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Instant Death (SEIG V1.1.7)

Aug 16, 2017
Instant Death (SEIG V1.1.7)
  • Instant Death Bad Status Effect
    You have been instantly killed. It isn't a status effect reflected by PR means and you'll know when it happens if you happen to take fatal damage (isn't reflected in damage dealt to you).

    Buff Effect


    PR Notifications (Buffs)


    Ability Effects (Infected Only): Bomb, Assassin, Cloaked Assassin, Hunter, Freezing, Executioner, Reaper, Heartbroken, Soldier Tank

    Bomb Tank:
    (Passive) Internal Bomb: The tank explodes after a set amount of time dealing immense amount of damage to survivors and completely destroying their corpses, making them unable to be resurrected.

    Assassin and Cloaked Assassin tank's punches deal 1000 fatal damage. If your health is below 1000, it instantly kills, ignoring incapacitations.

    Hunter Tank:
    (Passive) Assassination: The tank instantly kills lonely survivors (Too far away from others or nobody else around).

    Freezing Tank:
    (Passive) Liquid Nitrogen: The tank carries nitrogen containers and throws these instead of rocks. Survivors close to the container explosion will suffer 20-50HP damage and their speed will be reduced by 40%. If too much speed reduction is accumulated, they will become frozen and instantly die to any tank's punch.

    Executioner Tank:
    (Passive) Execution: Survivors with 15 death marks or that are incapacitated will be executed by the tank's claws, receiving 10,000 true damage.

    Reaper Tank:
    (Passive) Complete destruction: If the tank manages to hit a survivor who is completely alone, it will trigger a powerful neurotransmitter that will inflict complete terror on the victim and will cause him to explode after 6 seconds. This ability is un-avoidable.

    (Active) To the other side: A random survivor will be affected with an immense amount of anxiety causing him to commit suicide after 8 seconds. This can be stopped if at least 6 survivors go near the victim.

    Heartbroken Tank:
    (Passive) Desperation: When the tank receive lethal damage it will become desperated and gain additional movement speed and insane damage. It will also generate fury twice as fast and only make damage lethal abilities.

    (Active - Fury) Nemesis: The tank becomes invisible and inaudible, and survivors become confused. If a survivor is hit by the tank, it instantly dies and all other survivors receive 30% of their missing health as damage. The nemesis effect lasts 20 seconds or until the tank hits someone.

    Soldier Tank:
    (Passive) Executing Mine: The tank periodically leaves explosive mines on the floor that detonate when survivors step on them. Mines deal 30HP damage and stun for 3 seconds. If the survivor has less than 5% of his maximum health, the mine will detonate way more violently and will make the body of the victim explode.

    PR Notifications (PR-Guides/Ability Effects)

    [PR] When the Bomb Tank appears
    [PR] A Bomb Tank has appeared!
    [PR - GUIDE] The tank will explode in a few seconds killing every single living thing around!
    [PR - GUIDE] Type !tankinfo for more information

    [PR] When the Assassin Tank appears
    [PR] An Assassin Tank has appeared!
    [PR - GUIDE] The tank instantly kills!
    [PR - GUIDE] Type !tankinfo for more information

    [PR - GUIDE] in terms of Bomb Tank
    [PR - GUIDE] Avoid going near a Bomb Tank when it starts flashing red. It's explosion means instant death, that a defib cannot bring back!

    [PR] When Heartbroken Tank is using the Nemesis ability

    • For most tanks, if you want to simply avoid instantly dying, don't get in the way of them or their abilities.
    • When the Bomb Tank is about to explode, make sure to get away from it or use a first aid kit if you have the Moustachio Bless skill, both ways save you from dying if used properly.
    • If you have less than 1000 HP, avoid aggroing the Assassin or Cloaked Assassin Tank unless you know your far away enough to let someone else aggro the tank once you've done your part, you don't want to get hit by these two tanks!
    • If the Executioner has gained 15 marks on you or your about to become incapacitated, stop what your doing and avoid aggroing the Executioner Tank or avoid being incapacitated by healing if you can.
    • When the Reaper Tank is around, DON'T BE ALONE, aggroing him while alone and letting him get a hit on you will inflict the Doom Status Effect, causing you to be instantly killed in 6 seconds, the same thing applies to the Hunter Tank, except that he instantly kills on hit.
    • When the Nemesis ability of the Heartbroken Tank is active, stay away from it or avoid aggroing the tank so you can survive. If you do hear the tank coming your way though, quickly use a first aid kit with moustachio bless to give yourself a chance to avoid the instant kill from the claws.
    • If you have 5% or less maximum health, and you see a mine from the Soldier Tank nearby, don't go on it, heal yourself up if you can, stay away from it or go back a bit and shoot it to explode, all 3 ways will save you if you can do it right.