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Past BMS - 26th May 2020 (BMG)

May 31, 2020
Past BMS - 26th May 2020 (BMG)
  • Past Black Market Sale - 26th May 2020 (BMG V1.4.12)

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    Items/Rare Crafting Materials for Sale:
    1. Charismatic Speech
    2. (TOP SECRET) CEDA Research Notes

    1. Charismatic Speech

    Lowers your clan's fear level by 10 upon use.
    <Must be a part of a clan to be used>

    Cash Cost: $35,627 Cash
    FR-Pills Cost: 269 FR-Pills

    2. (TOP SECRET) CEDA Research Notes

    Notes from CEDA containing information of the green flu. Reading them will make you more experienced. The colour of the seal shows the value of the information.
    <Grants 1,000,000 experience points>

    Cash Cost: $46,595 Cash
    FR-Pills Cost: 112 FR-Pills
    |<| Volatile Tank Blood: x2