Possible halloween event in the future?

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  1. its almost 3 months away until the day of Halloween on October 31st. Last year's and the year before's events were exactly the same except with minor changes. The link to the previous events are below: https://mgftw.com/forum/marvelous-ga...alloween-event and https://mgftw.com/forum/marvelous-ga...oween-pr-event

    We would like to be helping out HonorCode and Mute if it was possible to come up with ideas for a halloween event this year. If any of you guys happen to have creative minds about what you would like to go on down with halloween this year for mgftw, then post your ideas below! I too will be doing the same

    If any of your ideas have anything to do with Custom COOP, please read up on the forum thread first and familiarize yourself with it (only if you need to). The link to it is here: https://mgftw.com/forum/marvelous-ga...-and-downloads

    BTW Custom COOP has not been played for the past several weeks (or 1-2 months, whichever came later) by us players. its starting to feel DEAD... (lets just hope we can get it up and running again some time soon)

    Any ideas for a possible halloween event in the future sometime this year? Post below!

    Question: Which server would you guys want the next halloween event to be on? (Multi-voting is allowed and can be done)
  2. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Well a player SMT Event. Each round a player gets randomly selected to be an SMT and the server selects the tank type (T3 only maybe).
  3. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Maybe bring back Helms Deep?
  4. Atlas

    Atlas Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    I agree with fnord, i want to try on this event.
  5. ]

    Marvels quote came from: https://mgftw.com/forum/marvelous-ga...-and-downloads

    I dont know if there is any problems with helms deep atm. It is probable for CTD's to occur with players though that because the size of Helms Deep is quite large. Also remember what Raz did say about the custom campaigns. They can be unstable and cause crashes! so becareful of what addons you enable (especially if any map addons are on, which should be off except for the mgftw ones that are played on Custom COOP)

    I will try to see if HonorCode and or Mute can ask Marvel to retest Helms Deep and let us know his thoughts. I cannot guarantee that the experience will be crash free though.

    If you guys want to read up on the helms deep events: https://mgftw.com/forum/marvelous-g...580-helms-deep-reborn-suicide-blitz-2-weekend and https://mgftw.com/forum/marvelous-gaming-general-announcements/events/1548-helms-deep-feedback
  6. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Tim I don't want to hear your logic and perfectly reasonable explanations regarding Helms Deep! :D

    Hopefully a RED NAME can get it to work using their super root powers.
  7. You must be right then Fnord. never doubt the power of the head root admins :D, WE can all hope for the return of the helms deep map. I even have my 2x helms deep tickets sitting there in my !inv.

    It's still probably possible for the helms deep tickets to drop, they drop at a similar rate to the golden necklace quest item if im correct. (correct me if im wrong)

    Anyways, I happen to have come up with a plan for a possible Halloween Event this year. If it was to happen.

    The 1st plan is.... Event Chaos

    - You know how Stefeman does those scavenger events on COOP with boosters and or other items as a reward?
    This halloween lets do that event again with a mix.... in any map that is played on throughout the halloween event, there will be random locations on the map where candy will spawn for survivors to collect (candies are for the items that can be bought exclusively from the event). These candies will drop at a frequent rate so all survivors have a chance to find candy. the executioner tank himself should give 1 candy to everyone when defeated with all tier 2 and all other tier 3 tanks having a chance at giving candy to everyone on defeat. As well as candy being randomly spawned, there will be x1 500 acid bullets or x1 500 freezing bullets to find as well. If possible as well, there will be CEDA notes spawned at random (green having the highest chance of spawning as a CEDA note with SECRET having the lowest chance of spawning as a CEDA note). Above all, these items to find should encourage many players to come find them while battling out against the infected on maps. Now this is just 1 idea...

    The 2nd plan is.... Helms Deep SMT event

    - If we could get Helms Deep maps back on the server (and lets hope it happens :D ). I would wish to do a Super Mutated Tank event on the map itself. assuming that SMT tanks have never happened on Helms Deep (again, correct me if im wrong). In a mode similar to Team Fortress 2's Saxton Hale Mod there is 1 player choosen when it is their turn in the queue to become SUPER POWERED, while all the other players are forced to fight and defeat the player that becomes the SMT tank! further more, this SMT could be ANY TANK from mgftw (even baby tank :P ), except for executioner tank and perhaps freezing tank (debatable).

