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Tank Tactics - A guide for what they do and how to deal with them

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Mute, Jul 18, 2015.

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  1. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Butcher Tank (Tier 2)
    • Special Abilities:
    • The Butcher tank is the hard counter to the tenacity buff.
    • It will attack with chainsaws dealing 100 + 10% current health damage. Also if hit you will be slowed by 8%
    • Has a meat shield which increases by 5000 for each killed and 350 for each incapacitated survivor which blocks all kind of damage except for melee. Each Melee hit reduces the meat shield by 175.
    • Throws chainsaws in the air which then will drop down and if hit deal 5% max health damage per second for 3 seconds.
    • If killed by the butcher tank the body will be dismembered so you cannot be defibbed.
    • When the meat shield is up the hit delay decreases to 0.5

  2. Thanks for updating with the Butcher Tank xero, there is no limit to the meat shield.
  3. killua zoldyck

    killua zoldyck Junior Member

    Any player can choose to watch my videos about the tanks, for basic preview...
  4. Since Killua wants information on Cupid tank, here it is. (NOTE: Cupid Tank is exclusively available to fight in the Valentine Event)

    Cupid Tank (Tier 2)
    • Special Abilities:
    • Above average movement speed
    • The Cupid tank will regenerate for 1% of its health every 10 seconds
    • The tank will affect nearby survivors with his love spores, causing them to feel in love with the tank for 30 seconds
    • love spore affected survivors take additional damage from the tank and pay double the normal bounty price for items. In addition, the affected survivors cannot damage the tank.
    • The tank will prepare himself to hug survivors. Then he will deal an extremely powerful punch that instantly incapitates any alive survivor hit and instantly kill any incapacitated survivor hit. Any alive survivor hit gets stunned for 20 seconds.
    • Tactics:
    • Make sure to not get too close to Cupid Tank if you don't want to get affected by its love spore ability
    • Preferably use a sniper rifle rather than any ranged weapons if you don't feel capable at fighting close range with the tank
    • If you want to damage the tank while you go in to revive survivors, wait until after the love spores ability is activated to do so.
    • Try not to be incapacitated when Cupid Tank uses his super hug ability as it will instantly kill if it hits you!
    • If you are hit by the Cupid Tank's love spores ability, then back out of the action of fighting the tank as you will deal no damage to him while affected.
    • If you are hit by the Cupid tank's super hug, make sure to be protected by survivors so that you do not get targeted easily by Special Infected.
    • Offensive buffs are the way to go here over defensive buffs (primarily due to the defensive buff not being very effective VS the Cupid tank)
    • If there are a low number of alive survivors remaining and Cupid tank is on low health, kill the tank first before you die trying to rush off ahead as the tank can regenerate his own health.
  5. Posting here about some stuff I know about all 4 of the 4 new tanks released this year (I barely know stuff about the 2 recently released tanks right now). here is the stuff I know about them

    UPDATED: The Void Tank is now live on COOP, updated its information. Again, let me know if I missed anything. Thanks :)

