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VS PR Players.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DaveTHM, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. DaveTHM

    DaveTHM Junior Member

    Hello Everyone

    I want to register my disagreement with something that broke my patience lately, I know there is no stipulated rules to play VS, since all players are different.

    But I already reached my limit with those players who played as infected, bought 1 or 2 tanks and leaves the next round Leaving their teammates who have to fight an angry inf team that are in their right to do the same.

    Or those players who do not mind having only 4 or 6 people in the server, bought 1 or 2 tanks sometimes more, and then leave. (looks similar, sadly)

    Personally, I'm really annoyed with this. after a stressful day, you just wanna play a bit, but then you face with this, just...ugh.

    I'm not looking for trouble or something like that, I'm just sharing something with you guys, I dont know, hope some day these players changes their attitude and look this game in a fun, fair and respectful way.

    See you in game.
  2. Adward

    Adward Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    imo any high-leveller who buys tanks in low-numbers/levels games is a pretty major douche.

    if you buy tanks as a 200+ in particular (in a server of sub-100s), you're the lowest of PR-VS.

    Buying tanks to wail on a team of high levellers is great, but give them a chance to return the favour!
  3. erik

    erik Senior Member

    I agree it's annoying. Some players only know one playing style: "Spitter, tank, spitter, tank, spitter, tank. Kill all as quickly as possible, and if the entire base of players non-215 rage quit, or if the server empties, oh well, they just can't handle my awesomeness."

    You're right, we can't tell people how to play. Again, though, I agree that nothing more is annoying than when others insist on doing things in a way that ensures others will quickly leave the server.

    I'm TOTALLY open to suggestions on how to keep things fair and fun for everyone. Please let me know.

    BTW, we are aware of the issue with the Projectile Incinerator buff not working. I do not know how to fix it. Thank you for your patience while I get some help with it.
  4. Flying Boobs

    Flying Boobs Guest

    an idea on behalf of the lvl 200+ tanks.. how about implementing on the calculation of the difficulty on the coop to the versus.. like when it's read as easy on coop (or it starts as normal?) then no tanks is possible to be bought.. (except for the AI director/story map tank) on advanced (should be more ppl lvl115+) then tanks should be accessible like half maybe? (only one tank instance on one time) and if calculated it's on expert measurement.. then the tanks should be as it is now.. this should prevent a single or minority of level 200+ to dominate too much when there's a lot of low level players.. this doesnt stop spitter spam though.. but i think it's the tanks that makes the low levels rage.. as they get killed fast and can't do anything, because they can't even outrun the tank.. i know this will leave some ppl grumbling.. as they cant go to a server with bunch of low levels and start spamming tanks.. it is hard to balance versus.. especially with added mod like PR..
  5. DaveTHM

    DaveTHM Junior Member

    That's a good idea actually Pain!, you are not able to buy tanks if servers are with less than 10 players. also That can give the game a good ambient, so people have to play as a team before a full game and make them wait for people to join, (15 players maybe) so tanks can be seen as a prize and the spitter - tank thing could stop, (but now idk if the poisoned witches can become a problem to the low levels lol it's a tricky topic)

    just open ideas.
  6. tank

    tank MG Donor

    I understand frustation but I dont think is good idea making path for people cant buy tanks if is not many players on server, cos everyday we play on versus server with like 7-8 people and we are all high lvl and its cool the buy tank, why punish whole comunity cos of couple idiots, not everyone on MG do dat.
    For high lvl people who buying tanks when they playing against bunch of low levels should get warned even banned if they continue to do, report to admin.
    But guys this is a server where you make own points and bounty and u should be free to buy what you want for your cash. Or it would not call PR.
    Tanks lately seams weak, dying fast, but is mostly due the lag and non teamwork, last day we played on first map on parish, we wher all high lvl on survivor team and we could not kill 2 tank who was consantly biled and on fire cos infected team played as should play, good team work inf team.
    You get bored get biled as tank, HC long time ago made "sweep bile buff" reduce bile time for 45%
    I wish only that tanks could use their bounty like survivors use their, its like pain in the ass die as tank with 200-300 bounty when tank could use dat bounty maybe to turn off fire example for 45 bounty.
  7. tank

    tank MG Donor

    Its always pleasure when server is full, i ll like to see when is low lvl to on versus server,why should i not liked, i start play on dat same versus server from lvl 1,other mg server played mostly on mg helms deep server, i never played co/op before i get lvl2011. The thing what make me stay on dat server was at high lvl people in dat time was saving my ass whole time and never leave me behind when i was playing as survivor. Same thing i try to do mayself today on versus and the coop to try help low lvl , go back to save him or defib him to, die for him to, lose knifes and points idcare, the show him dat we are here for have fun in game and we are not just here playing to win or keep our stats perfect. Low lvl is important to refreshing community and make em bigger.
    I play lately coop almost every night when i have time to and i see many other new players do the same thing as me, helping ,defibing, not leaving nobody behind, thats very positive, thats keeping newcomers stay and make me happy :D
  8. CrazyRabbit

    CrazyRabbit Game Server Moderator

    What about making one of the versus servers a hardcore server and another server with a modified config making it better for new players? If you join the "easy mode" server as lvl 200+ some of your buffs will be reduced so you can't overwhelm the new players but would still be able to help them.

    Hardcore server will be just that, no restrictions and you can rage on each other with full buffs. I fully agree you should be playing both rounds of a map as Survivor and Infected before leaving.

    Problem currently is the versus servers seem to be quite empty a lot of the time and I think this is because of the higher levels making it too hard for new low level or even mid-level players. You could spit/tank all game, but why ruin the fun of a hard fought versus match if you don't use a tank at all in the round. The best games and the ones that people continue playing the whole campaign are the ones where each round is close and the lead changes all the time, making a winner hard to determine.
  9. Adward

    Adward Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    This idea has been suggested a few times iirc - I think the consensus was that the more niche popularity of vs made it not popular enough.

    see threads on low level players: http://mgftw.com/threads/6105-High-levels-players-on-low-servers

    Personally I don't think a seperate server is the solution - it just divides the community between haves and have-nots.

    More than anything I think we need to encourage a culture of helping everyone on the servers, especially those without the knowledge/experience that the vets have. Plenty of new people will stay, and play both VS and COOP if the players on the server make them feel welcome. MG isn't just about PR, it's about the community, and in a game like L4D2, it's what we rely on.

    The PotW accolade is a great part of this - but anything that ANYONE (admins, vets, new people) can do to encourage a good attitude towards other players is exactly what's needed.
  10. ughgh

    ughgh Junior Member

    As survivors, low-levels do tend to die frustratingly easily and leave when higher levelled players play normally. When they are in a position to reciprocate however, they also die quite easily, especially against bots even when they spawn a tank (bots mow it down in seconds). To address this personally I've just been pouncing bots and jockeying people around when they get stuck, with the occasional irresistible karma charges and slaps. I will also take the liberty of buying tanks and pass them to lower levelled players where appropriate, so they can feel like they're a lot stronger (despite not doing too much damage, smacking survivors around never gets boring).

    In PR-COOP there's the friendly fire immunity for people under level 50 - while in vs this is not really an issue. There should be a starter buff as well for underlevelled players such that they are able to a) survive without undue anguish (global damage reduction/scaling and possibly unlimited incaps) and b) explore the features of the server more comfortably (faster bounty gain or cheaper item buy)?

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