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Weapon Configuring (WCIG)

Oct 4, 2019
Weapon Configuring (WCIG)
  • Weapon Configuring (WCIG V1.0.2)

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    For all weapons that can be weapon configured, within each of the weapon type pages are values for each of the weapons in terms of damage, fire rate, reload speed and magazine size configurations.

    Weapon Configurations for all types of weapons:
    • Go to | M16 | AK47 | Desert | M60 | SG552 (Rifles)
    • Go to | SMG | MP5 | Silenced SMG (SMGs)
    • Go to | AWP | Military Sniper | Scout | Hunting Rile (Snipers)
    • Go to | Chrome Shotgun | Spas Shotgun | Pump Shotgun | Auto Shotgun (Shotguns)
    • Go to | Pistol | Dual Pistols | Magnum (Pistols)