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Would a battlepass be a viable feature for PR-MG?

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by Biscince, Nov 22, 2020.


Would a battlepass be a viable feature for PR-MG?

  1. Yes, I think so.

    4 vote(s)
  2. Yes, but it needs some rectification

    3 vote(s)
  3. I don't mind.

    3 vote(s)
  4. No, I don't think so.

    1 vote(s)
  5. My answer is below !

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  1. Biscince

    Biscince New Member

    Hello, just wanted to share my opinion about this feature and ask PR-MG players opinion.

    What's a battle pass? Briefly, in our case, it is a tiered system that give additional loot through completing daily, weekly, monthly or battlepass period tasks. Duration time is often between 1.5 month to 2 month.

    These tasks give a certain amount of EXP. Leveling rewards the players with extra loots.
    Players don't have to do all the tasks. Most of the time, there are multiple tasks and a weekly EXP cap, so players can choose what tasks they want to do.

    Note : Monthly or BP-period task can bypass the weekly EXP.

    Battlepass would be accessible in-game with control panel !cp or with the website pr.mgftw.

    Examples below :

    - Kill X Tanks
    - Play 3 COOP round
    - Play a scenario round
    - Play a versus round
    - Reach 10/10 Trust in bmarket

    - Kill 30 Tanks
    - Play 20 COOP round
    - Complete 3 COOP finale
    - Win 10 scenarios
    - Win 5 versus round
    - Buy 10 items in bmarket

    - Kill 20 Christmas Event Tank (can be added after 1-2 weeks to help some people to catch with the BP)
    - Participate in an admin event
    - Successfully perma from a Fighter Tank
    - Complete 30 scenarios
    - Play 100 COOP round
    - Complete 10 COOP finale
    - Win 25 scenarios
    - Play 50 versus round


    Rewards and tasks here are just for information purposes only. Usually, battlepass rewards should be desirable (event buff, booster, MG store item, ...). I'll leave it to your imagination.

    This way, players can enjoy the game and have objectives.
    Players who want to support MG staff can buy the PREMIUM battlepass to get extra rewards that is generally worth it.

    IMO :

    - Can give more motivation to players to play specific servers (VS/COOP/SN)
    - Players can support MG by getting the premium battlepass

    - Can be quite redundant, especially if it is coupled with a "summer event" which was task based also
    - Might be hard to be implemented

    What do you think guys?
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2020
  2. ratchet

    ratchet Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    I actually really like this idea.

    Obviously they where just examples but trying to do:
    - Win 10 scenarios
    - Win 5 versus round

    every week would be some pretty horrible tasks.

    Would be interested to see what the admins think to this because obviously with the inclusion of permanent donor this might be a good way of support MG moving forward with not everyone needing to pay for it monthly anymore.
  3. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    The idea is there, would love to expand on this, the rewards at the end should be way better too, maybe some event buffs for those who missed out.
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  4. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    You got a nice idea there, I'd think the admins would have more to say on this... given that you'd be supporting mgftw in 1 way.

    As for the battle passes, I myself have seen them exist before in many online games (Fortnite, Call of Duty, Pokemon GO (with the battle league), DOTA 2, PUB:G, etc). Some of which are obviously monetised with a permium battle pass.

    To be fair about it, I'd believe that at least giving out valuable rewards on both sides (the free and premium) path is a good option to consider make it so the free battle pass would not be seen as valueless (or not worth using).
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  5. Chicken

    Chicken MG Donor

    Is this idea took from genshin impact/honkai impact 3rd ???? this idea very good ^_^
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  6. Biscince

    Biscince New Member

    Yeah quite inspired from all of current battlepass system that are currently present in most games.