    Assassin Bomb Tank (Tier 1)
    • Special Abilities:
    • Admin Spawnable Tank only (for now)*
    • The 2nd varient of the assassin tank
    • carries both the abilities of the assassin tank and the bomb tank.
    • Moderately increased time to wait before the bomb on it goes off
    • Has about the same colour scheme as the assassin tank.*
    • Like the bomb tank's bomb ability, it will still instantly kill with its bomb blast.
    • Instantly kills any survivor it hits
    • Tactics:
    • Apply the same tactics as you do for both bomb and assassin tank.
    Reaper Tank (Tier 4)
    • Special Abilities:
    • Admin Spawnable Tank only (for now)*
    • Causes survivors to instantly teleport to within the tank after a set amount of time
    • Can cause the Acid Hell ability from Corrosive Tank on all survivors
    • Can cause the Nitrogen Gas ability from Freezing Tank on all survivors
    • Can cause the Heart Attack ability from Blood Clot Witch on all survivors
    • Can pick up survivors and throw them a fair distance away
    • Notes:
    • Acid Hell ability has the same acid duration but less cooldown than of the Corrosive Tank*
    • Nitrogen Gas ability has the same effect radius, nitrogen gas duration, effect duration on survivors and cooldown of the Freezing Tank*
    • Heart Attack ability from this tank gives survivors only 30 seconds to adrenaline themselves, compared with 150 seconds from the Blood Clot Witch
    • Tactics:
    • Knowing when this tank is about to teleport you and when it isn't will come in handy for this fight. If you know the tank will teleport you to him in a few seconds, make sure to heal when his teleport happens in the next 2 seconds before you teleport and you should be able to avoid the effect.
    • Having the special first aid buff is a necessity to this fight, it will ensure that you can heal off the slow and the Heart Attack states caused by the tank.
    • Using a defense booster of at least 40% defense along with 41% buffed defense will help ensure to take minimal damage from its abilities.
    ​​​​Void Tank (Tier 1)
    • Special Abilities:
    • Overall average stats
    • Looking at the tank for too long will blind you
    • Being punched by the tank will cause significant blindness, If already affected with the blind status, damage dealt is doubled and stun status is applied for a short time.
    • Notes:
    • The Blind status duration that the Void Tank gives you is 5 seconds (alot shorter than the Blind Witches 18 second Blind status)
    • his second passive is a reference to "knocking the lights out of you"
    • Tactics:
    • If you don't want to be blinded, self explanatory as above.
    • Give yourself some ground area to fight Void Tank if by the water, being affected with the blind status effect while near water is quite dangerous.
    • If you are affected with the Blind status effect, get another survivor to protect you from the Void Tank
    • The use of defensive buffs such as General Tank Handler, Group Morale and Love is in the air are recommended over offensive buffs. This helps to reduce the damage dealt when the Void Tank attacks a blinded survivor.
    • If in a multiple tanks fight. prioritise the Void Tank over other tanks, unless its the following 2 tanks: Cloaked Assassin Tank, Assassin Tank, in which case then the opposite applies.
    Cloaked Assassin Tank (Tier 2)
    • Special Abilities:
    • Admin Spawnable Tank only (for now)*
    • Lowest health of all the tier 2 tanks
    • The 3rd varient of the assassin tank
    • Carries the abilities of Ghost Tank and Assassin Tank*
    • Instantly kills any survivor it hits
    • Notes:
    • Need more information on its stats once we face it in battle. will update
    • Tactics:
    • Apply the same tactics as you do for both ghost and assassin tank.
    This is all the knowledge that I know about the 4 new tanks introduced to mgftw this year for now... Please Let me know your feedback about the special abilities of the 4 new tanks I put down the information about, will appreciate it. Thanks guys. :D
  6. Posting here for all additional tactics that I know about some of the tanks in mgftw. Some of these tactics themselves extend more on what mute says in terms of tank tactics, due to them being area specific. The tactics also pay alot more attention to specific situations where however, they do help alot when fighting tanks so be sure to take note of this.

