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VS changes

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by Mute, Nov 15, 2020.

  1. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    I've received a lot of feedback lately on the situation regarding VS and as such a number of changes will be performed in order to make the experience a bit better.

    Removal of Skill system

    The skill system has been a point of contention since it's addition, with regards to incorrect balancing, people abusing or gaming the system to gain points, or intentionally stacking sides just to get an easy win. All in all, the system has never really worked well enough and only caused conflict, and as such it will be removed. As it is tied to multiple systems it will take some time to remove it.

    With regards to the VS titles, I am currently uncertain as what to do with them. When the skill system is removed they will be disabled but may return in the future.

    Removal of 'Mains'

    Mains typically cause a fairly boring playstyle for both main and non-main players. Mains are targetted 24/7 by the Infected, and as a result just rush to the saferoom, whereas non-main players are usually just abandoned as they aren't worth the mains going back for them. I have installed a new system on the VS server where every player now scores progression points. As a result, rushing should no longer be preferred as everyone's progression will now matter, not just 4 survivors.

    This system is currently active, so if you have any feedback, leave it here. Do note that the overall map score is based on a ratio of the maximum number of survivors, so in it's current state, 16. As a result, if there are fewer survivors on the server the score won't reach the maximum (e.g. if a map score is 400, and there are only 4 survivors, the maximum total score based on progression will be 100, 25 for each survivor) however this will be the case for both teams assuming player count is similar.


    Witches in their current state are too strong and too spammy, as a result their bounty cost has been increased to 20, and the Witch Resistance buff damage resistance now decays over the 10 seconds instead of always being 90%, and also increases witch bounty cost by another 5.

    Other proposed changes

    There are a few other suggestions I've received that I require feedback from:
    • Tank regen too strong, causing exceptionally drawn out rounds
    • Projectile Incinerator being too strong, making them useless
    • Boomer/Spitters/Smokers generating too much bounty from AOE damage
    If you have anything else to add, feel free to leave a comment. Balancing VS is always difficult as the players themselves also factor into how good or bad something is.
  2. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    I am not sure what the removal of skill system means
    but if that means vs server has no skill or upgrades or enhancement or buffs will end up to be an sad server
    the thing that make mg server different than others
    balancing both teams is difficult yet equally separate high levels to each team could be a good start
    high capped level players has the same number in each team
    and then the same algorithm goes to the 2nd higher levels
    and there is many other digits you can use as well which you already have
    the players who has done the most damages equally divided into each team
    the players who won the most score goes the same
    after all balancing both teams with each teams base on how players perform is the key to the solution
    there is and always will have player performs better and lead the team to the victory
    for the reason of their hard work earned skills and buffs and anything else
    taking away the skill system will have to have a better and huge inducement for people to keep playing it
  3. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    Don't have to worry, none of the buffs that players farmed will be removed, all those VS patches (and coming) are HUGE QOL changes. You can still have infected skill upgrades via bounties.