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Versus Tank Limit

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by [DFS] Unstable, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. [DFS] Unstable

    [DFS] Unstable Junior Member

    When I was playing versus, there was a few rounds where the infected team had 3 tanks alive at a time. Of course, the survivors stood no chance. So I think there should be a limit of 2 tanks alive at a time and a limit of 3 player-bought tanks a round.
  2. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Afaik there is a limit of like 1 tank if im not mistaken. Though the director can spawn more tanks if they are bound to map events like sacrifice second map.
  3. SanAtlas

    SanAtlas Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Last time i've played vs we had 2 shaman tanks in one round which is just rofl, i don't know if it's a bug but i think there should be a limit of 1 tank only per round, as for the first map of sacrifice only if tank comes out of the train.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2017
  4. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Looking back on my experiences with VS, tbh the Versus Tank limit is fine as it currently is across all player amounts (even above 24+ players). Even if new tanks got added in to be playable in VS, I doubt anything would change.

    To understand what the current tank limit is right now:
    When there's less than a certain amount of players, the tank limit is 1 while the special tank limit is 0.
    When there's more players above a certain amount of players, the tank limit is 2, while the special tank limit is 2.
    When there's at least 16 players or more, the tank limit is 3, while the special tank limit is 3.

    The survivors when going up against 1 or 2 tanks may have a fair challenge. However when it comes to 3 tanks, rarely do you see the survivors survive any maps.