    1. Now if the players defeat the SMT tank
    - The player that was SMT tank is sent to the back of the queue line where they will wait it out until it is their turn again. The next player in queue at 1. will be the next player to become the SMT tank (and so on)
    2. Now if the SMT tank defeats the players
    - Same effect as the above
    3. If the player controlling the SMT tank happens to leave the game for any reason
    - There will be a time period of 5 minutes, where the player is given time to come back to the server to be the SMT tank as before. After 5 minutes pass, then the queue will jump up 1 number and all players will change their places in the queue line
    4. If the player controlling the SMT tank is kicked and or banned for any reason
    - The SMT tank will be instantly killed (No rewards given out to players) and the queue line selects the next person who is 1. in queue to become the next SMT tank.

    (I forgot to mention that there should also be rules, for when you play SMT tank so you actually play with the SMT tank properly and not just mucking around with it.)

    If 1, 2 and or 4 happen at any point while the map is in play, the queue will jump up 1 number and all players will change their places in the queue line (taking into account that the player who was SMT tank last goes to the back of the queue line).

    thats all the ideas I can think of for now. let me know what you guys think. Put down some ideas if you guys have any in regards to the above title. We are helping HonorCode and Mute out by doing this :D
  8. Jang23

    Jang23 Junior Member

    Just thought I'd leave a quick suggestion on here for the possible event.
    Tank o' Lantern
    Appearance - Has the color orange and has a yellow out-line.
    Health - Idk
    Damage - Idk
    Immunities - Fire and melee.
    Weaknesses - If the tank is covered in bile, it will be disabled for a short amount of time. But after a while, the tank will recover and will throw bile back at the survivors.
    Abilities - Trick or Treat: When the tank reaches a certain amount of health, it will activate an ability that has a 75% chance of being bad and a 25% chance of being good. If the ability is bad, the tank will super harden its skin and spawn multiple uber infected. If it's good, something will happen that benefits the survivors (but not a lot).
    Skin Harden: The tank will grow a shell of body armor around itself. Melee weapons will quickly shred this armor, but will not hurt the tank. It takes reduced damage while in this state and has a chance of breaking your melee if you hit it. The body armor can ricochet bullets and hit other survivors for double the damage of the original bullet. If the tank is hurt enough, the shell will disappear.
    Candle Burst: The tank will set itself on fire and will leave a deadly trail of fire or other harmful substance that can down survivors in seconds. Its rocks will explode and set the ground around where the rock landed on fire. If the tank explodes a car, it will gain a small amount of health back.
    Beginning of November: As the tank is dying, it will let out one last ability. The tank will use its fading fire to create an explosion similarly to the cars. Survivors that are killed by this explosion will become un-revivable.
    Drops: The tank will drop a/multiple buffs that block all fire damage. It will also drop a wearable that is given to all the players currently in the server.

    Halloween is 26 days away. that is all

    I might help you out there by explaining its abilities in more detail if you want (I didn't change anything of yours with your current abilities and adapted to them). I also added in the suggested stats and some suggested abilities (* indicates my suggested abilities)

    Suggested Name: Lanturn Tank (Tier 2) (The Tank has lanturns in its hands)
    Health: 300000
    Damage: 150
    Speed: 1.25
    Attack Speed: 1.25
    Immunities: as above

    This is what the tank's health would look like if ingame (as an example)

    Tank Health (Lanturn): 13235 (Body Armor: 4400)

    Suggested Abilities and Changes

    Fire Elemental Master* (Passive)
    The tank will have 50% increased damage on all fire based abilities if he is in a map that contains any fire source and/or any fire based tank happens to be active when this tank is alive. He also increases the damage of all fire based abilities of all the other fire based tanks that are currently alive by 25%. Radius: 1000 units. This passive is disabled in water based areas.

    Ice Elemental Weakness* (Passive)
    The tank will take 100% increased damage from freezing pipebombs and 25% increased damage from freezing bullets. It is now inflicted with the frozen status for 6 seconds instead of the original 3 seconds in such circumstances. Radius: 1000 units.

    Liquid Weakness (Passive)
    When the tank is covered in bile, disable all of its abilities for 10 seconds. After a 5 second countdown, all bile is blasted back in a 500 unit radius. Affecting nearby survivors.

