Ladder Blocking With Tank & Objects

Discussion in 'Rules & Admin List' started by Bonekeep, May 7, 2011.

  1. Medi-kal

    Medi-kal MG donor

    I don't think 45pts is too high, since you can get bounty pretty fast as tank.

    But, I will agree with ya that PR is the next evolution in L4D2!
  2. Chocobo

    Chocobo New Member

    I need to disadree with this too. While yes, healing tanks can be frusturating, I don't think that it should be as high as 45 bounty. That would make it next to impossible to heal someone. And besides, you want to be able to heal when you're a tank, right?>
  3. Mr Zombie

    Mr Zombie Senior Member

    Ladder Blocking With Tank & Objects

    Post removed from discussion on Rules general, I thought it should have its own thread :)

    also I think this thread is going off topic so please :focus: or start a new thread :)
  4. Vulcan

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  5. bloodhand

    bloodhand MG Donor

    tanks should just stay down a ladder so u can melee them. if they are up the ladder it should be against rules. when they down the ladder they also block ladder but u can melee them. blocking with objects should against rules too.
    problem solved :D
  6. August

    August MG Donor

    I think ladder blocking with the tank itself is fine, nothing needs to be done about it, but tanks should not use objects to block the ladders.
  7. bloodhand

    bloodhand MG Donor

    sure.. u had never the prob at cold stream for example? high lvl tank sit up the ladder at chopper at end. u cant kill him. believe me, u cant. when he got corrosive rock + mind controlled u are fucked xD
    same at no mercy final, at parish 3rd map at sewer, etc. if u cant melee tank u cant kill him. when its high lvl, low lvl tanks die if u just look at em :D
    i think there should be clear rules for that

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