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Critical Power (SEIG V1.1.7)

Aug 16, 2017
Critical Power (SEIG V1.1.7)
  • Critical Power Good Status Effect
    The infected have a low chance to inflict a critical hit that deals a lot more damage than normal to survivors on hit.

    Buff Effects

    Infected Fury Buff
    While you are alive, you release spores that are able to manipulate the common infected behaviour, enraging them even more. Common infected around 300 units from you will deal additional damage equal to 1% of the survivor's maximum standing health per punch. Additionally, commons have a chance of dealing critical hits, dealing 4% of their current health on top of the previous bonus

    PR Notifications (Buffs)


    Ability Effect (Infected Only): Breeder, Soldier Tank

    Breeder Tank:
    (Passive) Critical: Infected bred by the tank have a 5% chance of dealing a critical strike that deals x5 damage and stuns the survivor for 2 seconds.

    Soldier Tank:
    (Passive) Fury: When the tank does not hit anyone with his weapons it will gain fury. Guns have a probability equal to fury to do critical damage, that will double the original damage. The tank loses fury when its bullets deal damage to survivors.

    PR Notifications (PR-Guides/Ability Effects)


    • If you want to avoid any critical strikes from the Soldier Tank's guns due to his fury aggro the tank to you so the guns can hit you before he gains any fury, that way you completely nullify the critical strike from happening.
    • To avoid letting the breeded common infected have a lot of chances at getting critical strikes on you, avoid having many at once near you so you can reduce the number of times you get critically striked.