    Paranoid Tank (Tier 1)
    • Additional Tactics:
    • If any more than 1 survivor is incapacitated near the Paranoid tank, the power of his earthquake passive on survivors is multiplied! The same thing applies if 2 or more paranoia tanks pound an incapacitated survivor at once (increasing the height at which the survivor flys to as knockback). Make sure to stay away if you see the tank go for the incapacitated survivor/s.
    • If you have the goggles buff equipped at the time you fight this tank, Paranoid Tank will no longer target you since you are not affected with the vomit from boomers. This however will depend on other factors such as aggro of other survivors nearby to tank.
    Grenadier Tank (Tier 1)
    • Additional Tactics:
    • Watch out if you are fighting him on the parish finale. his grenades can cause car explosions that can knock people off the bridge, instantly killing them. Either wait for him to pass away from the cars or get someone to aggro attract his attention away from the cars to buy yourself some time to get moving.
    Ice Tank (Tier 1)
    • Additional Tactics:
    • In the hard rain finale, if you end up getting this tank, make sure to fight him on the inside of the building instead of the outside of it. Not only will you have not have to run so far to fight the tank, but will also make it easier to kill him when the tank doesn't have to run to a survivor outside the building.
    Poison Tank (Tier 1)
    • Additional Tactics:
    • If you don't have the Goggles Buff, using defensive buffs over offensive buffs can help ensure you don't run out of HP as fast from the poison status inflicted on you from the tank when the tank goes to hit you. Use a small regen and defense booster if you need further defense.
    Frozen Drainer Tank (Tier 2)
    • Additional Tactics:
    • If the tank is on fire in an indoor area, be sure to spread out to make sure that the tank is not healing so quickly. Especially towards the end of its defeat. This is due to the tank being able to get double regeneration while it is on fire.
    • If fighting in an outdoor area, make sure to be doing top DPS to the tank with a sniper rifle (recommended over ranged or close range weapons), You will get aggroed for this if you are at least more than 1000 units away but not over 1500 units. By doing this though, you are saving ALL other teammates from having their health drained (dying in the process) and are giving them option to inflict free damage and reverse the aggro while they run away.
    Hunter Tank (Tier 2)
    • Additional Tactics:
    • Try doing the Hunter Tank fight in an indoor area where people can stack and hold Hunter Tank in 1 location. It is much better this way and can make the Hunter Tank go down much faster (This is IMO). If you have to fight hunter tank outside, get the tank to a corner of the map/building/object where the survivor being punched suffers 0 knockback in their corner spot, make sure this location doesn't let infected spawn in nearby and rather, force them to spawn far away if possible.
    • Make sure to never go away from the Hunter Tank, If you do, he can instantly kill you in 1 punch (or deal 1000 damage to you per punch if you have tenacity buff)*
    • Try not to revive tenacity buffed survivors while their dead body or you are nearby the tank's current location, not only will you give him a free 10k+ heal from him killing said survivor but will make it much harder to kill him.
    • Equip the Goggles Buff before you fight this tank, if a boomer happens to vomit on you while a tank is nearby, there is a high chance of the tank targeting you with a bear trap and then focusing down on you with his powered deadly slash attack.
    • If there are few survivors left and he is low on health (at least 10% HP left) then make sure to kill him quickly before he kills another survivor that causes him to regenerate health back. Use ice/acid bullets from your inventory and a good offensive weapon to help you do this.
    • If equipped with the Tenacity Buff, it is suggested you heal using a first aid kit when below 50% health and before you reach the 25% mark.
    • If you get caught in a bear trap, be sure to call out for help! One way of doing this is by having a survivor go to the minigun on some maps to lure the tank away from you. Or you can ask for nearby survivors to keep constantly healing you before you take alot of damage.
