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  1. timkit

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    Update to the post I did a few days ago

    One of the strange things that I reported that day has now indeed turned out to be confirmed minor bug
    Bug: Low HP Tank Bug
    Classification: Minor Bug
    Cause?: Having Vampire Buff on tank buff set, not having it on doesn't cause the bug.

    end of bug post.
  2. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah I figured it was to do with Vampire. Both that, and the issue with Skill/Honor Points should now be fixed.

    On that note, one thing I should mention in regard to the Honor Points are the buffs you can get. We will be closely monitoring them in terms of their strength, and adjust them as necessary. If they are too strong/weak, we'll re-balance them.
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    About Helm Deep ticket don't introduct them by honor points please , I know you try fill up a little versus with honor points( lke with new reward ), i didn't want play versus anymore on L4D2 , multiplayer versus game i play it when i was younger and didn't want play this kind of game now even dislike it like MMORPG now , i know you can understand mute you never really play on versus .
  4. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    The new method is not with Honor Points, its in COOP. As said, more will be explained on the day.
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  5. timkit

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    Found 2 map bugs and 1 map issue in VS, both of which require a map change when found but for similar reasons.

    1st Bug: Invisible Roof at top of ladder
    Classification: Moderate Bug
    Can't find a cause to the bug right now.
    What does it do?: When going up the ladders, and eventually getting to a point where you cannot proceed any further at the top of the ladder, that is because you are blocked by an invisible roof. You can get stuck there, be able to shoot, even while incapacitated but you will never be able to be teleported back to a nearby survivor who isn't stuck. You can let the infected kill you and go to the 2nd round, however it may also happen for them when the infected get their turn as a survivor. In which case it is pointless to waste time and should require a map change as a result.
    Priority: Normal

    2nd Bug: Stuck in middle of nowhere at finale start (Only some finales)
    Classification: Moderate Bug
    Don't know atm why this bug occurs only for certain campaigns (I have only seen it on Dead Center, Swamp Fever and Hard Rain)
    What does it do?: At the beginning of the 1st round of the finale map where the bug occurs, instead of expecting the survivors to be inside the starting saferoom, they are instead found hiding elsewhere, and when pressing e as an infected to find them, you cannot get to their location since it is outside the map bounds. You will only notice where the survivors are by going into spec and finding them. This requires a map change as soon as possible since you cannot do the finale at all under any circumstances where the survivor is stuck out of bounds.
    Priority: HIGH


    Being stuck in Dead Center Finale on VS, 1st Round


    Being stuck in Swamp Fever Finale on VS, 1st Round

    1st Map Issue: Charged into out of bounds area in c1m2.
    Cause?: Charger successfully charging me into an out of bounds area.
    Location by screenshot?:


    Where I ended up after being charged and released from pinning.

    What couldn't stop me from going past?: 2 tall wire fences.

    End of the bug and map issue post

    So you know whats going on, there is an imbalance of teams on VS due to people joining, now this has been talked about in a recent forum post. However so you can see the proof behind it, I plan on taking screenshots of teams in VS (at start of each round, at 25%, 50%, 75% and end of round as applicable, or after 10 minutes have passed, whichever occurs first) from tonight (local time).

    While I'm at it, question for you Mute, any changes to the way we can receive the Love Ticket from September 4th? (It's current method is by buying it for 100 honor points from honor market)
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  6. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Those two bugs really came out of nowhere. I looked into them and they have the strangest circumstances, but either way, they've been fixed.

    In terms of team balance, again I'm not too sure what the issue is, there should be some form of scrambling going on, and in the event there isn't people can vote to start a scramble with !teams and selecting 'Vote Scramble'. If it comes down to it, we might have to nullify skill/honor point changes for the round if the teams aren't balanced properly.

    Finally, the Love Tickets aren't in any way being affected on September 4th, they won't be removed, but also won't gain any new obtaining methods, at least not yet. There may be at some point in the future.
  7. Horama

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    Nice news for those didn"t play on versus thanks mute
  8. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Found 2 bugs in Scenario, both are minor bugs, though the 2nd bug is definitely more annoying though because of the consequences of having it happen.

