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Past BMS - 22nd October 2020 (BMG)

Nov 1, 2020
Past BMS - 22nd October 2020 (BMG)
  • Past Black Market Sale - 22nd October 2020 (BMG V1.9.17)

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    () Is used to indicate the discounted price of the black market items once the Double Down ability is fully active.

    Items/Rare Crafting Materials for Sale:
    1. Area Mutator
    2. Refined Regeneration Booster

    1. Area Mutator

    Using this item will force enable a random Map Mutation. Each active Map Mutation increases exp/cash rewards by 25% (50% for CI/SI kills).
    <Must be used inside the first 30 seconds of the round>
    <Must be Advanced/Expert difficulty, can't be used in survival/versus>

    Cash Cost: $33,965 Cash ($27,172 Cash)
    FR-Pills Cost: 129 FR-Pills (103 FR-Pills)

    2. Refined Regeneration Booster

    Once activated, you will gain 8 HP regeneration per second for 10 minutes.
    <Healing always applies>
    <✖ VS>

    Cash Cost: $17,179 Cash ($13,743 Cash)
    FR-Pills Cost: 73 FR-Pills (58 FR-Pills)