    Knight Tank (Tier 2)
    • Additional Tactics:
    • Try not to be incapacitated while near a water danger area or near the edge of a tall building. If you happen to be vomited on, get someone to aggro the tank off of you by using the minigun to lure it away. If there is no minigun, hope that a survivor can sacrifice him/herself to pick you up before they get knocked off.
    • Get a tenacity buffed survivor equipped with knight handler buff to get biled by the tank's punches and go into a corner to get punched. Not only will this buy your team time to save survivors that need saving, your also allowing free damage to occur on the knight tank while all the other survivors focus it down.
    Glutton Tank (Tier 2)
    • Additional Tactics:
    • When a survivor is currently being digested by the tank get ALL survivors (not just 1-4 survivors) to start shoving the tank until the survivor is vomited from the tank (being released from the tanks belly). This is easier to do in a short area rather than an extensive one.
    • If the tank has PROCESSED less than 5 survivors and his HP is less than 50k, kill him quickly before he PROCESSES more survivors that get swallowed up by the tank. It is recommended you use acid bullets alongside your primary weapon of choice if you have them in your inventory
    Butcher Tank (Tier 2)
    • Additional Tactics:
    • It is recommended for survivors to use a defensive buff set over a offensive buff set due to the high amount of damage butcher tank inflicts through his punches
    • If you hear the sound of multiple rocks at once, you will know thats when the butcher tank is throwing chainsaws up into the air and back down again. Avoid them if you are on low health and if butcher tank is nearby since they can slow you down. It is also a good idea to find cover during the time that the chainsaws are coming down so then they cannot hit you.
    • Do not revive any tenacity buffed dead survivors while a butcher tank is nearby, not only will he kill them again (he can do it faster than you can heal a survivor while he has meat shield active) but also gain himself +5000 to his meat shield or give himself the benefits if he already doesn't have a meat shield.
    Fighter Tank (Tier 3)
    • Additional Tactics:
    • If you are near an edge when the tank uses his earth smash ability, be sure to avoid it before you get knocked down. the same thing applies to moving away from him before he pounds an incapacitated survivor if you are nearby that survivor and the tank.
    • Becareful not to get incapacitated before the tank uses his earth smash ability, It is much more deadly while you are incapacitated and it is certain that you are guaranteed death without a ceiling underneath you. This only applies if you are a non tenacity buffed survivor
    • Use the heights to your advantage while outside to be able to avoid the tank, just becareful when running directly from fighter tank as he is much faster than the survivors in terms of his movement speed and is able to punch fast.
    Infernal Tank (Tier 3)
    • Additional Tactics:
    • If multiple tentacles are within range while you are incapacitated, the earthquake passive they deal out to you will multiply the height at which you fly up to. Try to avoid being incapacitated with a tentacle.
    • Avoid fighting Infernal Tank near the edges of a tall building, water danger zone etc. His earthquake pounds on incapacitated survivors tend to cause survivors to fall into the death zones, instantly killing them off.
    Executioner Tank (Tier 3)
    • Additional Tactics:
    • Use of the minigun where it is available is highly encouraged. having 1 person man the minigun with support from nearby players can prevent the executioner tank from killing incapacitated survivors. You can also buy your team some time to deal damage to the tank or save the incapacitated survivor this way.
    Reaper Tank (Assumed Tier 4)
    • Additional Tactics:
    • Try not to let the Reaper Tank get close to you while you are nearby a water danger zone or a tall building edge. He is able to throw survivors off in a way similar to rock throwing.
    That's all I can think of for the additional tactics. I wanted to make it more area specific for a good reason to do with strategy against the tanks.
  7. Going to update the information on butcher tank since he deserves it thanks to the tenacity, Heal AOE, Revive AOE update (V1.5.2.9 update)