    1st Bug: Other tanks randomly dying during Supreme Glutton Tank fight
    Classification: Minor Bug
    Cause?: Infected Devour ability probably, otherwise its hard to tell since SGT wasn't near some of the tanks at the time of their death.

    NOTE: After the first Supreme Glutton Tank, i refer to him as SGT in all other sayings

    Ever since Supreme Glutton Tank has appeared, there has always been only 1 reason as to why some tanks die immediately whenever they get near this tank. It is because in the scenario server if no one dealt any damage to the 2nd tank that spawns, it will soon randomly die near the Supreme Glutton Tank. There have also been cases of tanks that spawn invisible with their auras still intact and unable to do anything whatsoever, these tanks then also die soon afterwards.

    2nd Bug: Supreme Infernal Tank occasional permanent kill bug
    Classification: Minor Bug
    Cause?: Can't tell since body seems to disappear on death at random on any death from SIT, whether it was caused by anything from a tentacle hit to a tank punch that dealt additional damage.

    When you are killed by means of HP reaching 0 (either having 0 incaps left or having Tenacity Buff on) on either standing or incap health, sometimes your body will disappear at random, making it impossible for anyone to find it and defib you back from the dead.

    [​IMG] \

    You may have probably already seen the second bug occur already.

    adding in a 3rd bug for tonight, this one seems to have been an old recurring bug that might have been fixed in the past but has reappeared again. VS Bug btw

    3rd Bug: Controller Charger goes slow after slamming into a wall
    Classification?: Minor Bug
    Cause?: Controller Charger slamming into a wall, doesn't occur when doing this as the other two classes.

    EDIT: Found a 4th bug on VS, when both the survivors and infected have gone through the round of 4th chapter of hard rain, it seems to want to spawn us in the saferoom of chapter 4 on the finale or make us repeat chapter 4 again, bit hard to explain since I didn't go !afk to take a look around.

    Don't have any evidence screenshots or video of this 4th bug right now so Hard Rain Campaign on VS will need to be looked at for tomorrow so we can know more about this bug. When I do get the evidence I will either update or post in a new post about it.

    End of bug post.
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  9. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    I'll look into those things a bit later, for now, Helms Deep Tickets have just been wiped. The new acquisition method is as follows:

    In order to get a Helms Deep Ticket, you must craft it from 3 Torn Helms Deep Tickets. Crafting it has a base 25% success rate, but can be increased by the Crafty Upgrade. Tier 3 tanks have 2 chances per tank to give them.Tier 2 tanks have only 1.

    The first percent chance is 100% - (5% * minutes to kill). So a quicker kill has a higher chance to get a torn ticket, but even a 10 minute fight can still net a 50% chance. For Tier 2 tanks, the base chance is 50%.

    The second percent chance is 100% - (20% * dead survivors at tank death). Simply put, when the tank dies, the chance of it giving a second torn ticket decreases for each currently dead survivor. Defib them before the tank dies to increase the odds. This chance is only for Tier 3 tanks.

    If the chances are successful, then the torn ticket will be given to a random survivor who dealt at least 30,000 damage to the tank. This is done so that people who work for it can earn it, and so the torn ticket isn't randomly given to a new player who has no clue what to do with it. We will be monitoring the numbers and tweaking them if needs be.

    So in short, kill Tier 2/3 tanks quickly and with minimum loss to earn Torn tickets. Craft torn tickets to make a full one, and use that to start the scenario. I recommend upgrading Crafty and Tank Lure if you haven't already.

    Another minor change also is that the minimum requirement for receiving tank rewards changed slightly, instead of a flat 500 damage, you must deal at least 1% of the tank's max health as damage. In the case of the Splitter Tank, it's 3600 (120000*3*0.01). You can easily tell if you've done enough damage as the damage dealt value in the !tankhp command will change to a pale green colour. It will also change to a dark green colour if you dealt enough damage to be valid for the aforementioned Torn ticket drops.
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    Now became minecrafty time :)
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  11. Mute

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    So we decided to also throw a Torn Ticket drop chance to Tier 2 Tanks as well. It will only be the time based one, but with a base 50% chance, with the same rate of decay and minimum damage requirement. Hopefully this will make tickets a bit more frequent.

