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Vocalizer mod fix

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Rascale, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Rascale

    Rascale Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    hey folks

    so since the new update that has been released on 21th february, you knew that your vocalizer mod is not working anymore, but that method you will see should fix that.

    here we go!

    step.1 create a text document by right click on desktop, go to new and click on text document to create.

    step.2 open the created text document and copy all the vocal binds you want to use and paste that into the document

    step.3 in order to save the text document as a cfg file go to data and to save as, make sure you have the data type on all files and name the file to whatever you want (vocalizer.cfg for example)

    step.4 after you created the file go to steam folder > steamapps > common > left 4 dead 2 > left4dead2 > cfg folder and paste your created cfg file in there,
    (simple go to your library, right click on left 4 dead 2 and go to properties, go to local files and click on browse local files)

    step.5 in order to load your vocal binds, go to left 4 dead 2 ingame and open the console, then type exec (you named cfg file.cfg) and press enter, the vocal binds should be loaded (to make sure not typing it in your console everytime you go ingame just paste "exec your named cfg file.cfg" without qoutes in your autoexec file) if you don't have autoexec file, make sure to create that one aswell

    that should be it, if you guys have any issues just let a comment down below and i will answer as soon as i can, i hope that fix helped you guys.

    see you all around ingame :)

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