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Witch hunter buff feels dead.

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by Leon, May 4, 2017.

  1. Leon

    Leon Member

    Hello guys,

    as we know this buff adds 15% per witch killed per map, and dmg reset at the end of the map. Yet one thing is missing here that makes this buff replaced by anything else in almost all maps apart from 1 single map that can favor this buff which is hard rain 2nd map that has many witches.

    My idea is: Adding more witches per map to make this buff actually worth taking, as i personally seen and also many others may notice the lack of witches in maps overall, making this buff taking 1 slot doing nothing, or being replaced by something else.

    Hopefully see more responds to see what other thinks about this as well.


    Leon [ΞØP]
  2. ratchet

    ratchet Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    The immediate problem i can see with adding more witches + this buff would be that they are very easy to kill witches are. if you are a high enough level they feel like commons when they get a katana to the face xD
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  3. Leon

    Leon Member

    But the thing is to actually get that 15% dmg from witches you shouldn't be taking any dmg from them, which means you need to kill them be4 they touch you, or inflect any dmg on you. So you won't be using katanas on their faces :D
  4. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Allow me to add on to this with my idea :)

    You know, my idea for this sort of thing would also to have a Witch Frenzy which can become active by chance per map with the chances similar to the Tank Frenzy.

    Suggested Chances: 1/5 chance to spawn more witches per spawnable witch area and give more chances for witches instead of tanks. The denominator for this chance decreases by /1 for every time the Witch Frenzy fails to activate on every non-finale map, including c9m2 (Crash Course Campaign, Second Map), excluding c5m2 (Hard Rain Campaign, Second Map). When the Witch Frenzy is active, the chance of it happening returns to 1/5 by the next map and or first map of the next campaign if it occurred on the map before the finale map.

    With the chances: say for the first map of dead center: 1/5 chance, witch frenzy fails to activate, proceed to the next map. With next map: 1/4 chance, witch frenzy fails to activate. then for next map: 1/3, then for the passing 1st map: 1/2 and then for the passing 2nd map: Witch Frenzy is activated. Now the Witch Frenzy can activate on any map with the above conditions when the chance of it isn't 1/1.

    For the witches: If the server is able to detect players, see if it can detect players who are currently doing the quest associated with the poison witch. If they are, favor spawning the poison witch type for the types of witches that can spawn over others by 3 times the chance. This allows the players to be able to get the quest done much quicker. Now this is just another crazy idea from the top of my head but for all I know, it could be near impossible to implement that idea lol.

    HOWEVER, there are somethings to consider warrenting this not such a good idea

    Bounty: With alot of witches around, 4 bounty per kill and an additional 2 bounty if you manage to crown them its easy to get high amounts of bounty. To fix this problem, I would consider halving the amount of bounty earned from witches and from crowning them on any map that has the Witch Frenzy feature enabled at the time, only applies for the current round.

    Other players stealing witch kills: When someone with the witch hunter buff wants to do their 3 kills. other players without the witch hunter buff might not want to let them get it and or would like to kill the witch instead but perhaps without the witch hunter buff if they wanted to also. One thing i'd rather not want to be seeing is people going back to farm witches for bounty when some are still alive while the rest are ahead, this disturbs the gameplay of mgftw. This also comes into mind when people who want to prevent people who want to kill poison witches by killing them themselves instead, depending on the quest it could be a negative and or a positive outcome.

    Here are my thoughts surrounding why I would consider the idea

    EDIT: With the witch hunter buff, if you want to get the effects of it from killing any witch, make sure it doesn't damage you and your teammates through any means.

    My Thoughts: Some people say that the Witch Hunter Buff is considered to be a useless buff slot to have around. Well thats because someone else may have already taken care of them. Where this isn't a problem in the c5m2 map (Hard Rain, 2nd map), it is considered to be a problem with not enough witches in all the other maps, not allowing people to reach their full damage potential with the buff equipped.

    I would like to see what other people say to the ideas that me and leon have came up with.
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  5. Leon

    Leon Member

    I like the idea, as for bounty, Maybe keep it same or half each of bounty reward, 2 for killing, 1 for crowning, but the thing is, having more witches per map doesn't mean like way too much, just up to 5 MAXIMUM so players wont farm and they wont be much of a problem.

    Another idea just came into my mind, i will try to link it more for the quest to make it useful to everyone and make players participate in helping others for quest. We do have tank lure, Yep! why not have Witch lure? and applies to poison witch, since we have one that makes us blind and poison one. this will allow everyone to benefit from this skill too.
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  6. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    This is what leon said to me in steam chat earlier

    ... (Beginning of relevant chat)
    Leon [ΞØP]: i have another idea if adding more witches will be an issue
    Leon [ΞØP]: then let it be on compaign buff instead of on map
    timkit [™۞]: hmmm?
    Leon [ΞØP]: instead of effect reseting per map
    Leon [ΞØP]: yit will stay with u the entire campaign
    ... (End of relevant chat)

    So basically with the Witch Frenzy Effect, you can have it activate once every 1/6 campaigns. For every eligible campaign that the Witch Frenzy Buff doesn't activate the chance denominator goes up by 1 until it reaches 1/1 or the chance is activated successfully before then.

    For example it doesn't activate in dead center with 1/6 chance. Proceed to the next campaign The Passing, it'll be 1/5 chance. Then 1/4 chance for Dark Carnival. 1/3 chance for The Sacrifice. 1/2 chance for Swamp Fever and then it will finally be activated at 1/1 chance on No Mercy if it doesn't activate on all the other campaigns from Dead Center going forward.

    It means that for the applicable areas that have a chance of spawning either the witch or tank, give it more of a favorable chance to spawn witches over tanks in the applicable areas per map. That doesn't mean that no tank can appear in any 1 chapter though given that the Witch Frenzy effect is active.

    With this, there is no need to halve the bounty earned from witches.

    What do you guys think about this better idea? Discuss below!

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