can we get a chill server added please

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Tali, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Tali

    Tali MG Donor

    i love mg i keep coming back year after year
    but im getting too old for the chaos

    i love the mods and the system
    i dont love having to play with 15 strangers every time i play and the game is always on expert
    theres nothing wrong with it but its just too much for me anymore
    most ppl on here are great and im sure they love how the servers run
    but can we get one server that is chill and capped at like 8 players?
    can we have the option to earn points even when theres less than 5 players? i know its an anti farming thing but its kind of like forcing ppl to play with a lot of ppl to earn points i dont like that at all
    if someone is farming they should be handled individually but a lot of ppl can be trusted to play alone if they want to and still earn points
    i normally come to mg servers to unwind from life and have some fun but really its always so chaotic
    its part of the charm i know, a lot of ppl come just for that but maybe, somehow, we can have a place for the older mg community who just want to hang out and kill zombies and have fun i dunno
    maybe a pay to play server for donors i would pay for that

    coop right now is like playing vs but we never get to play as infected its round after round of playing as surv its boring - this is all my personal opinion
    i love mg i want to be able to keep playing but it feels like every time i try to come back theres more things to push me away
    please and thank you this msg is a mess but my brain is a mess today so yeah sorry ~
  2. Tali

    Tali MG Donor

    not even a no?
  3. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Fairly busy nowadays so I can't catch/respond to everything.

    My thoughts on the server matter is that we already have 5 COOP servers as of writing this and I don't think we need another, especially considering the fact that not all of them are ever full at the same time.

    As for the stats, I went ahead and enabled them regardless of player count, but note that if there are fewer than 4 human players on the server there will be a maximum number of points/kills obtainable per map.
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  4. NetXe

    NetXe Junior Member

    Rather adding another server, how about adding to the scenario server an option to do normal campaigns with challenges with limited amount of people.

    It should be simple to code it, and I think people will really like it.
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  5. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    You can always play HI if you want to chill-out :)
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  6. Tali

    Tali MG Donor

    appreciate everyone's replies

    - i could be wrong but i think one of the asia servers is always empty at least it is when im online. maybe one coop can be tranformed into a chill server
    - custom coop is so boring with the same maps maybe its time to change them? a lot of times i go there to play solo and get stuck on an endless loop of the same map cause i cant finish it alone and cant vote to change map.
    - i never played HI but if im not mistaken i think it might be TOO chill for me :P

    thanks for enabling points gain again. will try to resume my quest for being the best chainsaw dumbass the servers have ever known!
    yeah im petty but i want that daily reward so badly lol

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