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Controls for Survivors (LV) (MGC V1.0.1)

Dec 13, 2017
Controls for Survivors (LV) (MGC V1.0.1)
  • Controls for Survivors (Long Version)

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    This is the Long Version of the controls used for the survivors. If you want the shorter version, then click Back to Main Guide Page to access the link to the Marvelous Gaming Controls page. It contains the same thing but with more of a short description of what the button does. It is for those who just want to refresh their memory on the controls and already know the buffs well.

    Self-Revive Skill
    Description: Let's you Self-Revive yourself and others with a First-Aid Kit or revive someone else with Pain-Pills/Adrenaline Shot (Extended Hand Passive Skill applies)
    First Aid Kit: Hold CTRL
    (Default crouch button)
    Pain-Pills/Adrenaline Shot:
    Hold Mouse 3
    (Default ZOOM button)

    First Aid Saving Skill <top>
    Description: You can heal more survivors than yourself within a small radius every 60 seconds.
    Extended Hand Skill
    Description: You can revive more incapacitated survivors than your revive target within a maximum radius of 360 units every 60 seconds.
    Hold Z
    (Default WALK button)

    If you don't want to activate the skill manually, you can set the number of survivors required to activate the skill by typing in !settings, then pressing 7 for Survivor Skill Activation Settings, then setting any number between 1 to 9.

    Fall of Faith Skill <top>
    Description: Allows you to release from any ledge while hanging.
    Press Z
    (Default WALK button)

    Buffs: <top>
    Description: Activates the buff effect of the Buff if the conditions are met for the respective buff.
    Love is in the air
    Strength Burst
    Bird whistle
    Protective Bag
    Slaying Automata
    Hidden Strength
    Press 6 or 7 on the first page of !buy menu.
    Press any number between 1 to 7 for the respective Buff whose buff effect you wish to activate.

    Immolation Buff <top>
    Description: Activates the Immolation buff effect by consuming the molotov in your hand.
    Infirmary Buff
    Description: Allows you to swap between two health items in your hand (in exchange for your throwable).
    Underbarrel Launcher Buff
    Description: Gives any SMG, Assault Rifle or Shotgun an underbarrel launcher which can launch explosive grenades. Up to 3 times per map. You can refill them at any ammo pile every 120 seconds.
    Press Mouse 3 while holding the respective item in hand. You can press the button again, given the conditions have been met.
    (Default ZOOM Button)

    Grenade Trap Buff <top>
    Description: Allows you to setup a throwable trap in the floor, applicable as long as the conditions have been met. Limit: 3 traps at once. 3 of each type per round.
    Health Dispenser Buff
    Description: Allows you to place a special device on the floor that will heal nearby survivors and cure them of any bad status effects, can only be used once per round.
    Hold CTRL and aim down at the floor.
    (Default Crouch Button)

    Then press Mouse 2 (right-click) with the respective item in hand to activate the respective buff effect.
    (Default Shove Button)

    Ammo Dispenser Buff <top>

    Description: Allows you to buy an ammo pile and place it on the floor through the !buy menu in the miscellaneous section. Cost: 20 bounty.
    When in the !buy menu, press 5 to access the miscellaneous section, then press 5 again to spawn the ammo pile by aiming down at the floor (where you want to place it). You can press the button again if you have enough bounty to spawn another ammo pile.

    Cleansing Pills Buff <top>
    Description: Consuming pain pills will remove most bad status effects and give status effect immunity for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 45 seconds.
    Dopamine-Infused Meds Buff
    Description: Using pills or adrenaline shot when below 50% health will heal you for an additional +10% of your missing HP as permanent health. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
    If you cannot use both buff effects while they are still on cooldown, Press R with the respective health item in hand to get the current cooldown time remaining.
    (Default Reload Button)

    Slaying Automata Buff <top>
    Description: Allows you to deploy a turret that will shoot at nearby infected, within an 180* arc and within 600 units every second.
    Press E on any turret to either wake it up if it is inactive or to rotate it.
    (Default USE Button)

    Sticky Bomb Buff <top>
    Description: Allows you to attach a device to tanks which will detonate after 30 seconds. Only usable once per round.
    Hold E, then press Mouse 2 (right-click) to shove the tank. You can press the button if you have not yet used the Sticky Bomb and there are none currently on any tanks alive.
    (Default USE Button) (Default Shove Button)