    Butcher Tank (Tier 2)
    • Additional Tactics:
    • Know when it is the right time to be healing using your first aid kit while as a tenacity survivor, if you know you are going to die from a punch or currently close to death while being dealt DPS damage then do heal (for a 1st or 2nd heal).
    • If you have healed yourself several times while fighting this tank and find it hard to heal again, self-sacrifice yourself without letting the tank kill you (DPS damage that kills you doesn't affect the Butcher Tank's Meat Shield) to allow free damage to be inflicted onto the tank.
    • If you know you cannot save yourself from another punch from the Butcher Tank, quickly get a survivor to lure the tank away using a HIGH DPS weapon at close range or using the AWP/SCOUT rifle to lure the tank over from further away. Make sure the survivor luring the tank away is able to tank the damage the tank deals to him/her.
    Hopefully this will help out the players who face the Butcher Tank from tonight onwards to remember these tactics. They are going to be very helpful in defeating this tank!
  8. It's almost been a whole month since the Supreme Knight tank got released. It was a very difficult tank to defeat at first, however that difficulty of defeating it slowly lowered itself down as mute did updates to nerf the tanks abilities. To this day its commended as one of the most difficult tanks, more difficult than the executioner tank itself.

    So here it is!

    Supreme Knight (Tier 3)
    • Special Abilities:
    • Higher than average health
    • Higher than average claw damage
    • An enhanced version of the Knight tank with similar abilities
    • The tank takes increasingly reduced damage when its flesh is allowed to regenerate
    • Has the courage aura which largely increases the damage dealt by all infected other than the tank itself. Half effective for Uber Infected.
    • If a survivor survives a mega earthquake from the tank, they begin to emit aftershocks from themselves with decreasing intensity overtime.
    • Has the enhancement aura which gives a small chance for infected to become Uber Infected, the further away the infected are from the tank the lesser the chance.
    • The tank deals increased knockback with it's punches and has faster throwing rocks that are increasingly explosive to nearby survivors.
    • The tank can yell out an invigorating roar to transform all infected into Uber Infected.
    • The tank can smash the ground to cause a massive earthquake, affecting all survivors. The tank then can emit earthquakes around itself for a short while.
    • Tactics:
    • Fighting the tank in a large outdoor area rather than a confined indoor area is much more preferred so you can get targeted by special infected/other tanks who are much further away from the Supreme Knight tank. Assuming the tank doesn't target you. You will find the AWP/SCOUT and other useful long range weapons a better weapon to go with when fighting the tank in large areas.
    • Be Extremely cautious when fighting the Supreme Knight Tank in the No Mercy finale. Many of its earthquake abilities can and will throw survivors off the building. Be extra careful when you lure the tank around the area and time it well so you don't get launched off!
    • If you are able to lure the tank into a corner with a few other survivors to deal with the Special Infected nearby, get the rest of the team to handle the outside Special Infected so you don't get damaged very quickly when trying to land free damage on the tank. This is recommended with many defensive buff based players over offensive buffed players.
    • When you are near the edge of death zones down below in certain maps while the tank is in play, be sure to keep an eye out for when it has used its ability shockwave. One wrong move near the edge when the tank uses it can send you down to your death immediately. The same thing can be applied when your outdoors near buildings with roof ledges.
    • You'll find that being able to freezing frag/seek grenade the tanks along with the special infected inside is helpful when you want to clear a room quickly full of them, it's much better to do this rather than to use a molotov, vomit jar or a frag/seek grenade pipe bomb.
    • If you find that you have LOW health before you decide to lure the tank or go outside, be sure to heal yourself up and get additional bounty for first aid kits if needed. You will save a defib from being used that could be used for something else later on.
    If i missed anything that should have been mentioned or you have some feedback for me on this tank. Leave your post below! Might as well contribute to mute's thread here. Thanks for reading!
  9. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    what? im pretty sure i remember defeating this tank like 2 years ago xD

    All this looks pretty awesome though!, ,good work guys :D
  10. raz

    raz Head Administrator Staff Member

    It's a new one, and hard as hell :P
  11. Even though Supreme Knight used to be an old tank, it can no longer be classified as that and now must be classified as a new tank, agreed here with raz as well on what he said. Straight to the point though Might as well link a video below so you guys can see what the old one did look like in play (yep that video still exists to this day). The person in this video is Metallica from the old EU COOP server.

    NOTE: there is no part 2 for some reason as i searched up.
  12. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    ahhhh, i did start to doubt myself a little and wonder if it was my imagine but yeah i thought i had seen it before on helms deep or something a few years back.
    it is definitely a lot tougher and requires a lot more teamwork to be able to defeat it now just like all the tanks that are now available on MG servers.

    Its good to see that people still have videos like this up as you can kinda see the progression that has been made on MG and how far the ingame mod has come.

    Good work guys and gals, keep up the good work :)

  13. Leaxeaus

    Leaxeaus Junior Member

    pls update first post ty! ;)
  14. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

    Lol the only time we have even come close to defeating supreme knight was indoors, we got it to 1/4th hp left. When we tried to fight it outdoors didnt even get it to half hp. Valid tactics are quit game XD, this tank is harder than fighting both windows.exe and infernal at the same time.
  15. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    I'll update the top post whenever free time appears.

    The main reason it has a low success rate in kills, is funnily enough, not because of the Tank. It's the Special Infected it buffs up. In order to kill it, some 2-3 people need to solely be dedicated SI killers, with the rest focusing the Tank. Even one person on SI control should be sufficient if someone else is quick to free them if they get jumped. The role of SI control is simple. Pick up the M16 or SG552 (50 rounds), buy fire ammo (7 bounty with Nego + High rep bonus), and just dink away at SI. One shot will kill them through burn damage, ignoring all of its crazy defence. In theory you should get up to 50 bounty (more from Uber Infected kills) with just 7 bounty, but it's highly unlikely you'll land every shot. On average, I've found myself with tons of bounty being SI control, meaning I can provide medkits and defibs to the team that are tanking the Tank. Without it, whilst the start of the fight goes OK, once the Tank enters its second or third phase, things start to go south very quickly with the SI overwhelming people.

    So yeah. It doesn't follow conventional 'shoot the tank' strats because I wanted something a little different. Sure it's hard, but hopefully this bit of advice helps. Try to convince a couple of people to buy Fire ammo and be the dedicated SI killers, but if no one will, do it yourself. I guarantee fights will go a ton better with people on SI control.
  16. Good advice there mute, should definitely add that as tactics for the supreme knight when you update the guide :) I'll say my points on another tank though since it does relate to supreme knight in a way.

    Butcher Tank itself only has a slightly low success rate (out of all tanks) with the lowest success rate of wins (out of all tier 2 tanks).

