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Increased Attack Speed (S) (SEIG V1.1.3)

Jun 30, 2017
Increased Attack Speed (S) (SEIG V1.1.3)
  • Increased Attack Speed Good Status Effect (Survivor)
    You will attack faster with your ranged and melee weapons

    White Toaster Effect

    When you get the bonus toaster effect
    [PR] Your fire rate/swing speed is boosted by 5%/10% for 60 seconds!
    When the bonus toaster effect expires
    [PR] Fire rate/Swing speed bonus effect expired.

    Buff Effect

    Hyperactive Buff
    After eating pills or using an adrenaline shot, your swing speed will increase by 10% for 15 seconds. During the duration of this effect, your swinging stamina will not decrease.

    Finale Dominator Buff
    On finale maps, each Special Infected you kill grants you a stack of Finale Dominator, up to 15 stacks. Each stack gives you +3% attack, +1% defense, +0.4% movement speed, +0.4% fire rate, +1% reload speed and a 2% chance to save ammunition. You will lose a stack of Finale Dominator if you haven't killed a Special Infected in (25-stacks) seconds, if a Special Infected traps you, or if you get incapacitated. You will also lose all stacks on death.

    PR Notifications (Buffs)

    Effect of the Hyperactive Buff as seen from within game

    When you gain a stack of the Finale Dominator Buff
    [PR] Gained a Finale Dominator stack! [1/15]
    When you lose a stack of the Finale Dominator Buff
    [PR] Lost a Finale Dominator stack! [0/15]

    • When you want to kill the Duelist Tank quickly, get out any melee weapon that can damage the tank and use either the pills or adrenaline shot health items to activate the effect of the Hyperactive Buff. The more damage you can do while alone with the Hyperactive Buff effect active, the less help you will need from the others to defeat the tank.