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Marvelous Gaming Key Bindings

May 24, 2018
Marvelous Gaming Key Bindings
  • Hello all

    Hope you all are having a good day. Today to help the marvel in wiki page for mgftw servers I made a small guide/tutorial for binding keys on mgftw servers including list for all the possible bind keys for buy menu as well as some common bind keys.

    Watch the video first to know how the binding is done.

    Tutorial Video:-

    Here are the all binding keys:-

    Buy Menu

    1. Ranged Weapons

    a. Pistols

    i. Pistol

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 1;menuselect 1"

    II. Pistol - Magnum

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 1;menuselect 2"

    b. Rifles

    i. Rifle M16

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 2;menuselect 1"

    ii. Rifle AK47

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 2;menuselect 2"

    iii. Rifle Desert

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 2;menuselect 3"

    iv. Rifle M60

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 2;menuselect 4"

    v. Rifle SG552

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 2;menuselect 5"

    c. Shotguns

    i. Auto Shotgun

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 3; menuselect 1"

    ii. Pump Shotgun

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 3; menuselect 2"

    iii. Chrome Shotgun

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 3; menuselect 3"

    iv. Spas Shotgun

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 3; menuselect 4"

    d. SMGs

    i. SMG

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 4; menuselect 1"

    i. SMG - MP5

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 4; menuselect 2"

    iii. SMG - Silenced

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 4; menuselect 3"

    e. Snipers

    i. Hunting Rifle

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 5; menuselect 1"

    ii. Sniper - AWP

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 5; menuselect 2"

    iii. Sniper - Military

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 5; menuselect 3"

    iv. SNiper - Scout

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 1;menuselect 5; menuselect 4"

    2. Melee Weapons

    a. Baseball Bat

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 2;menuselect 1"

    b. Chainsaw

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 2;menuselect 2"

    c. Cricket Bat

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 2;menuselect 3"

    d. Crowbar

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 2;menuselect 4"

    e. Electric Guitar

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 2;menuselect 5"

    f. Fire Axe

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 2;menuselect 6"

    g. Frying Pan

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 2;menuselect 7"

    h. Golfclub

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 1"

    i. Katana

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 2"

    j. Machete

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 3"

    k. Tonla

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 4"

    3. Upgrades and Throwables

    a. Throwables

    i. Molotov

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 3;menuselect 1;menuselect 1"

    ii. Pipe Bomb

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 3;menuselect 1;menuselect 2"

    ii. Vomit Jar

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 3;menuselect 1;menuselect 3"

    b. Upgrades

    i. Ammunition

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 3;menuselect 2;menuselect 1"

    ii. Explosive Ammo

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 3;menuselect 2;menuselect 2"

    iii. Explosive Ammo Pack

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 3;menuselect 2;menuselect 3"

    iv. Incendiary Ammo

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 3;menuselect 2;menuselect 4"

    v. Incendiary Ammo Pack

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 3;menuselect 2;menuselect 5"

    vi. Laser Sight

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 3;menuselect 2;menuselect 6"

    4. Health Items

    a. Andernaline Shot

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 4;menuselect 1"

    b. Defibrillator

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 4;menuselect 2"

    b. First Aid Kit

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 4;menuselect 3"

    d. Pills

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 4;menuselect 4"

    5. Miscellaneous

    a. Fire Works Crate

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 5;menuselect 1"

    b. Gasoline Can

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 5;menuselect 2"

    c. Gnome

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 5;menuselect 3"

    d. Grenade Launcher

    bind key "sm_buy;menuselect 5;menuselect 4"

    Some Common Useful Binds:-

    a. Control Panel

    bind key "sm_cp"

    b. Guild Panel

    bind key "sm_gp"

    c. Quest Menu

    bind key "sm_quest"

    f. Tankhp

    bind key "sm_tankhp"

    g. Idle/AFK

    bind key "sm_idle"

    h. Join

    bind key "sm_join"

    i. Players

    bind key "sm_players"

    j. Tankinfo

    bind key "sm_tankinfo"

    l. Inventory

    bind key "sm_inv"

    m. Saveme

    bind key "sm_saveme"

    n. Donor

    bind key "sm_donor"

    o. CSM (Change Character Model)

    bind key "say /csm"

    p. Donor Items On Join (Gives you donor items if have not been provided automatically)

    bind key "sm_ditems"

    q. Drop Current Item

    bind key "sm_drop"

    i. Change Buff List

    bind key "sm_bl"

    j. Activates Berserk Buff

    bind key "sm_berserk"

    k. Craft Menu

    bind key "sm_craft"

    l. Workshop Menu

    bind key "sm_workshop"

    m. Slay/Kill Bots

    bind key "sm_slaybots"

    n. Arrange Scenario

    bind key "sm_sn"

    o. Buff Menu

    bind key "sm_buff"

    p. Skills Menu

    bind key "sm_skills"

    q. Upgrades Menu

    bind key "sm_up"

    r. Settings Menu

    bind key "sm_settings"

    s. Points Reloaded Changelog

    bind key "sm_changelog"

    t. Help Menu

    bind key "sm_help"

    u. All Available Server Coomands

    bind key "sm_commands"


    1. Replace "key" with the key you you want to bind without quotaion mark.

    e.g [bind F1 "say /buy;menuselect 1; menuselect 2;menuselect 2] For AK47

    2. To simply unbind the keys type in console "unbind key". Replace key with your key.

    Feel free to suggest any edits. Thanks for reading I hope it will help you.