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    For the bugs that are seemingly not reproducable at all or ones that only happen once, you are right about them. I'll be more thorough with the testing of bugs from now on, testing for their reproductibility, testing for how much problems they cause with gameplay logically, how many ways you can cause the bug with different scenarios, how many people complain about said bug ingame and so on.

    Anyways im glad that the witch AOE bug is fixed, it not only fixes the 500 fire damage thing that seems to happen from them but also fixes the claw damage when they attack survivors that are out of melee range, should make it easier for survivors to survive against a single witch of a few types now.
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    Sorry for having to be repeating a bug post. but for the first bug that can be partially (though it will require a tank at full health with no damage dealt to it), and is somewhat of an annoying minor bug on the Scenario server itself, its still around on mgftw and definitely NOT fixed.

    I know you said you would have a look at this bug later as by your quoted post below, This post should serve as a reminder for this unfixed bug. Anyways i'll continue to wait on this post for a while.

    Note: The rest of the quote in your post is ignored since it's old news.
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