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What will we do about the Helms Deep Scenario?

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by timkit, Mar 13, 2020.


What do you guys prefer happen to the Helms Deep Scenario?

  1. Option 1: We try to revive it back from the dead!

  2. Option 2: We say goodbye to it and come up with a new scenario for Supreme Infernal Tank.

  3. I don't know

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  4. My response is in the forum post below!

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  1. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    EDIT: The Helms Deep map has now finally returned! I may decide to make another forum thread soon, but I'm gonna wait until I return to do it. Leaving the current scenario map link here:

    So it looks like option #2 ended up being chosen as a result. Thanks for voting!

    7 Days have now passed! So I went ahead and made this forum thread. Now you guys get to decide what happens to Helms Deep Scenario. When ready, Mute gets the final say on what really happens with it.

    I've got 2 simple options here:


    1. We try and revive Helms Deep Scenario using that dropbox link that AliCE gave out on #general, in mgftw's discord.


    2. We decide to come up with a new scenario that still features the Supreme Infernal Tank and fight him in whatever method/map is best for this tank. This new scenario can either be on an existing survival map within mgftw or on a new custom campaign survival map. The map choice is up to us to decide as well.

    Tbh, for option 2, I'd prefer to fight him on a map that has the size of 33% water and 67% land. That should be fair enough.

    I'll be updating here later with recommended survival map suggestions, based on existing custom campaigns within mgftw and maybe some new custom campaigns.

    Alright, give your thoughts about the fate of the Helms Deep Scenario here.
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  2. Chach

    Chach MG Donor

    We bring it back with option 1.
    Either with that HD version or another damnation map.
    As Tim said i want another damnation map with MORE water.
  3. Binsen

    Binsen MG Donor

    Lets be honest with it, The HD Will Not come back up, unless the alledged owner changes his mind (Ver unlikely)

    We CAN try to do the solution alice has bought, however, there is a chance that Serious Samurai (Hes the one holding the HD map) Will make a DMCA claim and shut it down, thus leaving us with no HD map.

    The 1st solution is temporal, i do not want a temporal solution, i want a permanent one.

    That is why i want to propose a different map to Be able to fight SIT. The map i would like to propose would be the Lighthouse Finale In the Custom campaign Death Abroad Map.

    Do note that this map has a glitch that makes people get stuck and go to skybox, resulting in death, however this can be fixed (Will be needed to be worked on for it to be patched)

    Another way is to Talk with the real Developers of the HD map, Get the True Rights (Give them what they deserve, not repeat Samurai mistake) and Reupload the map with ease, that way if he dares to DMCA claim he will not win, even better we can counter him, thus cutting him off from that map. However this other solution is a bit too ambitious.

    That is my honest oppinion, if wanted, you can comment on it.
  4. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    Option 1, what will that map stealer do? Its not even his map.

    The dude already filed many DMCAs to other domains in the past hence why there was so much drama on the l4d2 reddit and community in general.
  5. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    We can always try to ask the team chivalry guys, aka the ones that made the original HD map. Can't guarantee that they would want to let another entity use their map again on left 4 dead 2 though, if they heard about what happened with it, but it can't hurt to get permission.

    Option 1 is still there, and vaka would be right about it, so the use would still be fair enough if we were to take that map from the drop box link and use it.

    An example of an existing custom campaign map that could be used as a scenario:

    The Blood Moors Finale map (with a specific area that the tank should be fought in) makes a good example of a HD like scenario that could work given the hill like topography of some parts of the map, although its more steep when you try to go up the hills area. While it would have to be a mostly blocked off area, the ratio of land to water works well for SIT ^^. I could be calling this one The Hills Beach Scenario.

    I'll give more suggestions during tomorrow afternoon/evening.

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