    The tank doesn't really follow that same strategy (not always 100%) as the supreme knight tank does since you would want people with good healing buffs to make sure that the people tanking damage from it (using defensive buff sets) don't die permanently. It's also important to recognize that people with ranged weapons that can lure the butcher tank over can give the other survivors a break as well as vice versa.

    It would mean that you'd see people with healing buffs not wanting to deal damage too quickly to the tank since it might aggro on them if they do fire quickly. It also means that you would need to coordinate between when you should aggro the tank as the tanking group and when to let the offensive group take it over. Not always possible to do this strategy since butcher tank can easily wipe in a close area with no breathing room compared to a long range area with good breathing room.
  17. It's been a few days since you all fought one of the new and much harder tier 3 tanks in mgftw, in comparasion, while its stronger than an executioner tank, the win rate of survivors killing this tank is much higher than the supreme knight tank simply due to the higher threat the special infected have with the SK tank around that make survival alot more harder.

    NOTE: Three very important things to remember about the Heartbroken Tank
    1. It will activate one of its active fury abilities at random when its fury hits 100%, therefore these abilities have no cooldown, but the time for them to activate varies on how quickly the 100% fury mark is reached.
    2. Make sure to type !tankhp very often. Hide when the tanks fury is at 80% or above so you can at least avoid its [BULLET RELEASE] active ability if it happens at random. You can also tell for when it will start going into desperation mode so you can run before it actually activates.
    3. Pay close attention to the active fury ability currently being shown on chat when the tank activates an active ability at random, so you will know how to deal with it.

    Heartbroken Tank (Tier 3)

    • Special Abilities:
    • Highest Health out of all tanks (only counting the killable tanks)
    • Highest Claw Damage when fury is above a certain level
    • The tank has a fury system, it accumulates a few stacks every few seconds.
    • On hit, the tank can reduce the defense of survivors by 1% (permanent reduction for the current round)
    • The tank can reflect bullets that reach it towards random directions, dealing a small amount of current health damage to survivors hit.
    • The tank can deal a very small fraction of the targets maximum health as bonus damage, this damage increases the more fury % the tank has.
    • Cars that the tank throws at the survivors will instantly kill those who are hit.
    • The tank burns any projectiles and traps that are near itself.
    • The tank can go desperate once it has reached very low HP, it gains an immense increase in punch damage and movement speed. The tank's fury stacks will also generate twice as fast. The tank dies after a long period of time has passed. It no longer can use [METAL INFUSION] as an active fury ability.
    • Abilities activated by fury
    • [HYPER BLOW] The tank sucks the air around it, forcing survivors to be pushed towards the tank's current location for a couple of seconds. then an air explosion occurs that can deal from a small to a large amount of maximum HP as damage to survivors depending on their distance from the ability.
    • [NEMESIS ATTACK] The tank becomes invisible and unhearable, causes every survivor to become confused. Any survivor hit by the tank during the effect is instantly killed and all other survivors take a moderate amount of their missing HP as damage.
    • [METAL INFUSION] The tank will heal itself if it takes any bullet damage from survivors. Any bullets reflected by the tank will heat missile survivors that fired said bullets.
    • [BULLET RELEASE] The tank will release every single bullet that is stuck in its body. Any survivors in sight of the tank take a small fraction of their maximum health per tick.​​​​​​​
    • Tactics:
    • If you plan on tanking any punch damage dealt to you by this tank, you will need at least 65% defense in order to greatly mitigate it. You will also need at least 50% of the players to have a defensive buff setup consisting of General Tank Handler, Group Morale, Love is in the air and Tank duelist Buffs in order to make a well defended team.
    • At times, it is better to go close range on the tank so you can take its aggro away from non-defensive survivors. At other times it is simply better to go on the long range side of things so you are at least dealing damage to the tank. plan how you decide to attack the tank accordingly so you don't get caught out when it activates an ability at 100% fury.
    • If you plan on hiding away from the tank before it activates an active ability when it hits 100% fury. hide when the tank's fury is at 80% or above and make sure the tank isn't currently focusing down on you so you don't become killed if it happens almost immediately after the ability activation.
    • If you know you can't run away from the tank when the ability [BULLET RELEASE] activates, moustachio yourself by healing with a first aid kit to avoid its deadly damage. you will save yourself getting quickly killed.
    • When the ability [HYPER BLOW] is activated, try not to jump if your nearby the tank so you don't accidentally kill yourself and become undefibbable from fall damage if under half HP.
    • When the ability [NEMESIS ATTACK] is activated, try not to be the person who is being focused by the tank when it activates, if you see the screen shaking on your screen and you know your going to get hit, moustachio yourself by healing with a first aid kit to save yourself getting killed by the effect of the ability.
    • While the tank has the [METAL INFUSION] ability active, don't shoot the tank at all! or tell the others in chat "don't shoot". every bullet you hit the tank with while the ability is active will not only heal its own HP but make it take longer to kill the tank. It is ok to say "shoot again" when the tank's fury has reached at least 30% or more since the effect of the active ability will have stopped working by then.
    • The only bounty you will come in with is the bounty you have obtained from killing earlier tanks previously. If you want to, equip the survival payment buff to net yourself 1 bounty every 2 minutes. it comes in handy during survival rounds. The reason why bounty is so hard to earn during this tank fight is because Common Infected are scarce in numbers and hardly any survivors will be non-tenacity players.
    • When the tank goes desperate, run away from it. If you have a first aid kit and the tank is trying to focus you down, use it before it lands a punch and try to get to safety/let another teammate take its aggro away from you. If you can, try to defib killed survivors so that at least there is more chances of the survivors surviving the 2 minute desperation.
    • Don't forget to bring back dead survivors to live, the more survivors there are in the tank fight, the better survivability as a team you will have and the more fire power you will have against the tank.
    The Heartbroken Tank is overall still challenging once you know how it's abilities do work. It will take a while to get the tank down to it's 8000 HP desperation point and even then you should not mess around in trying to kill it. It takes good skill and good luck to make a team work well against the furious force of this tank. If there is anything that i have missed out in particular about this tank, feel free to leave it down as your feedback to my post on this tank. Thanks for reading!