    Trick or Treat (Passive)
    Every 15000 HP lost by the Lantern Tank will activate this ability. 75% chance of it being bad and 25% chance of it being good.
    If the ability is bad. it will be the following...
    - Skin Harden
    If the ability is good. it will be the following...
    - Treat Goodness*

    Skin Harden (Activated by the ability Trick or Treat)
    When the tank activates the ability, have it gain 5000 HP in body armor Health. Survivors are able to melee the tank to deal 200 HP melee damage per hit to the body armor Health (survivors bypass melee immunity that the tank has while the tank has its body armor active) (the melee damage cannot be boosted by upgrades/skills/buffs and is not affected by tank resistances or tank abilities). All Primary and Secondary weapons excluding melees deal 15% reduced damage + the 45% natural tank resistance that the tank has. There will be a 4% chance per melee hit on tank for the survivors melee weapon to break. The tank's body armor will have a 15% chance to reflect all bullets as ricochet bullets for 1 second per second that the tank is damaged while having the body armor active.

    Treat Goodness* (Activated by the ability Trick or Treat)
    The Tank is filled with joy! it will be inflicted with the effects of the Liquid Weakness passive with an additional effect of not being able to throw the bile back at the survivors. The tank will drop healing items to help you out in a set of 10. There is a 40% chance of the items being adrenaline shots/pills, a 30% chance of the items being first aid kits and a 20% chance of the items being defibrillators. Radius: 500 units.

    Scalding Lanturn* (Active)
    The lanturn at one point will become very hot and very painful to the tip when touched for the next 10 seconds. If any survivor is within 500 units of the tank at the time this ability is activated, they instantly take 250 damage per second (25 damage per second afterwards after the first hit) and are inflicted with the burns status for 5 seconds, making that survivor inflicted take a further 8 damage per fire tick. Cooldown: 30 seconds

    Candle Burst (Active)
    The tank is able to light itself on fire for 15 seconds, leaving a deadly trail of fire that deals 125 damage per fire tick to survivors unlucky to be in the fire radius. If the tank throws a rock while lit on fire, he is able to explode it inflicting nearby survivors with up to 100 + 5% of their current health as explosion damage (on top of the 150 damage from rock throws) and put a fire on the ground where the rock landed, dealing 50 damage per fire tick. If the tank happens to explode any cars with his ability, he gets 10000 HP back. Fire Radius: 500 units. Rock Throw Explosion Radius: 375 units. Cooldown: 45 seconds.

    Beginning of November (Active)
    Once the tank has 10% of its maximum health remaining, this ability becomes available for the tank to use. it charges up for 5 seconds using its fading fire a very powerful explosion attack similar to cars. the very powerful explosion attack is then unleashed, dealing up to 1000 damage to all survivors in a range of 1000 units and knocking them back a fair distance away. If any survivor is killed by this ability, their bodies become charred within the explosion and unrecognisible. This renders their lifeless bodies undefibbable as a permanent death is applied. Cooldown: 60 seconds.

    When Tank is Defeated...
    Tank will make the survivors acquire 3 Regenerative Glands, 3 Reinforced Tank Skins and 1 Mutation Refiner
    Tank will give somewhere between 90k-180k experience points (more up on the higher end)
    Tank will give somewhere between $5000 and $9000 cash (more up on the higher end)
    Tank will give somewhere between 10-25 Fr-Pills
    Tank will drop 1 buff and 1 empty box of shells

    Suggested buff?

    Buff: Iron Hard Suit
    Survivor is fitted with a somewhat heavy but durable suit made to withstand both fire and explosions. All damage dealt by fire and explosion based attacks are reduced by 60% (does not stack with other buffs). The survivor however as a result of wearing this suit suffers a 10% decrease in movement speed, melee attack rate and reload rate due to its heavy size.
  10. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Since it has 300k HP and quite powerful abilities it should be a tier 3 tank
  11. Jang23

    Jang23 Junior Member

    Thanks, guys. I just like to throw my ideas out there. I rarely have them refined. :)
  12. Of cause, Jang. No problems right there man. I'd just thought i would make up some statisitics of the tank where what you will see ingame will be something scary for people to handle xD. More on the serious side I just like coming up with these things whenever people put down tank ideas. Anyways back on topic here with my main thoughts of this morning...

    What would people think if we were to bring back the unlockable buffs from a past event. e.g the unlockable buffs in the valentine event and make them available for unlocking in another event?

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