    Additionally, a bug where quest items wouldn't spawn on c12m1_hilltop was just fixed, meaning those Hideout keys should also start spawning there as well.
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  12. Mute

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  13. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    In Versus, there is currently 1 powerful buff (not related to the VS buffs, only have the Assassin drone Buff right now) that is being used to completely wreck tanks in a matter of a few moments.

    The Butcher Buff. In COOP it is absolutely fine. However in VS it deserves a nerf. (Correct me if im wrong on this)
    This nerf can either be
    Making it <Coop Only> (Probably the better option of the two)
    or severely nerfing the overtime damage on tanks, the butcher buff is fine when used against special infected other than the tank in VS though.

    The Butcher Buff, simply put it deals huge overtime damage ontop of the normal melee damage on normal tanks only, Special Infected other than the tank do not get affected by overtime damage as they don't take any.

    NOTE that the melee damage in the screenshots was done using the machete melee weapon.
    Here's the proof showing the melee damage caused to the tank and how I was able to get around up to 30-40k overall damage by the time the tank died. This assumes barely anyone else damaged it or everyone did less damage to the tank.





    Also, here is the buff set that I used for the melee damage seen.




    I will be making another post/ updating this post tomorrow with the thing in regards to the unusual long wait time for a map change on EU VS (which is the server we played on tonight), tomorrow night we will be going back to ASIA VS.

    One more thing to note before I go: Every time someone joins, I still see that person get put into the team that makes the game more unbalanced (i.e, making a 5vs6 turn into a 5 vs 7 match) due to the way the system sorts people out. People also randomly get moved to the other team at the start of the 1st round in VS.

    EDIT: BTW, there is currently no way to craft helms deep tickets right now as there isn't one from the workshop in the items section. Would be worth adding this in so other players can get to crafting them.
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  14. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    So the first issue isn't actually with Butcher. It's with Intense Fire. For who knows what reason, melee weapons also have a pseudo burn damage type on them, which was counting for the bonus damage. I've fixed that, but I've also had to disable Intense Fire against Tanks as it causes them to melt insanely quickly.

    The map changing issue on EU VS should be no more, was just a missing/incorrect config file.

    I just enabled HD Ticket crafting, again, missing file.

    I'm not sure what's up with the balancing, from what I can see it tried to preserve people who were in the same team as the last map, but I might have to speak with HC about it in regards to it causing imbalanced teams.
  15. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    On that note with the balancing mute, I just played through the infected team in 1 map twice in a row. With the team swap changes caused by the system (it decided to auto move me from survivors to infected on 2nd round) to make the teams balanced at the time that it happened.

    Here's some screenshots that show this.

    First screenshot shows !players after I got auto switched to infected side. its balanced alright, but before then I did not take a look at !players on survivor side.


    Back when I was on the infected team in 1st round of the same map.


    Before I got switched to infected side during the beginning of 2nd round.


    main characters get randomly picked again after it happened the 1st time around.


    in chat, when i get moved over to the infected side because the system automatically did it.


    Adding onto the screenshots is what happens with the hard rain finale bug at the start of the 1st round in hard rain VS.

    First screenshot shows the 800 VS points, confirming that we are in the hard rain finale map, we are also within the wrong starting area and are meant to be in the starting area from the end of the 4th chapter saferoom onwards.


    Door not glowing also confirms that us survivors are in the wrong area.


    No new bugs were found to be reported at this time.
  16. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Found 2 bugs in VS yesterday, also have 1 question regarding a long time outstanding thing that I have wanted to clear up.

    First Bug: Survivors spawn elsewhere in some maps after joining in VS
    Classification?: Minor Bug
    Cause?: No Known Cause

    It has occurred so far in The Parish Map 3, Blood Harvest Map 3 and Dead Center Map 1. It may also occur in more maps than just these 3.

    When a survivor joins VS, in these maps, they will spawn in a set location elsewhere rather than spawning where player 1. or closest player to 1. is as a survivor.

    The question I wanted to ask is.
    When the witch goes into a molotov/gascan fire, it deals 500 DPS to all survivors who also go inside it while the witch is still alive. Is this mean't to be a normal thing that the witch does or is it a long outstanding bug? This has also occurred in the past on COOP.