  18. [Loli in a box]

    [Loli in a box] MG Donor

    Please dont use tenacity for heart broken tank as it is known that "Nemesis" and "Bullet release" will instantly kill you. Tank does % hp dmg with claw and other skills so you are better off not using tenacity instead picking up morphine injector. Using tenacity allows for less bounty gain on top of that for the team and you just become a 1 claw kill after using your 2nd med kit.
  19. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Bullet release can be either countered by using health dispenser or just not be in the tanks FoV. Also you should be using stuff like defensive booster to reduce its claw damage (other damage types the tank deals are true damage). and morphine injector heals what = 1% every 5 hp or something. Also bullet release is not an instant kill. it "only" does 80% of a tenacity user as damage. The Claw damage is only really high (up to like 1000 dmg) if the fury is high so avoid getting aggro if it has high fury values. The Nemisis only kills instant if you get it directly from the tank otherwise you take like 30% max hp damage. Not sure if this somewhat scales with the distance to it or not.
  20. i'm gonna add to that with some points to make explanations simpler.

    I guess you mean't advanced morphine injector buff with the 1% of your missing HP every 5 seconds (more effective with lower current HP). Bullet Release deals 4% of your maximum HP per tick and will only kill you if you take too many hits while not hiding from the tank from your current HP (made it simpler). Also the claw damage of the tank is affected by its fury where every 1 fury earned by the tank stacks 0.2% of your maximum HP as additional damage. My Quote here "hide when the tank's fury is at 80% or above and make sure the tank isn't currently focusing down on you" also means along the lines of what you do say in terms of aggro. Nemesis Attack doesn't scale with distance as i previously thought. All other survivors other than the survivor killed take 30% of their missing HP as damage and are only killed if their health is below 23% of their maximum HP (I did some calculations for 5800 Maximum HP and it turns out you need lower than 1338 HP to be killed by the missing HP damage from nemesis attack.

    I'm gonna be honest here about your post loli, it is the player's choice as to whether or not they equip the Tenacity Buff. I mostly see the other players do this as means to have more HP overall and to survive the common infected and special infected by being able to tank hits a lot more. Even though some abilities of the infected are intended to deal current HP/maximum HP as percentage additional/bonus damage, it is mean't to make the infected with those abilities more of a challenge to the player.
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