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Poisonous Spores (V1.1.5)

Aug 6, 2017
Poisonous Spores (V1.1.5)
  • Poisonous Spores Bad Status Effect
    When any survivor is within range of any infected with this buff/ability, they take DOT and have an increasing chance to become poisoned per hit.

    Buff Effect

    Poisonous Spores Buff
    This buff will make your spores extremely toxic and will damage survivors overtime. Survivors standing near you will be damaged by 3HP/second and may get poisoned if they stand too long. Chance of getting poisoned starts at 0%, and increases by 0.5% on each toxic hit. Poison lasts 8 seconds.
    <Dying will refresh the poison chance>

    PR Notifications (Buffs)

    Damage taken per second while within range of the infected that have the buff/ability
    [TrueDmg]: 3

    Ability Effect (Infected Only): Poison Tank

    Poison Tank:
    (Passive) Poisonous Spores: Deals damage to nearby survivors. The more damage survivors receive, the higher the chance to get poisoned for 8 seconds.

    PR Notifications (PR-Guide/Ability Effect)


    • In order to avoid being affected by the Poisonous Spores, make sure to stay away from the Smoker, Poison Tank.
    • If you are affected by the Poisonous Spores but have not yet been inflicted with poison, kill the smoker that is causing you to be affected so you can reset the chance of being poisoned, allowing you to avoid it.