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Increased Maximum Stomach Growth (SEIG V1.1.9)

Aug 18, 2017
Increased Maximum Stomach Growth (SEIG V1.1.9)
  • Increased Maximum Stomach Growth Good Status Effect (Supreme Glutton Tank Only)
    You grow a new stomach that increases the maximum number of survivors that you are able to swallow by +1 every 2 minutes. The recent growth of the stomach resets the Human Devour ability cooldown.

    Buff Effects


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    Ability Effects (Infected Only): Supreme Glutton Tank

    Supreme Glutton Tank:
    (Passive) Stomach growth: The tank will grow a new stomach each 2 minutes that will give him a new slot for humans. The recently growth stomach resets devour cooldown and gives the tank the ability to instantly devour survivors.

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    • If you don't want many survivors to be eaten up by the Supreme Glutton Tank, defeat him within 8 minutes as that is when he is able to human devour a maximum of 8 survivors at once.