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Clan daily quests

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  1. NetXe

    NetXe Junior Member

    Just a simple request to add daily quests for clan to be another way of farming crafting items, where they are automatically send it to clan inventory.
    The reward should be between 1-2 items random from the entire pool of items for crafting.
    For the tasks it should be on same level as tier 1 daily quest you get right now, example:
    1.Kill CI x number of times (only clan members can help with this).
    2.Hunt specific SI x number of times (only clan members can help with this).
    3.Hunt specific tank (not random tank every time) 2-3 times (only clan members can help with this).
    4.Daily clan supply hunt : Search for water bottles, food, toilet paper, vaccines, Etc should be between 10-30 items.
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  2. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    I really think that this is a great idea NetXe. I can't see any reason why anyone wouldn't want this idea to be in mgftw :)

    Clan Daily Quests add a nice touch to gameplay for when you're just having fun with your clan mates over on the COOP/Custom COOP server. It does add some additional value into doing the daily quests and at least playing mgftw more often (though this really depends on the person in question themselves :P)

    Just a side note though: for the rewards, should let mute/admins decide if its ok to have them for the craftable items going towards scenario. While it isn't a bad idea, at the same time scenarios are not meant to be spammed 24/7.

    Will definitely let everyone know about this idea :D

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