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About the Binder Item (BIG)

Dec 5, 2019
About the Binder Item (BIG)
  • About the Binder Item (BIG V2.3)

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    The Binder Item allows you to convert a buff of your choice into a skill. This means that you won't need a buff slot to use it anymore.

    There are a couple of things worth noting if you decide to use the Binder Item for yourself:
    • You need to be level 210 or above to be able to use the Binder item.
    • You can have a maximum of 3 binded buffs per survivor.
    • Binded buffs still need a slot in VERSUS games.
    • You will be asked to confirm if you are sure that you really want to bind the buff that you have selected.
    • Binding cannot be reversed.
    • The |Q| Prowess Buff, all Infected buffs and temporary buffs that expire cannot be binded.

    The below screenshots is of the Binder item as you see it in-game


    How do you obtain the Binder item? <top>
    Currently, there are 2 ways for you to obtain the Binder Item:

    1. Through Quest:
    Complete the quest Humanity is not playing (Lv. 220) from Sara's Quest line and you will obtain it as one of the quest completion rewards.

    2. Through Crafting:
    Crafting Requirements:
    |-| Mutation Enzyme (x2)
    |-| Mutation Refiner (x1000)
    |-| Steroid Injector (x10)

    Clan Level Needed: 20
    Clan Cash Cost: $125000 Clan Cash
    Clan Fear: 0 Fear
    Fear Gain: 100 Fear
    <Clan fear + Fear gain cannot exceed 100>