, almost forgot: Guess what happens when you reach the minimum reputation level? You are kicked from the server... No comments.

    Like someone of MGFTW moderators once said, "play nicely" (c)
    My addition: ... and die from being bored.
  14. Adward

    Adward Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    You're really not offering constructive criticism of the reputation system, and you've literally just registered an account to comment on two reputation threads with your complaints about the perils of low rep.

    When people are enjoying a game, it is NOT helpful to team kill/play with bad team spirit, and your low reputation will reflect your poor team play. People play here to enjoy the benefits the PR mod provides in the way campaigns are played - if you want a server where you can happily blow other players up and not worry about anything else, you're welcome to run your own.

    The reputation system was introduced to discourage team killing, molotov spam, and self-interested play. It is NOT a bad thing to play as a team. It is NOT a bad thing to "play nicely" as another member of staff has said. I'm sorry that you disagree, but myself (and many other players) love having a high rep and love to help the team.

    The rep system, like all parts of PR mod is always open for constructive criticism/input - but that's not the way that you've conducted yourself.
  15. Tricky

    Tricky MG Donor

    I'd like to add to thsi that earlier me and another admin noticed you can literally stand still and your rep ticks up slowly.. this means you don't even have to touch anything on your desk to gain rep! Not sure if this is a bug or it's meant to be that way but I cant see why you'd be whining about this. As I said before and I'll say it again, the only people that moan about the rep evidently are those being penalised for having a low rep. All reps were reset recently due to a bug fix and yet I'm guessing yours has still managed to fall to a major negative or else there would be no need for complaint. This tells me already (and I haven't seen you in game once) that your play style is one that would ruin everyones fun.

    I don't know you, I haven't played with you, I'm simply going on past experiences with like minded players.

    The rep system WORKS, it has reduced TK/flashing/witch startling/ exploding cars dramatically and I cant see it being removed anytime soon. I'm guessing you accept the system is here to stay, or, you simply leave. No amount of complaining will remove such an effective system.
  16. CrazyRabbit

    CrazyRabbit Game Server Moderator

    If all you want to do is bad things to lower your rep, then you are the only one to blame when you get auto-kicked. The auto-kick system for bad rep is only introduced when your rep can't go any lower, therefore whatever you were doing is bad enough to warrant being kicked. If an admin were online at the time they would have kicked or possibly temp banned you much sooner.

    I show no mercy to idiots that mess around on the server to a degree where your rep is so low that the auto-kick has to start working. Everyone that joins our servers is entitled to play their own style, but if people come along and start playing in a manner that interrupts the enjoyment of the entire server, then only that person is to blame for having themselves kicked or banned.

    Everyone knows what a troll does on a server, we have implemented a system to weed out the trolls. If you want to troll, it won't be on our servers.
  17. JavCube

    JavCube MG Donor

    LOL... Almost quoting Taken...

    Enviado desde mi GT-I9500 mediante Tapatalk
  18. Tom1993

    Tom1993 Head Administrator Staff Member

    The whole point with the reputation system was to increase team-playing and to decrease farming, especially with the molotovs. It's really not that hard to work your way up. It only took me 2 days to get from normal to saint, so i don't really see why it should take a long time to raise your reputation to the point where you are allowed to use the buy menu again.
  19. Death

    Death Junior Member

    About a year ago (or so) MGFTW servers had everything to discourage team killing, unfair play and trolling. What exactly? I'll give you the constructive feedback:

    1. Molotovs
    Regarding "molotov spam":
    Molotovs used to not deal damage to players (at least player could get a special skill for that). This feature is gone. Moreover, molotovs now not only deal damage but also:
    a) reduce this stup... splendid reputation,
    b) are the most expensive throwables in the MGFTW co-op servers,
    c) thus, are less used than before.
    Current status: Boring.

    2. Witches
    These creatures used to not kill players in one hit (or this happened rarely). Yes, at those times they often incapped players, but not killed. This was something like a challenge when one or more players were able to fastly kill a witch with SPAS shotgun tandem. And this WAS a teamwork.
    This feature is gone and now:
    a) almost everyone is afraid of witches
    b) almost everyone just moves along them or tries to find another pass...
    c) If player wants to kill her, 99% of other players will consider this as a bad idea instead of helping. Helping is actually a teamwork, in case if you don't know (sorry, no offense).
    Current status: Boring.

    3. Blowing up cars
    If you fix a few things, car explosions will not make people angry:
    a) Let the car explosions deal less damage. Much less.
    b) Also, the blast should not throw nearby players away 30 meters high. A few meters sidewards will be enough, without a bird flight.
    c) If you really want to punish the car exploder, take some of his bounty / cash / gems / fr-pills / whatever.
    Car explodes are really entertaining. I assure you that players who blows cars up - they just want to see the show.
    Current status: Cool, but anti-buy punishment suppresses the fun.

    Want more"constructive criticism", mr. Adward. I will gladly offer you even more if you like.
  20. Death

    Death Junior Member

    Maybe you are right. But I don't understand why I am forced to play 2+ days (!) in order just to raise the level of something that I did not asked.

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