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About the Traveller Token (TTIG)

Oct 25, 2021 at 9:09 AM
About the Traveller Token (TTIG)
  • About the Traveller Token (TTIG V2.0)

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    Redeem Traveller Tokens to earn unique items!

    You use any Traveller Tokens that you have gained from Custom COOP to access the Traveller Token Market.

    How do you obtain Traveller Tokens?
    You can obtain Traveller Tokens if you're level 150 or above and:
    • When playing alone or with another player, you'll earn 1 Traveller Token for every second map and finale map completed on any Custom COOP campaign.
    • When playing with at least 3 players or more, you'll earn 1 Traveller Token on all maps. This is increased to 2 Traveller Tokens on expert difficulty finales and on longer maps in any Custom COOP campaign.

    The Traveller Tokens are only given out if you have played a map from start to finish. If you join late into a map, you may not earn any tokens. In the case of expert difficulty finales and longer maps, this means that you can only earn between 0 - 1 Traveller Token depending on how late you joined.

    When nearing the maximum amount of Traveller Tokens:
    You will be given a notification message once you have reached 40 or more Traveller Tokens, letting you know that you are near your limit. Once you have reached the maximum of 50 Traveller Tokens, you won't be able to earn anymore Traveller Tokens until you have spent a minimum of 5 Traveller Tokens or more.

    What about Traveller Coupons?
    Traveller Coupons are those earned through purchases of most items within the Traveller Token Market. You earn 1 Traveller Coupon for every 5 Traveller Tokens spent on any items, except a Traveller Value Pack and a Precious Box. You can hold up to 30 at a time.

    With 1 Traveller Coupon, you can purchase a Traveller Value Pack. With 3 Traveller Coupons however, you can purchase a Precious Box.