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About the Black Market (BMG)

Feb 10, 2021
About the Black Market (BMG)
  • About the Black Market (BMG V1.12.1)

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    How you can access the Black Market:
    In order to access the Black Market, you must first have obtained the |Q| Black Market Pass Quest Item. this item can be obtained as one of the quest completion rewards from the Market Research (Lv. 210) Quest that can done from Sierra. The quest can be accessed as soon as you reach level 210 with no other restrictions.

    You can then access the Black Market by using the |Q| Black Market Pass Quest Item from your !inv or by typing in the !bmarket command in the chat.

    What actions can you do within the Black Market?:
    You can do the following actions within the Black Market:
    1. Buy: You can buy any of the items/rare crafting materials that are on sale for the current day.
    2. Sell: You can sell any item/crafting material that can be sold for cash in return.
    3. Double Down: You gain the ability to reset your max trust and earn until you reach it again, in exchange for -20% discount on items, and gain +20% more value on items sold.

    You cannot reverse any of the transactions done on the Black Market, so make your decisions wisely.

    How the Black Market works?:
    The Black Market sells random items daily, in exchange for Cash, FR-Pills and Volatile Tank Blood. Trust is needed to buy items from the Black Market, earnable by playing COOP on any difficulty above Easy, with it resetting daily when the Black Market items change. All items buyable from the Black Market have a cost range between -15% to +15%, with the cost itself being random in-between these two ranges. In terms of the |<| Volatile Tank Blood cost, this can be a range between 2 numbers instead.

    As for the Trust, you need to have played any map from start to finish (or since having joined just after the round has started) in order to be able to earn the full amount. Joining later on into the map or afking for a long enough time will result in you earning reduced Trust or none at all. Otherwise the full amount of trust that you'll be able to earn per the difficulty is stated below:
    Normal: +1 Trust
    Advanced: +2 Trust
    Expert: +3 Trust

    You can earn an additional +1 trust if the map that you completed was a long one. The above conditions still have to be met first.

    More Information on the Black Market:

    The Black Market resets daily at 8am GMT+8 (12am UTC or the equivalent in your timezone)*

    *For various reasons, the Black Market reset time won't exactly happen at 8am GMT+8, but between a time of 8:10 to 8:30am. This may give some players slightly more time to get their black market stuff completed.

    Special Tank Materials are more likely to be sold the more Scenarios and COOP maps were completed the previous day. These items cost an extra 2% of your current resources. This does not apply to the |<| Corrosive Acid Sample and |<| Frozen nitrogen container rare crafting materials.

    You can also sell items to the Black Market for cash.

    Do take note that some items/rare crafting materials have a low or a negative base chance in order to become available to buy from the black market. Additionally there can only be a minimum of 2 items/rare crafting materials available and a maximum of 7 items/rare crafting materials available to buy daily.

    The most common items you'll see on the Black Market can range from statistic boosters to items that you can find on the ground to stuff found in Traveller Boxes/Event Boxes and any items earned from completed Scenarios. The more rarer items that you'll sometimes see can be any of the rare crafting materials, to the Mimic Ticket, Master Crafter and the Precious and Super Precious Boxes.

    How Double Down works:
    Upon reaching maximum trust, you gain the ability to Double Down. In doing so, you reset your trust value back down to 0, but upon reaching maximum trust again, items sold by the Black Market will be sold at a 20% discount and items you sell are worth 20% more.

    Note: As for the rare crafting materials sold at a 20% discount with double down fully active, the discount applies after the additional cost of an extra 2% of your current resources is applied. For all other items the discount applies to the normal cost.

    WARNING: You can only Double Down if you have not brought any items on the Black Market on the same day.

    The Double Down ability can only be used once per day as well, so once you reach maximum trust for the second time, that will be it until the next day.