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Physical Reflector (S) (SEIG V1.1.3)

Jun 29, 2017
Physical Reflector (S) (SEIG V1.1.3)
  • Physical Reflector Good Status Effect (Survivor)
    You are able to reflect any physical damage taken from any infected

    White Toaster Effect

    When you get the bonus toaster effect
    [PR] Physical damage dealt to you will be returned! The effect lasts for 45 seconds.
    When the bonus toaster effect expires
    [PR] Damage return effect expired.

    Buff Effect


    PR Notifications

    When physical attack damage dealt by any Special Infected is reflected back at them.
    [Dmg] 9->7 Att(+0%, B:35%, A:0.00) Def(+35% B:10% D:0)
    [TrueDmg]: 7

    • When you have the white toaster effect, go up to any harassing special infected that likes to melee attack and force it to aggro you instead. You will reflect its melee attacks dealt at you to them and and that along with your own damage done will help you to kill that Special Infected.