    Second Bug: Insane damage on AWP Headshot on Hunter/Jockey
    Classification?: Minor Bug
    Cause?: the bug only seems to occur on Hunters and Jockeys when partial or full headshotted with the AWP.

    Partial headshot is when the base damage dealt is x1.25 of normal damage (for AWP its 625 damage)
    Full headshot is when the base damage dealt is x4.00 of normal damage (for AWP its 2000 damage)


    End of bug and question post.
  17. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I did a little bug testing this morning in VS with keller, bee and someone else and found a few interesting things to note.

    The controller charger bug is definitely still there, charging into the side of the rock wall in the first map of cold stream was all that was needed to confirm it.

    The binded buff seems to properly work now on incapacitated survivors, tested it on a bot and got the proper result I needed to see.

    The Bad Descent Buff bug is still there too, but I never reported this one to TAIGA. Simply put, you will get incorrect name of the survivor you paralyzed (yourself as the person who slapped survivor instead of name of survivor slapped)

    However I could find no trace of the insane damage bug on sniper rifles or other weapons (we also tried with them just to make sure) occuring in ASIA VS. So i'll to officially try to find it again later tonight when we actually play VS for real in ASIA VS then.

    Mute, since you asked for the currently used buff set for survivors in VS. here it is.

  18. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    So about the Controller Charger bug, I chose the exact same buffs you did, the same map and near the same area, and I still cannot recreate the slow after hitting a wall. Does it happen with other Charger roles, and has it happened with anyone else?

    Also fixed the Bad descent buff.
  19. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Current Bug Count: 4, Probable Bugs: 2, Fixed (non-existent bug): 1.
    This number will increase the MORE bugs I find with every edit of this post before someone replies.

    I had another look at the controller charger bug and the slow from the charger does not seem to be occurring in that role anymore, that bug is probably fixed itself unless otherwise. As for the other charger roles this bug never did occur on them and the bug has happened to other players in the past on the same controller role, but not from what I have seen now.

    I ended up finding 2 new bugs tonight, including finding more of the insane damage on hunter with weapons bug, although you might find that the bug itself will be quite hard to reproduce due to the exact nature in which the bug happened.

    The same thing might apply for one of the new bugs but that is because it is the first time I have seen this new bug happen, note that the other players also had this new bug occur to them too. The other new bug should be easier to fix however.

    A potential bug that I covered previously in one of the forum posts where I had a question about it that did not get answered. If you don't know what I am referring to, it is from the above quoted post of mine.

    EDIT: Updated in relation to a probable new bug involving the piercing bullets buff acting strangely against Special Infected and Tanks (used the AWP primary weapon and found this out)

    Would you consider it normal for piercing bullets buff % in damage calculations to be different from what it normally is? I ain't using any of the other buff % increasing buffs with the exception of Berserk and Avenger Buff in the buff set used in the below video.

    EDIT 2: A NEW bug was found with the binded buff, survivors seem to be able to crawl even after being binded. Also during today's versus match I can still confirm that the insane damage with weapons on hunters bug is still around since today. (I'll be reporting the above bug mentioned in EDIT 2 to TAIGA, this also includes other previously not mentioned ones)

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  20. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    OK so, I fixed the Binded Hunter buff not working, and to some extent the Witch AOE bug. I couldn't reproduce it in testing but I made it so if it emits damage at a range larger than it's melee range (apart from the Drain Witch) it'll just be ignored.

    The Discord issue is nothing I can deal with as only HC manages the Discord bot.

    The Hunter headshot damage, once again, I couldn't reproduce. In looking at the footage, it only ever seems to occur if the headshot would have been lethal before hand (2 shots at the same time, the original shot from the shooter and the second bugged shot. The original shot did enough damage to kill and thus the bugged shot doesn't really matter.)

    As for the rest, they are seemingly not re-producible and/or extremely minor issues. In the future, try to only submit issues that can be reproducible or are actually major, if it's a one-off bug that doesn't seem to happen again it might have just been a server hiccup, and I don't want to waste my time going through hurdles if the bug never happens again.
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