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what is your favorite video game?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Cunner, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Melee is so good can't wait for smash 4. (for Christmas)

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  2. JavCube

    JavCube MG Donor

    - Chrono Trigger
    - Smash Bros. Brawl
    - Punchout (NES)
  3. hypnagoga

    hypnagoga MG Donor

    System Shock 2
    Fallout 2 & 3
    Dear Esther
    Transport Tycoon

    In no particular order
  4. davzee

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  5. erik

    erik MG Donor

    I haven't played this yet but I have it!
  6. davzee

    davzee <img src="http://mgftw.com/webdesigner.png" />

    Lol manhunts old as fuck now, a pretty good game though was all the rage when i was a kid because of how brutal it was....think it was even banned lol, wouldnt call it a favourite but i enjoyed it!
  7. erik

    erik MG Donor

    I just played SAW for the first time. 2009, I know, but that one is unavailable in most regions. Seems amazing so far, if only the sound worked on it. zomg
  8. I used to go on Onlive and spectate people playing SAW. It is hilarious when they die by the same traps over and over until they rage quit. Lolololol

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  9. Adward

    Adward Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    GTA: San Andreas.... Arguably one of the best games ever made. Stunning considering the time released, and holds up now.
  10. Hey Koolaid

    Hey Koolaid Head Administrator

    Grand theft auto San Andreas by far the greatest gta multi ever. ETDM, Crazy Bobs, & Los santos cops and robbers. Ahhh that brings back memories of my teenage years. L4d2 Has the most hours On steam and xfire for me but my second top played was GTASA then COD4.
  11. JKG Krazie

    JKG Krazie MG Donor

    Still want these games, played it and I loved it.
  12. San Andreas and Vice City are sooooo goooood

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  13. MarksmanR

    MarksmanR MG Donor

    TS2 was so fucken amazing, so much unlockables, fun fast-paced gameplay, so much multiplayer customisation options and it had a MapMaker mode and story co-op.

    I wish they'd make a big budget TS4 instead of shitty war games like CoD (and no, the free unofficial TS4 mod being developed doesn't cut it for me, TS deserves soo much more than that).
  14. Cunner

    Cunner MG Donor

  15. Cunner

    Cunner MG Donor

  16. Cunner

    Cunner MG Donor

    I love the responses to this thread, glad I made it! Manhunt is my favorite game of all time! It puts you in a "Running man" type of game!, it was banned, it is bugged on steam ithink? but crazy if u get to SWAT level it is crazy!
  17. Cunner

    Cunner MG Donor

  18. Cunner

    Cunner MG Donor

  19. Cunner

    Cunner MG Donor

  20. ughgh

    ughgh Junior Member

    Used to play a lot of RTS back in the days (AoE, AoM, WC, RoN, Stronghold, etc), then started dicking around with FPS (CS 1.6 & a bunch of other budget shooters), got lazy and started playing those hybrid wargames (Total War) as well as Grand Strategy (pretty much anything from Paradox). TBS like Civ & HoMM are still pretty great though and age really well. I also play this neat game called M&B: Warband, it's pretty much a party-based action-RPG with a strategic world-map, combining some of my favourite genres.